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Next Senki Ehrgeiz Lyrics
Title: Next Senki Ehrgeiz
Also Called:Ehrgeiz
Released on year:1997
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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Earth began colonization of space by establishing the Next Colonies. Afterwards he rebelled and formed the Next Government. The uprising became a war, and for combat purposes the multifunctional Metal Vehicles, MVs in short, were modified. Meanwhile, Terra, a power of the Earth Rebellion, started causing more trouble for Earth. Now, S.A.C ("S" for short), a mysterious MV-like being, is loose and Next needs it so they can win the fight. The psychic chief of Terra, Hal, has sensed "S" and needs to learn more about the force he has. These three groups 'future will be up to a bunch of outlaws living on the abandoned Next 7 island, but no one knows that yet .




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Ehrgeiz ( ネクスト戦記EHRGEIZ, Nekusuto senki EHRGEIZ, (lit. Next War Chronicle Ehrgeiz ) is an original 1997 Japanese anime from et, developed by d-rights and BeStack, with animation by Studio Deen. The title is a combination of german and japanese.
Bandai Entertainment's North American release ( then AnimeVillage ) only used the German "Ehrgeiz" which means "Ambition" when translated into English. The series initially aired on Tokyo TV, but in 1999 Ehrgeiz finally appeared on the AT-X Cable / Satellite channel.

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