Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Doshaburi HAPPY! Lyrics

Katou Emiri & Serizawa Yuu & Komatsu Mikako Doshaburi HAPPY! Lyrics Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Happy Rain Image Song Lyrics

Doshaburi HAPPY! Lyrics

From the AnimePretty Rhythm Rainbow Live

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All: Doshaburi HA!HA!HAPPY!
Naru: Don to oide
All: Yume wo arai age
Ito: Hora kimi ni
Ann: Watashi ni mo
Naru: Chiisana me
All: Mirai nobiro!!

Ann: YAME yo!
Naru: Nandemo CHARENJI BIGGU ni
Ann: Naare!
SUTAATO DASSHU Motatsuitatte

Ito: Ijippari Kasa Nage sutete
Kimi no michi Furi sosogu Zenbu Mune de
uke tome yo

All: Doshaburi HA!HA!HAPPY!
Ann: Kujikesou na
All: Toki mo issho dayo
Ann: Kimi ga ite
Naru: Kimi to ite
Ito: Tsuyoku naru
All: Hirake GO!MA!MA!MA!
Naru: SURUU shinaide
All: Oshite DAME naraba
Naru: Nobocchae
Ann: Akiramenai!
Ito: Kono saki ni ashita ga aru

Ann: Kimi no honki no sekai wa
Ito: Kitto
Ann: Uchuu yori HAISUPIIDO de
Ito: Tooku
Naru: Hirogatteiku Tsutawatteiku

Zettai Hitori janai yo

Ito: Machigai wo shite naka naori Naite
kara waraou yo
Kore ga watashi tachi ppoi ne

All: Doshaburi HA!HA!HAPPY!
Ito: RAIBARU ni mo
All: Nareru kankei ga
Ito: Daiji dayo
Ann: Suteki dayo
All: Musunde WA!WA!WA!
Yuujou RABU yuuki Hajimari wa
Ann: Doko dakke?
Ito: Doko demo II
Naru: Shinka suru
All: Mugen no RINGU

Naru: Daisuki nanda
Mayoi nagara Susumu kimi dakara
Ann: Watashi-tachi
Ito: Butsukatte
All: Deaeta ne

All:Doshaburi LA!LA!KEY!
Ganbaritai kimochi Makesouna
Naru: Shunkan mo
Ito: Taisetsu na
Ann: Kagi ni naru
All: Doshaburi HA!HA!PPY!
Don to oide Yume wo arai age
Ito: Hora kimi ni
Ann: Watashi ni mo
Naru: Chiisana me
All: Mirai nobiro!!

All: Doshaburi Rain!
Doshaburi HAPPY!


Pouring rain HA!HA!HAPPY!
Bring it on
And wash up our dreams!
Look, in you
And in me
There's a little sprout
That grows toward the future!!

Let's stop doing heart diets.
Let's stop!
Challenge everything
And become big!
Late to the start dash
Let's do the last spurt to the finish!

Throw away that stubborn umbrella
Accept all the of the rain that falls on
your path into your heart.

Pouring rain HA!HA!HAPPY!
Even when you feel you'll break,
We're together.
You're here,
And you're here with me.
Now I can become strong.
Bloom GO! NOW! NOW! NOW!
Don't ignore it.
If you can't push,
Then climb!
Don't give up!
There is a tomorrow ahead of us.

Your serious world
Is surely
More high-speed than the universe.
It's spreads
And faraway, and it conveys to me.

You are definitely not alone.

After we make mistakes, make up, and
cry, let's smile.
That's very like us.

Pouring rain HA!HA!HAPPY!
Even the people
Who can become your rivals
Are important.
They're wonderful.
My happy best friends.
Connect in a hoop! Hoop! Hoop!
Where exactly are the beginnings
To friendship, love, and courage?
Anywhere is fine.
It evolves
Into a never-ending ring.

I love you!
After all, you move ahead while wavering.
We met
By bumping heads,
Isn't that right?

Pouring rain La! La! Key!
Feelings of wanting to do my best
Are a precious key
Even moments
When I might lose.
Pouring rain HA!HA!HAPPY!
Bring it on and wash up our dreams!
Look, in you
And in me
There's a little sprout
That grows toward the future!!

Poring rain!
Pouring rain HAPPY!


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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Doshaburi HAPPY! Lyrics - Information

Title:Doshaburi HAPPY!

AnimePretty Rhythm Rainbow Live

Type of Song:Other

Appears in:Happy Rain Image Song

Performed by:Katou Emiri & Serizawa Yuu & Komatsu Mikako

Arranged by:Yamahara Kazuhiro

Lyrics by:Mieno Hitomi

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Doshaburi HAPPY! Lyrics
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