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NeoRanga Lyrics
Title: NeoRanga
Released on year:1998
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:48


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An ancient god named Ranga wakes up on an remote island in the South Pacific where humanity has forgotten it slumbering. Three sisters living in Tokyo ā€” Minami, Ushio, and Yuuhi Shimabara ā€” discover that they inherited this Kingdom of the Islands along with the Great Father. When Ranga appears in Tokyo, for the three sisters who govern Ranga, the people who want to kill it, and those who want to use it, it soon becomes a source of wonder and conflict.

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About NeoRanga

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Neo Ranga ( Japanese: å—ęµ·å„‡ēš‡ (惍ć‚Ŗćƒ©ćƒ³ć‚¬ ), Hepburn: Nankai Kiou ( Neoranga ) is a series of anime TV produced by the screenwriter Shō Aikawa, Pierrot, and Pony Canyon. It consists of 2 seasons, totaling 48 episodes. The tale is about three orphaned sisters who have inherited their very own god-the 18 meter ( 59ft ) -tall Neo Ranga through a strange twist of fate.
In Japan Neo Ranga was originally aired as part of the Anime Complex omnibus series.

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