Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure: So-Nanda! Lyrics

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Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure: So-Nanda! Lyrics
Title: Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure: So-Nanda!
Released on year:2003
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:26

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Six kids play a fun RPG-looking video game at their homes after a soccer game one day. One of them scored the winning goal, one was the goal keeper who barely missed the ball, and the other were two groups of two who were cheering for their respective sides.Then, a curious object appears in front of them when they beat a boss, and they're drawn into the game world! Tomoru (scorer), Mio, and Dai end up with Professor Galileo, who informs them that Eureka was the one who created this game in which they appeared, but he was unwittingly drawn into it.

To get back to their town, they need to clear up assignments that crop up in certain parts of the world.
And when a mission occurs, Tomoru and the gang ask the professor to take them with them.When they reach the C-1 area, they find that they not only have a mission but also a rival party! The rival professor brought along with him his rivals from soccer game, Yukio, Suzuka, and Kouta!Naturally their mission is a scientific one.The machine first explains how lightning is created, and then they have to find out how to stop the lightning to clear the mission!.

Tomoru and company manage to get it done, and get a Eureka Stone, allowing them to return to their planet! Except ...
the portal back actually needs ten total of Eureka Stones before it opens! Sounds like a lot of research to learn and tasks to clean up before they can go home..

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