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Ninja Cadets Lyrics
Title: Ninja Cadets
Also Called:Ninja Mono
Released on year:2003
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:13


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Kibagami Jubei continues to roam Japan as a masterless swordsman fourteen years after defeating the immortal warrior Himuro Genma and thwarting the Shogun of the Dark's evil plans. He meets Shigure, a priestess who has never seen the world outside of her village, on his journey. However, after acquiring the Dragon Jewel—a stone of unknown origin—a group of demons destroys the village and kills everyone, Jubei becomes a prime target. Meanwhile, Shigure travels to the village of Yagyu with the monk Dakuan and a young thief named Tsubute. With two demon clans on the hunt for Shigure, Dakuan must enlist the help of Jubei once more to protect the Priestess of Light.

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Ninja Cadets, also known as Ninja Mono (Ninja) in Japan, is a two-episode original video animation (OVA) anime series produced by AIC and Youmex and directed, storyboarded, and designed by Eiji Suganuma. It's a comedy set in feudal Japan about a group of ninja-in-training.
From March 27 to June 12, 1996, Ninja Cadets was broadcast in two episodes. It holds the distinction of being the world's first anime DVD. Media Blasters' AnimeWorks label has licensed the series in the United States. Bang Zoom! Entertainment has produced the first English anime dub.

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