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Wonderful Rail Lyrics


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Rail Romanesque Ending Theme Lyrics - Information

Title: Wonderful Rail
Anime: Rail Romanesque
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:Ending Theme
Performed by:Ayumi.
Composed by:Kyohei Nishizaka, 西坂恭平
Arranged by:Kyohei Nishizaka, 西坂恭平
Lyrics by:Kyohei Nishizaka, 西坂恭平

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Rail Romanesque Ending Theme Lyrics belongs to the anime Rail Romanesque Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Set in Hinomoto, a fictional Japanese tale, where traveling by rail was the most popular mode of transport for a long time. Through locomotive was fitted with a humanoid control panel, known as Raillord, which supported the train operator. However, due to the growing popularity of & # 039;aerocrafts,&039;a healthy and convenient aerial mode of transport, several rail lines had been discontinued. As such, the following railroads went into deep sleep too.
In a rail crash, Soutetsu had lost his entire family and was moved to the Migita household operating a shochu brewery in Ohitoyo Town. He came back to his hometown to save it from the possible water contamination that would happen if they approved the plan to create a nearby aerocraft factory.

He accidentally woke the Raillord Hachiroku up and became her husband. With the aid of his stepsister Hibiki, the town's mayor and local railway manager, Paulette and others, they decided to help locate her missing locomotive for various purposes..

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