Ojamajo Doremi 1st Movie Ending Song Lyrics KOMORI Manami - Poppu na Yuuki Lyrics

Poppu na Yuuki Lyrics


Donna ni donna ni komatta toki mo
Akiramecha dame ne dame dame
Yatte minakya wakannai mon

"Hitoribotchi..." dato shonbori
Kawaii egao mo shogechau
Minna iru yo te wo tsunagou

Umareta toki dare mo minna
Honno chitchana tsubomi
Chikara wo awasete yume wo ima...

Sora wo maiagaru
Shiroi hana kirameitara
Namida hoshi ni nare
Ashita ha hora suteki na LADY

Honto ha honto ha dai suki! n demo
Nakanaka tsutawannai mono
Kotchi muite chanto mite ne

HA-TO no oku niha itsu demo kitto
Yuuki no akachan sunderu
Nakimushi mo dakishimete

Ganbatta ne sore de ii no
Chanto minna miteru kara
Genki ni kotaete yume wo ima...

Yozora kakenukeru
Nagareboshi tobinottara
Asu no hikari hora
Suiheisen pikapika mieru

Kokoro hiraku toki
Tobidasu yo genki no tane
Negai tsutaeyou
Sono hito koto yuuki no MELODY


However however troubled you may be,
never give up, never never.
If you don't try, you can't know

If you are pessimistic in "I'm
your pretty smile becomes miserable face.
We all are here. Won't you shake hands
with me?

When they were born, anybody
were mere small flower buds.
"Pirika Pirirara"
"Pipitto Puritto"
Let's unite our powers for your dream,

If a white flower twinkles
that's flying up into the sky,
your tears can change to stars.
Tomorrow, you'll be a nice lady.

Fact is, fact is I do love you! But
it's difficult to tell you it.
Hey look here. Look me certainly.

In the depths of our hearts anytime,
a baby of courage surely lives.
If you'll cry, I'll hug you

You have tried hard, it's so good.
We all are looking you certainly.
"Pirika Pirirara"
"Pipitto Puritto"
Let's answer cheerfuly for your dream,

If we jump on a shooting star
that's flying through the night sky,
we can see tomorrows' light.
It's shining over the horizon.

When your mind is opened,
it jumps out. A seed of energy.
Won't you tell us your wish?
Your word will be a courage's melody.


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Ojamajo Doremi 1st Movie Ending Song Lyrics - Information

Title: Poppu na Yuuki
Anime: Ojamajo Doremi
English Title:Poppulike Courage Lyrics
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:1st Movie Ending Song
Performed by:KOMORI Manami
Arranged by:OKU Keiichi
Lyrics by:KOMORI Manami

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Ojamajo Doremi 1st Movie Ending Song Lyrics belongs to the anime Ojamajo Doremi Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Harukaze Doremi considers herself as the world's unluckiest child. Her parents are still struggling, her little sister is making fun of her and after another child, her crush pines. If only Doremi could wave a magic wand, she'd have a much happier life, or so she figured.Doremi becomes an apprentice witch herself after a mishap with a true witch, and it turns out she's pretty bad at that too.She and her two friends now have to train to get better at magic so they can become good witches. That is, when they can focus on their magic studies!Unless they want to pass the witch exams and become full-fledged witches, the three apprentices would need all the luck they might find.

And then would Doremi's debt be returned to Majorika's witch. Doremi will remain a useless little witch-girl until then!.

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About Ojamajo Doremi

If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song KOMORI Manami - Poppu na Yuuki Lyrics don't miss this information about Ojamajo Doremi Lyrics:

Ojamajo Doremi ( γŠγ‚Έγƒ£ι­”ε₯³γ©γ‚ŒγΏ, lit. "Bothersome Witch Doremi" ), alternatively called Magical DoReMi in English, is a magical Japanese girl anime TV series produced by Toei Animation. This focuses on a group of girls from elementary school, headed by Doremi Harukaze, who become apprentices in witch training. Between February 1999 and January 2003, the show aired on TV Asahi in Japan spanning four seasons and 201 episodes, and was followed by an original video animation series broadcast between June and December 2004. A first-season English-language version, produced by 4Kids Entertainment, aired in North America in 2005.
The franchise has spawned two companion films, various manga adaptations, and a series of sequel light novels.

A 20th anniversary film, Looking for Magical Doremi, will be released in 2020..

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