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Time Limit Lyrics

Time Limit Lyrics

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Mata aeru yo nante
Anata wa kitto iwanai wa
Sono hateshinai yume wo miru me ga
Totemo shojiki dakara
Hikaru kaze no naka
Kata wo naraderu dake

* Hajimari no toki wo aru nara
Owari mo kanarazu aru no ne
Kagiri aru toki no naka de
Subete wo kagayaiteru
Sayonara ja nai

Ame ni nureta machi ga
Asayake ni nijin de iru wa
Arashi mo yami mo itsuka hareru to
Dare mo shiteiru kedo
Toki no kabe no naka
Inochi mo moyasu no ne

Owari no yokan ga aru kara
Dare mo ga yasashiku nareru ne
Kagiri aru toki no naka de
Subete wo kagayaiteru
Eien yori mo
Taisetsu na chikaku


I'm sure you won't say
"See you again", or something like that
Because those eyes that dream an endless
Are too honest
Inside this light wind
we just walk together

* If there is a beginning
there should be an end, too
In a limited time
everything shines
This is not a goodbye
but "time limit", isn't it?

The city wet by rain
it's being dyed with the sunrise
Even if everybody knows
that storms, and darkness will pass
inside the walls of time
life gets burn

Everybody become kind
because they feel the end is near, don't
In a limited time
everything shines
A important time
more than eternity itself

Repeat *


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Title:Time Limit


Type of Song:Other

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Moldiver Time Limit Lyrics
Moldiver Argument

Moldiver Time Limit Lyrics belongs to the anime Moldiver, take a look at the argument:

A mysterious organization known as the Glittering Crux Brigade meets in their underground fortress deep beneath the surface of Southern Cross Isle on a regular basis. The group is particularly interested in "Cybodies," stone giants who can transform into massive fighting humanoids, but only in the "Zero Time" realm. Glittering Crux hopes to break free of Zero Time and use the Cybodies wherever they want by finding and shattering the seals of the island's four seal maidens.
Sugata Shindou and his fiancée Wako Agemaki, one of the island's seal maidens, rescue a young man named Takuto Tsunashi who washes up on the island's shore one night. Takuto quickly befriends the two after waking up and enrolls at the local academy, where many of his classmates are Glittering Crux members in secret. Takuto, on the other hand, has a secret: when in Zero Time, he can use his own Cybody, the Tauburn. Takuto and the Tauburn will be crucial in preventing Glittering Crux from shattering Wako's seal and achieving its nefarious goals in the upcoming battle.

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About Moldiver

If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song Time Limit, don't miss this information about Moldiver:

Moldiver (, Morudaib) is a six-episode OVA anime series released in 1993. It's a parody of anime series about magical girls and superheroes.

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