Junko Iwao Koibito ga Uchujin Nara Lyrics

Mojacko Koibito ga Uchujin Nara Lyrics Mojacko Ending Theme Lyrics

Koibito ga Uchujin Nara Lyrics

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moshimo koibito ga uchujin nara
donanna DE-TO nine, narunokana
suiseide chotto mizuabi shite
dosei no wakkade hitosuberi

kotoba nante iranaine
kitto tanoshikute
toki wo wasureru deshou

kinsei de aeru kirei na VI-NASU
suteki na tokoroe tsuretette

moshimo koibito ga uchujin nara
PAPA mo MAMA mo ne-, odorokuwa
mokusei de BOIJA- machibuse shitara
kasei de tomodachi mitsukeruno

yumewa itsuka kanau mono
kokoro awasete
kitto WA-PU dekirune

chikyu wa aokute kirei datta to
minna ni hanashite agetaina

moshimo koibito ga uchujin nara
hiroi uchuwa yuenchi
sui kin chi ka moku tenkai meiou
sa- uchusende tobitatou
sutekina hoshie tsuretette


If my lover was an alien
How would our dates be like, I wonder.
We would play with water on Mercury
And then slide on the rings of Saturn

We wouldn't need words
It would be so much fun
That we'd forget about the time

We'd be able to meet on Venus, beautiful
And he'd bring me somewhere wonderful

If my lover was an alien
Papa and Mama would surely be surprised
If we waited for a Voyager on Jupiter
Would we be able to find our friends on

Dreams will come true one day
If we match our hearts
We'll definitely be able to warp

I want to tell everyone
That Earth is green and lovely

If my lover was an alien
The wide universe would be our playground
Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Uranus
Neptune Pluto
Let's take off in a spaceship!
Fly me to a beautiful planet!


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Mojacko Koibito ga Uchujin Nara Lyrics - Information

Title:Koibito ga Uchujin Nara


Type of Song:Ending

Appears in:Ending Theme

Performed by:Junko Iwao

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Black Jack is an "unregistered" doctor with a tumultuous and enigmatic past. He works with his little assistant Pinoko (who has a huge crush on the doctor) on medical cases that aren't well-known, and can be strange, dangerous, or unknown. But he's a genius who can save almost any of his patients' lives (as long as they have the money), and he's well-known around the world, particularly among medical and scientific professionals. He's a scientist who doesn't believe much until he sees it, but love and nature frequently surprise him, often overpowering the science on which he bases his life.
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Fujiko Fujio and later Fujiko F. Fujio created the shnen manga series Mojacko (, Moja-k, "Duke Moja"). [number one] It was serialized for 35 chapters in Kodansha's Weekly Bokura Magazine from 1969 to 1970, and was eventually collected into two tankbon volumes. Masahito then resurrected it twice and published it in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic from September 1995 to April 1996, totaling one volume. Sorao Amano is an ordinary student who befriends two aliens stranded on their planet and assists them in returning home. Tetsuya Endo directed and OLM, Inc. produced an anime adaptation of the series. It premiered on October 3, 1995, and ran for 74 episodes until March 31, 1997. The series was once licensed outside of Japan by Enoki Films.

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