Ojamajo Doremi Mimi o Sumashite Lyrics

Mimi o Sumashite Lyrics


Ashita ne 'tte minna to
BAIBAI shita ato
Mitsuketa KOTORI NO KO
Maigo ni natta no?

Issho ni yuuyake mi ni ikou saka no ue
Sotto hanashitara toberu kana
Ano kumo ni......

*MAMA atashi ga umareta hi
Sora wa donna iro shiteta?
Suki na koto daisuki 'tte iu kara
Mimi wo sumashiteite

Kaerou 'tte senaka no
Kageboushi nobita
Nakama ga mieru no?

Yane ga makka ni moeteru yo
Te no naka de
Hane wo ippai ugokashite

MAMA atashi ga aruiteta hi
Mada oboeteitekureru?
Yume wo okki na koe de iu kara
Mimi wo sumashiteite

(* repeat)

Suki na koto daisuki 'tte iu kara
Mimi wo sumashiteite


I said "See you tomorrow" to everyone
After I said "Bye bye,"
I found a baby bird
Was it lost?

Let's go see the sunset together on top
of the hill
If we separate softly, will you fly
To that cloud...

*Mama, on the day I was born
What color was the sky?
Because I love to hear the things you
I'm listening closely

Let's go home, the silhouette
Of my back extended
Did the crying baby bird
See his friends?

The roof is burning bright red
In my hand
His wings are full of movement
And he flies away......

Mama, do you still remember
The day I took my first step?
Because I say my dream in a loud voice
I'm listening closely

(* repeat)

Because I love to hear the things you
I'm listening closely


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Ojamajo Doremi - Mimi o Sumashite Lyrics - Information

Title: Mimi o Sumashite
Anime: Ojamajo Doremi
Type of Song:Other

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Ojamajo Doremi - Mimi o Sumashite Lyrics belongs to the anime Ojamajo Doremi Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Doremi and her friends had to give up their witch powers and return to being normal girls at the end of the first season. They wouldn't be able to see Majorika, Lala, or the fairies again as a result of this. The MAHO-Dou was also deserted, and the Majokai's door had been locked.
The Queen, having seen everything through her crystal ball, arranges for Doremi and her companions to return to the Majokai with the excuse of returning Majorika's hair dryer. They do, however, end up in a garden, where one of the roses reveals a baby!
The Queen tells the girls that they will have to care for the baby for a year.

They are given newer and stronger witch powers to assist them! The adventure hasn't yet come to an end!.

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About Ojamajo Doremi

If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song Ojamajo Doremi - Mimi o Sumashite Lyrics don't miss this information about Ojamajo Doremi Lyrics:

Toei Animation's Ojamajo Doremi (lit. "Bothersome Witch Doremi"), also known as Magical DoReMi in English, is a Japanese magical girl anime television series. It follows a group of elementary school girls who become witch apprentices, led by Doremi Harukaze. The four-season, 201-episode series aired on TV Asahi in Japan between February 1999 and January 2003, and was followed by an original video animation series that aired between June and December 2004. In 2005, 4Kids Entertainment produced an English-language version of the first season, which aired in North America.
Two sequel films, manga adaptations, video games, and a light novel series have all been inspired by Ojamajo Doremi.

On November 13, 2020, a 20th anniversary film titled Looking for Magical Doremi was released..

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