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nth color Lyrics


Sou Kore wa itsuka doko ka no Niji ga
tsumugu inochi no monogatari
Me wo tojite... Mimi wo sumashite...

stay Yoake e to nobiru michi
Kanashimi kara nuke dashita shiawase wa
hitotsu no kiseki

Kokoro no kagiri rin to inasai
Yagate nani wo subeki ka kizuku hi ga kuru

Ookina ai wo
Tashika na asu wo
Umareta toki no fune ni nosete
Watashi no umi ga anata no yume wo naderu
Yosete wa kaesu nth color

still Yakusoku wa iranai wa
Subete wa mou mirai kara kako ni made
michi afureteru

Negai ga ochite hirogaru hamon
Ugoki dasu kodou Hiraku sekai no tobira

Chiisana kizu wo
Inori no iki wo
Kesshite karenai uta ni nosete
Watashi no kaze ga anata no hane wo naderu

Mada osanai rekishi kara

Anata no naka nan ban me ka no iro wo
Sono mune ni
Shimi hajimeru
Namae no nai Perfect color
Kakegaenai Child color

Watashi no ai ga anata wo naderu
Yosete wa kaesu nth color


Yes, this is the story of a life that was
woven out of rainbows sometime,
Close your eyes... Perk your ears...

Stay... On the path that stretches to
the dawn.
The happiness that escapes from sadness
is a single miracle.

No matter how big your heart is, you
must stay cold.
And so, the day on which you realize what
you should do comes.

A large love,
A certain tomorrow.
Riding on the boat of when I was born,
My ocean caresses your dream,
Ebbing and flowing in the nth color.

Still... I don't need a promise.
Everything is already overflowing from
the future to the past.

My wish falls and spreads out as a
ripple on the water.
My heartbeat begins to move, and the door
to the world opens.

A little wound,
A breath of a prayer.
Riding on a song that will never fade,
My wind caresses your wings.

From a history that is still young...

Color me to tell me what ranking inside
your heart I am.
It has begun to
Pierce your heart,
This nameless, Perfect color.
This irreplaceable, Childish color.

My love caresses you,
Ebbing and flowing in the nth color.


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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Juné Amou Character Song Lyrics - Information

Title: nth color
Anime: Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Juné Amou Character Song
Performed by:Shishido Rumi
Composed by:Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Lyrics by:Mieno Hitomi

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Nijiiro Days follows the colorful lives and romantic relationships of four high school boys: Natsuki Hashiba, a romantic dreamer; Tomoya Matsunaga, a narcissistic playboy with multiple girlfriends; Keiichi Katakura, a kinky sadist with a whip; and Tsuyoshi Naoe, an otaku with a cosplaying girlfriend.
Natsuki breaks down in tears in the middle of the street after his girlfriend dumps him on Christmas Eve, and a girl dressed as Santa Claus offers him tissues. He is instantly smitten by Anna Kobayakawa, a girl who, fortunately, attends the same school as him. Natsuki's pursuit of Anna should have been simple and uneventful; however, much to his chagrin, his nosy friends constantly interfer with his relationship as they try to succeed in their own love affairs.


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Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live (, Purit Rizumu Reinb Raibu) is a 2013 Japanese anime television series co-produced by Tatsunoko Production and Avex Pictures, Takara Tomy Arts, and Syn Sophia. The series is the third animated installment in the Pretty Rhythm franchise, and it follows a group of Japanese idols known as "Prism Stars," who combine song and dance with fashion and figure skating. The anime series was created as a promotion for the same-named arcade game.
Masakazu Hishida directed Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live, and Okama designed the characters. Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream and Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, the show's previous seasons, each have their own story.

Every episode of the series ended with a live-action segment called "Pretty Rhythm Club," hosted by the girl group Prizmmy and their sister trainee group Prism Mates.
Pretty Rhythm: All Star Selection took over after the series ended in 2014. The King of Prism series, which focuses on male characters, premiered in theaters in 2016 with the film King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm, and was followed by King of Prism: Pride the Hero in 2017 and King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars in 2019..

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