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カードファイト!! ヴァンガード Divinez

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Divinez Lyrics

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Divinez


Onmyouji unravels the enthralling saga of the legendary onmyouji, Abe no Seimei, as he forges an extraordinary bond with the hapless aristocrat, Minamoto no Hiromasa. United by fate, their unwavering alliance is put to the ultimate test as they valiantly safeguard the imperial city of Heian-kyou from the clutches of the devious onmyouji, Douman. Concealed within his sinister machinations lies the insidious plot to bring about the downfall of the emperor. Brace yourself for a truly captivating journey into the mystical realms of ancient Japan.

Onmyouji Lyrics


My One-Hit Kill Sister | 異世界ワンターンキル姉さん ~姉同伴の異世界生活はじめました~

In an extraordinary turn of events, Asahi Ikusaba, a devoted otaku, finds himself whisked away to an alternate realm after rescuing an innocent child. To his amazement, he believes he has been reborn with incredible abilities reminiscent of the characters from his beloved anime and novels. Alas, his euphoria is short-lived as a frightening encounter with a formidable monster shatters his illusion, revealing his own ordinary nature. However, when Asahi's life is hanging by a thread, he instinctively calls out to his adoring sister, Maya, who miraculously materializes before him, wielding the very extraordinary powers he aspired to possess. Overjoyed by the reunion with her brother, Maya pledges to shield him with her newfound abilities, prepared to face any jeopardy that may come their way. A united front, the inseparable siblings embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of their newfound existence while cherishing the thrilling adventures that unfold. Yet, amidst their playful exploration, a dawning realization takes hold – their venture into this unfamiliar domain may not have been a mere twist of fate. With the imminent approach of the indomitable Demon King and his fearsome army, only Maya stands as a beacon of hope, endowed with the strength to vanquish their impending doom. Bound by an unbreakable bond, the extraordinary duo journeys through this enchanting realm, bent on discovering a path back to their homeland. Little do they know, their arrival in this realm may hold a profound purpose, one that could forever alter the fate of both worlds. As the dark clouds of chaos gather, Maya must harness her extraordinary powers to confront the imminent threat and protect her beloved brother, venturing fearlessly into the unknown.

Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan Lyrics

Isekai One Turn Kill Neesan


In the midst of the 20th century, a vibrant renaissance of musical theater envelopes the world, igniting passion within the hearts of enthusiasts. Within this flourishing realm, an elite group of performers, known as the esteemed Dai Stars, captivates audiences with their unparalleled acting prowess and enchanting melodies. Rising above all, only the crème de la crème are bestowed with the coveted title of World Dai Star. Enter the spirited and aspiring young talent, Kokona Ootori, who nourishes an unyielding dream of securing her rightful place among the ranks of the World Dai Stars. Despite encountering countless setbacks along her journey, Kokona refuses to be deterred. As an invaluable source of inspiration, her loyal confidante Shizuka urges her to seize yet another opportunity to audition for the prestigious theater troupe, Sirius. In the face of adversity, Kokona summons her fortitude and dedicates herself wholeheartedly to honing her craft, determined to showcase her brilliance. Yet, the theater world is steeped in unforgiving competition, where numerous ambitious young women, like the immensely talented Kathrina Griebel from Germany, vie for the celestial spotlight. In her quest to manifest her dreams, Kokona must surpass all obstacles and earn the glorious right to command the stage that she relentlessly pursues.

World Dai Star Lyrics

World Dai Star

A Galaxy Next Door | おとなりに銀河

In the wake of their father's untimely demise, Ichirou Kuga finds himself thrust into an unexpected role: the sole caretaker of his two younger siblings. To sustain their livelihood, Ichirou leases rooms in the inherited apartment complex and toils away as a dedicated shoujo manga artist. Alas, his sales plummet, his assistants abandon him, and tight deadlines loom menacingly on the horizon. As the weight of responsibility threatens to overwhelm him, fortune smiles upon Ichirou in the form of a remarkably gifted amateur artist, Shiori Goshiki, who becomes his new assistant. Together, they defy adversity, utilizing her exceptional skills to navigate the treacherous waters of the industry. Yet, their harmonious collaboration takes an unexpected turn when a freak accident unravels a supernatural encounter between Ichirou and Shiori, leading her to declare them engaged. With this seemingly inconsequential incident turning his world topsy-turvy, Ichirou finds himself juggling the enigmatic bond formed with the mysterious Shiori, all while steadfastly pursuing his artistic passions and shouldering the weighty obligations that lie upon his shoulders.

Otonari ni Ginga Lyrics

Otonari ni Ginga

Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts | 贄姫と獣の王

Situated at the farthest reaches of the known world lies the enigmatic Kingdom of Ozmargo, a realm teeming with a mesmerizing array of fantastical creatures. This realm is ruled by a mysterious and formidable king, whose true name remains shrouded in secrecy. Following a grueling century-long conflict between Ozmargo and its neighboring human kingdom, a momentous peace treaty was inked. However, as part of the agreement, an annual offering must be made to the insatiable king, sacrificed to his insidious appetite on the dreaded night of revelation. Enter Sariphi, the latest and 99th human tribute to be bestowed upon this chilling fate. Despite her delicate appearance, she neither cowers in fear of the voracious king nor possesses a cherished family or abode to return to in the improbable event of an escape. Intrigued by this audacious young girl, the enigmatic king boldly permits Sariphi to roam the palace grounds, much to the disapproval of his trusted advisor, Anubis. As time passes, a peculiar bond slowly forms between the king and Sariphi, defying all odds. However, an impending sense of destiny looms ever nearer with the impending night of revelation. Unbeknownst to them, this pivotal moment heralds a cascade of unforeseen events that shall alter not only their own destinies but also reshape the very fabric of their parallel realms.

