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cheer! yeah!x2 Lyrics


Chae! Kanaechae! Yume sakasechae!
Heart Weather Hare nochi Shining

Dare ka no manekko wo shite
Naritai mono mo nanto naku desu
SEREBURU umaku ikanai...
Sonna kimi ni oshietain da

Kimi no mirai wa kira kira negau katachi
ni naru

Chae! Kanaechae! Yume sakasechae!
Daijoubu Bokura wa makenai
Waraenai hi ga attemo ii yo
Te wo tsunaide
Nayande naite
Heart wear Change shiyou yo

Yaru ki wo taberu MONSUTAA
Kimi no oshiri kajitte Gyao!?
Fuan ga RAKKU jama suru
Dakara everybody SUPIIDO APPU

Moshi mo mecha kucha iya na jibun wo
mitsukechatta toki wa...

Free! Furi otose! Furi kaerazu ni!
Daijoubu Bokura wa jiyuu da
Yume miru kimi ni MUDA wa nai no desu
Niji mo hoshi mo
Tobi koe you yo
Heart ship Zenryoku Shooting

Yume kanaechae! Shoubu kakechae!
Daijoubu Kimi wa yowakunai
Ureshii toki mo kanashii toki mo issho
Ichiban de iko-!
Heart Weather Hare nochi Perfect


Cheer! Yeah! Make it come true! Let your
dream bloom!
Our Heart Weather is shining after the

You imitate someone,
And the thing you want to be is just
It celeb doesn't go good...
I want to tell this to you when you're
like this:

Your future will become the sparkling
sparkling form you wish!

Cheer! Yeah! Make it come true! Let your
dream bloom!
It's all right. We won't lose.
It's OK even if there's a day you can't
Let's hold hands,
Worry together and cry together.
Let's change our heart-wear.

A monster who eats your motivation
Bites your butt. Ouch!?
Fear gets in the way of luck,
So everybody, let's speed up!

If sometime you find yourself hating a
bad part of yourself...

Free! Let it fall! Without looking back!
It's all right. We are free.
There is no pointlessness in the you who
Let's jump over
Rainbows and even stars.
The heart ship is shooting across at full

Make your dream come true! Take on the
It's all right. You're not weak.
We're together in happy times and sad
So let's aim for number 1!
Our Heart Weather is perfect after the


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Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future COSMOs Image Song Lyrics - Information

Title: cheer! yeah!x2
Anime: Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:COSMOs Image Song
Performed by:COSMOs (CVs: Ookubo Rumi & Miyake Marie & Akesaka Satomi)
Composed by:Yamahara Kazuhiro
Lyrics by:Mieno Hitomi

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Three years after the "Sweet Rhythm: Aurora Vision" events, Aira, Mion, and Rizumu grew up and tutored a new generation of aspiring idols: Karin, Reina, Mia, and Ayami, the Prizmmy. Teenage Korean girls, named Somin, Shiyoon, Haein, Chaekyung and Jae Eun (the PURETTY girls), appear as a rival group.

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