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Vanity♥colon Lyrics


Onna no ko no VANITI Naisho KORON
Mochi aruko Namida to uso to SHUGAA

Me wo tojite ne Aruku to ne Bou ni
Okoranaide Shinkokyuu Kore wa shikou

Shinpai sare chau yo Dakedo Demo ne
Angai heiki

Onna no ko no BANITI Himitsu dayo
Soko no hou Doryoku to ai to kimi

Hanabi mirai Hirogatte Watashi no naka
Yawakoi toko Sasaeteru Sonna omoide ARU YO

Yuzurenai no Totemo Daiji BESUTO Kimi e
no omoi

Onna no ko no BANITI Ganjou na
DOKI DOKI wo kakushite tanoshimu no
Onna no ko no seibun Shitteiru?
Netsu shite nai ICHIGO to Kizu to MIRUKU

Onna no ko no seibun Fushigi nano
Watashi tachi BANITI Naisho KORON
Mochi aruko Egao to yume to SORUTO Uso to



The secret cologne that's a girl's vanity
Let's hold it as we walk, with tears,
lies, and sugar.

When you close your eyes and walk, you
bump into a pole.
Don't get angry, take a deep breath. This
is an experiment of thought.

I get worried about a lot. But you know,
actually, I'm pretty OK.

A girls' vanity is a secret.
This is made up of hard work, love and

My future of fireworks spreads out
inside of me.
I have memories of you supporting my soft

I can't give up my very previous
feelings toward the best you.

I enjoy a girls' vanity that hides
The tough and loud heartbeats inside of
Do you know what girls are made of?
Cold strawberries, wounds, and milk.

The things that make up girls are
They shine like a diamond in the rough.
Our vanity is a secret cologne.
Let's hold it as we walk with smiles,
dreams, salt, lies and sugar.

Vanity cologne


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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Otoha Takanashi Lyrics - Information

Title: Vanity♥colon
Anime: Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
English Title:Vanity♥cologne Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Otoha Takanashi
Performed by:Takanashi Otoha (CV: Gotou Saori)
Composed by:Yamahara Kazuhiro
Arranged by:Yamahara Kazuhiro
Lyrics by:Mieno Hitomi

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