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Planet ES | ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ | プラネテス 歌詞

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Planet ES | ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ | プラネテス γ‚ͺープニング

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Planet ES | ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ | プラネテス エンディング

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Planetes Lyrics
Title: Planetes
Also Called:Planet ES | ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ | プラネテス
Released on year:2006
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:11


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Thor and Rai Klein, 11 years old, are sent away from their home planet after their parents are murdered. They awaken on Chimaera, a terraformed planet where carnivorous plants predominate and the few humans who live there are divided into four "Rings." They meet a young man named Zagi shortly after, and the twins learn that only the "Jyu Oh Sei"β€”the one who conquers these four Ringsβ€”is permitted to leave the planet.
Thor resolves to survive in Chimaera's harsh, merciless environment, driven by his desire to return home and learn the truth about his parents' deaths. However, he quickly discovers that there is more to this strange ecosystem than meets the eye.

As Thor becomes entangled in the politics of the Rings, he learns more about his parents' murder and, ultimately, humanity's fate.

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