Onegai Teacher Ano Hi no Kimi e Lyrics KOTOKO - Ano Hi no Kimi e Lyrics


yawaraka na kaze ni
tobasarete kieta
wataboushi otte
mayoi michi kimi wo mitsuketa
samugari na boku wo
atatamete kureru
hidamari no egao
natsukashii momen no nioi

bukiyou ni dakishimeta mune de boku wo
"shinjiteru..." nanimokamo
ima boku ni azukete

toki ni naze ka samishisa wa
mune no sukima suberikomu
dakedo kimi ga koko ni iru kara
ashita ga mieru yo hora

oka ni tatsu kimi no
nagai kami yurasu
natsu no kaze tooku
kimi no furusato e to hakobu
furikaeru egao
komorebi ga yureru
itsumademo soko de
kagayaite hoshii to negau

tsugitsugi ni umarete wa kiete yuku
asobu kimi fuwafuwa to
sora made maiagaru

toki ni naze ka osanasa wa
tokei no hari makimodosu
itsuka kimi ga kiete shimau nara
ano hi ni tojikometai

kyou mo asu mo asatte mo
juu nengo mo sen nengo mo
kimi no hoho ni oyasumi no kuchizuke wo
shitai kara

toki ni naze ka setsunasa wa
kaze no youni fukinukeru
dakedo kimi ga koko ni iru kara
namida mo kawaku yo hora


By a soft breeze, my straw hat
was blown away and disappeared.
I chased it down a lost road
and found you.
My cold blood
was warmed up by
a friendly pool of sunlight
The nostalgic scent of cotton...

In an awkward embrace, you looked into
my eyes
"believe..." now entrust to me
anything and everything

In time, for some reason, sadness
slides into the cracks of the heart.
But because you are here,
I can see tomorrow. See...

You're standing on a ill
with your long hair swaying.
Carried far by a summer wind
to your hometown,
your smiling face looks back.
I wish the light falling
through the swaying tree branches
would shine there forever.

The soap bubbles com and go one after
as you softly pla with them
and they soar into the sky

In time, for some reason, yourth
turns back the needle of time.
If you will someday disappear,
I will seal you away in that day.

Today, tomorrow, and the day after
for decades, even millenia,
I want to kiss your cheek good-night.

In time, for some reason, pain
is swept away like the wind.
But because you are here,
my tears will dry. See...


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KOTOKO - Ano Hi no Kimi e Lyrics - Information

Title: Ano Hi no Kimi e
Anime: Onegai Teacher
English Title:To You of That Day Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:KOTOKO
Composed by:Kazuya Takase
Lyrics by:KOTOKO

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KOTOKO - Ano Hi no Kimi e Lyrics belongs to the anime Onegai Teacher Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

One day, by the lake, Kei Kusanagi sees a strange, glowing lady. He learns that the woman is really an alien Galaxy Federation officer named Mizuho Kazami, and his instructor is even more surprising! Despite this setback, he and his teacher slowly become acquainted with each other and a romance flourishes in between. Yet the school principal will find out about their relationship soon enough. The answer, right? Wedding in!

The newlyweds together must keep their marriage a secret, not just from friends of Kei's high school but also from the Galaxy Federation. Onegai findTeacher is an alien and her student's delicate yet humorous love tale.


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To Teacher, please! ( Japanese: γŠγ­γŒγ„β˜†γƒ†γ‚£γƒΌγƒγƒ£γƒΌ, Hepburn: Onegai TΔ«chā, Onegai β˜† Teacher ) is a Yasunori Ide anime television series, written by Yōsuke Kuroda and produced by Bandai Visual. This was later adapted into a manga and light novel, and focuses on a group of friends and the strange things that happen to them after a new teacher has been appointed.The Trainer for Thanks! Anime series debuted on the WOWOW satellite television network in Japan between 10 January and 28 March 2002, covering a total of 13 episodes, including twelve original television premieres and an OVA version released on a DVD on 25 October 2002.
Quite long, it was adapted into a manga, serialized in January 2002 in the shōnen manga magazine of MediaWorks, Dengeki Daioh, and later adapted to a light novel, Onegai Teacher: Mizuho and Kei's Milky Diary, released in March 2003.

The Teacher for Please! Anime series soon continued with a spin-off sequel, Twins please! , Premiered on WOWOW between 15 July and 14 October 2003.The setting of the series, though left unsaid in either anime or manga, is Lake Kizaki, located in Nagano, Japan, and appears prominently and accurately in the series the city and its surrounding locations.
The novel notes that the Nagano Prefectural Kizaki High School is the school which the characters attend. This school is based on the Old Matsumoto High School, which is located in Matsumoto's Agatanomori Park, about an hour south of Lake Kizaki on the JR lines.

The tower on which Kaede and Hyosuke stands can be located in Joyama Park, on the city's northwest side. This happens some time after 2009..

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