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Memories Off 2nd Lyrics
Title: Memories Off 2nd
Released on year:2007
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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Hiro Hirono meets Miyako Miyamura on Christmas Eve, a frivolous girl who "borrows" his bicycle to track down a purse thief. When Hiro discovers his bicycle wrecked and Miyako unconscious, the two spend their Christmas Eve together unexpectedly, and when they learn they attend the same high school, their unintentional relationship grows even stronger. This makes Hiro's childhood friend Kei Shindou jealous, as his pure way of life attracts the attention of Kyosuke Tsutsumi, a womanizing photographer looking for the perfect shot.
At an abandoned train station, Renji Asou, a boy who dreams of being a girl's knight in shining armor, meets Kei's twin sister—the overly shy Chihiro Shindou, who spends her time reading alone—by chance.

They quickly become friends and eventually decide to collaborate on a novel. Renji's childish ideals will be put to the test when he discovers Chihiro's secret, a disability that causes her to have an eternally ephemeral memory.
These teenagers' relationships intertwine in a heartbreaking tale of love, rejection, acceptance, and memories, guided by two mysterious adults.

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