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Scramble Love Lyrics


Tokei no hari kara koboreta jikan ga
tsureteiku yo yume no naka e to.
Mada iidasenai kotoba ni propeller
tsukete toba-soo anata e to.

Suusen feet no omoi motto takaku koi no
hikoosen o.

Ima sugu ni aitai to tsutaete
kono kimochi ribbon de musubu kara.
Ima sugu ni ai ni kite sono mama
iwasetai na anata ni.

T-shirt no sode ni tsumoru hikari ni mo
hon no sukoshi yakimochi dakara.
Tsuyogatteru kedo fuan ni naru no yo
yasashi-sugiru anata dakara.

Hohoemu hitomi de itsumo watashi dake wo
mimamotteite hoshii.

Ima sugu ni dakishimete egao ni.
Soyokaze no kuchizuke wo agetai.
Ima sugu ni dakishimete sono mama
iwasetai na anata ni.

"Kimi ga ichiban suki."


The time that spilled over from the hands
of the clock
has been ushered into my dreams.
I can't tell you yet, but my propeller
seems to take flight to you.

My sentiments are carried thousands of
feet by the blimp of love that soars ever

Right now, tell me you want to meet me,
because my feelings are bound in ribbon.
Right now, I'm coming to meet you as you
because I want to tell you...

The rays that pile up on the sleeves of
my T-shirt
are merely those of jealousy.
I've been strong, but I'm getting anxious,
since you've been so gentle to me.

I'll always want you to watch over me,
and me alone, with smiling eyes.

Right now, I embrace your smile.
I want to feel the kiss of the breeze.
Right now, I embrace it as it is,
because I want to tell you:

"I like you the most."


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Scramble Wars Opening Theme Lyrics - Information

Title: Scramble Love
Anime: Scramble Wars
Type of Song:Opening
Appears in:Opening Theme
Performed by:WIZ-KISS
Arranged by:Kagoshima Hiroyuki

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Scramble Wars Opening Theme Lyrics belongs to the anime Scramble Wars Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Take the characters from a variety of sci-fi-based animes, a stage not unlike "Wacky Races," super-deformed madness, and general chaos, and Scramble Wars is what you get. While Scramble Wars has characters from the original Bubblegum Crisis, Gall Force, and Genesis Survivor Gaiarth, it has a few other characters from other animes including AD Police and Riding Bean, too. It doesn't matter whether you loved or hated all of these shows, as long as you saw at least one of them you're going to have a great time watching this, but the chaos is so repetitive that it doesn't even matter if you haven't seen any of the animes featured in Scramble Wars.

Wacky Breeds! Not exactly, but relatively similar. Genom holds a race; the winner gets the Genom Trophy! Woohoo! What! Yay!-Yay! Join, Priss on her Motoroid, Sylia and Mackie, a Boomer, Linna and Nene ... A Bumper? ... All right ...... all right ... And other anime characters already listed a million times. For whatever reason, they'll all compete against each other to win this coveted trophy. And they will all do all they can to win it ....

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Gall Force ( ć‚¬ćƒ«ćƒ•ć‚©ćƒ¼ć‚¹, Garu Fōsu ) is a science fiction anime metasery OVA by the Artmic and AIC studios, with Youmex output. Kenichi Sonoda was the main character designs, but these were scrapped for the Gall Force: the reboot of the Revolution. Despite the exceptions of Ten Little Gall Force, Scramble Wars and The Rebellion, Central Park Media has released most of the films and OVAs.

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