Onegai Teacher Opening Theme Lyrics Kaori Shizuki - Shooting Star Lyrics


tooku ni hikaru ano hoshi futari miagete
kimi ni deatta unmei wo omou
nanigenai furide te no hira furete miru
kimi ha yasashiku hohoemi dakede

kimochi ga tsuyoku naru to fuan no
kazumo fuete yuku kara
ichido dakishimeta kokoro ha donna toki
mo hanasanai de

hiroi uchyuu ni hitori dake no
kimi ga soba ni ite kureru nara
koware ta toki no hari mo yagate
yukkuri ugokidasu mirai he
kimi ha sono mamade ite

nagareru hoshi ni negai wo sotto
"Kimi to isshoni iraremasu youni..."
kono jikan dake wo GARASU no hako ni
zutto nagamete ire tara ii no ni

yasashii kimi no egao fuan de kumo
rasetakunai kara
namidashita kunaru toki ni ha kono yozora
wo omoidasu yo

hiroi uchyuu ni taata futari no
shiawase no basho wo mitsuketa ne
koko ni aru no ha tsuki to hoshi to
futari wo tsutsumu yoru no kaze to
kimi he no omoi dake

tooi kuni kara tadoritsuita
kimi ha ano hikaru hoshi Shooting Star
taemanaku sou matataku youni
mirai mo kimi mo dakishimeru to
kono yozora ni chigau


Together, looking up at that distantly
shining star
and thinking it was destined that we met,
pretending to be casual, I try to touch
your palm, but
you only smile gently.

Since these feelings are getting
stronger and the number of worries are
never let go of the heart you once
embraced, no matter what happens.

In this vast universe,
if I can keep staying near just you
even though the clock-hand of broken time

soon starts to move slowly toward the
stay just as you are, just like this.

I whisper this wish softly to the
flowing stars:
"I pray that I can always be with you..."
Close up just this one part of time in a
glass box,
even though it would be better if it
could always be seen.

Since I don't want to make your gentle
smile be clouded by worries,
when I want to start crying, I think of
this night sky.

In this vast universe, we found the
where just the two of us can be happy,
didn't we?
Here there are moon and stars and
thr night wind that wraps the two of us
up together and
my feelings about you alone.

You, who struggled here from that far
are that shining star. Shooting Star
Incessantly -- yes, like twinkling.
I swear to this night sky
that I will embrace both you and the


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Onegai Teacher Opening Theme Lyrics - Information

Title: Shooting Star
Anime: Onegai Teacher
Type of Song:Opening
Appears in:Opening Theme
Performed by:Kaori Shizuki
Composed by:Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Lyrics by:KOTOKO

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One day, by the lake, Kei Kusanagi sees a strange, glowing lady. He learns that the woman is really an alien Galaxy Federation officer named Mizuho Kazami, and his instructor is even more surprising! Despite this setback, he and his teacher slowly become acquainted with each other and a romance flourishes in between. Yet the school principal will find out about their relationship soon enough. The answer, right? Wedding in!

The newlyweds together must keep their marriage a secret, not just from friends of Kei's high school but also from the Galaxy Federation. Onegai findTeacher is an alien and her student's delicate yet humorous love tale.


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Quite long, it was adapted into a manga, serialized in January 2002 in the shōnen manga magazine of MediaWorks, Dengeki Daioh, and later adapted to a light novel, Onegai Teacher: Mizuho and Kei's Milky Diary, released in March 2003.

The Teacher for Please! Anime series soon continued with a spin-off sequel, Twins please! , Premiered on WOWOW between 15 July and 14 October 2003.The setting of the series, though left unsaid in either anime or manga, is Lake Kizaki, located in Nagano, Japan, and appears prominently and accurately in the series the city and its surrounding locations.
The novel notes that the Nagano Prefectural Kizaki High School is the school which the characters attend. This school is based on the Old Matsumoto High School, which is located in Matsumoto's Agatanomori Park, about an hour south of Lake Kizaki on the JR lines.

The tower on which Kaede and Hyosuke stands can be located in Joyama Park, on the city's northwest side. This happens some time after 2009..

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