Niehime to Kemono no Ou Lyrics

Niehime to Kemono no Ou

The Marginal Service

Dismissed from the police force due to his history of reckless behavior, Officer Brian Nightraider finds himself engulfed in self-pity. However, his bleak existence takes an unexpected turn when he receives a captivating invitation from the United Nations Immigration Bureau Special Investigation Unit. The invitation extends an offer to join the secretive Marginal Service, an underground branch of the UN entrusted with the task of handling Borderlanders - a unique breed of aliens coexisting amongst humans. Presented as virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts, these Borderlanders mask their true identities with startling ease. But a new threat looms in the form of a notorious Borderlander terrorist organization, responsible for manufacturing and disseminating the dangerously potent drug called Confu. Exploring the depths of this illicit drug-trafficking ring won't be a walk in the park, considering the Borderlanders' incredible regenerative abilities and their seamless integration into society as ordinary citizens. However, the Marginal Service, a band of somewhat unconventional yet undeniably resilient individuals, refuses to shy away from this arduous challenge. As they embark on their mission, these extraordinary individuals unearth shocking discoveries along the way, realizing that even the most unexpected figures may hide a Borderlander secret. Brace yourself as this gripping tale unfolds, revealing an intricate web of deception, danger, and the enigmatic world of Borderlanders.

The Marginal Service Lyrics

The Marginal Service

Insomniacs After School | 君は放課後インソムニア

Ganta Nakami, a high schooler plagued by sleeplessness, finds himself in constant turmoil, unable to peacefully drift off each night. This restless state only exacerbates his irritability during daytime, leaving him desperately seeking secluded havens where he can catch a few winks. On the flip side, Isaki Magari, a carefree soul, manages to charm her friends, masking her own little-known battle with a sleep disorder. She covertly turns the abandoned astronomy observatory at their school into her personal sanctuary for snoozing. As fate intricately weaves their paths together, Nakami stumbles upon Magari, peacefully dozing within the very same observatory. A revelation unfolds when they discover a shared predicament, compelling Magari to extend an inviting hand and share her covert sleeping haven with her fellow insomniac. In the embrace of each other's presence, their past burdens begin to lose their weight, gradually becoming surmountable challenges.

Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia Lyrics

Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion | 彼女が公爵邸に行った理由

In a twist of fate, Rinko Hanasaki finds herself reincarnated as Raeliana McMillan, triggering mixed emotions and uncertain prospects. As the formerly carefree heiress of a nouveau-riche baron, Raeliana faced an untimely demise at the hands of her fiancé, the notorious Lord Francis Brooks. Determined to escape her ill-fated destiny, she sets out to sever ties with Francis once and for all. Alas, Raeliana's endeavor to break the engagement hits a roadblock when Francis adamantly refuses to let go. Struggling to find a way out of this predicament, she embarks on a daring quest for assistance from none other than Duke Noah Wynknight—the celebrated male protagonist of the novel she once devoured. Armed with her knowledge of the plot, Raeliana tempts the Duke by unveiling his hidden secrets, proposing a mutually beneficial proposition: to protect his reputation, she requests Noah's feigned betrothal to her. Unbeknownst to her, toying with the affections of a Duke known for his enigmatic nature presents unforeseen consequences. As Raeliana delves deeper into her charade, Noah's true colors begin to unravel, leading them both down a treacherous path that exceeds their wildest imaginations. Brace yourself, for an intriguing journey unfolds as the intricate dance between Raeliana and Noah navigates love, mystery, and the secrets that lie in wait.

Kanojo ga Koushaku-tei ni Itta Riyuu Lyrics

Kanojo ga Koushaku-tei ni Itta Riyuu

Summoned to Another World for a Second Time | 異世界召喚は二度目です

Once upon a time, a courageous man was unexpectedly summoned to a parallel realm, where he valiantly saved the land from impending doom. Naturally, his heroic deeds earned him immense popularity, instantly transforming him into an isekai legend. However, fate played a cruel trick on him, as he became ensnared in a treacherous predicament, forcibly ejecting him back to his original world. Adding to the adversity, our protagonist found himself reverting to infancy, a daunting reset on his journey. Now, bear witness to a remarkable tale of an extraordinary former hero who, regrettably, resided as a despondent high-schooler, only to be summoned once again to that very same astonishing realm. Brace yourself for an unexpected twist that shall unfold in this captivating narrative.

Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu Lyrics

Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu


In the midst of a legendary battle, the mighty necromancer, the Corpse God, meets his demise. However, his astonishing tale does not end there, for he is granted a remarkable second chance at life. Reborn as Polka Shinoyama, a young and unsuspecting boy dwelling in the bustling streets of modern-day Tokyo, he finds himself entangled in a treacherous web of supernatural forces. As Polka embarks on the daunting journey of adapting to his newfound mortal form, he soon becomes the target of clandestine factions harboring a deep interest in the ethereal realm. One such individual is Misaki Sakimiya, a high school girl blessed with the unique ability to perceive spirits, who sets her sights on Polka with an unquenchable thirst for his very essence. In an attempt to comprehend the perplexing web of malevolence woven around him, Polka crosses paths with the resourceful Takumi Kuruya, an adept in the arts of surveillance and hacking. Furthermore, he encounters the enigmatic Lisa Kuraki, a formidable crime syndicate leader reigning over the shadows of Shinjuku. Together with an array of unexpected allies, Polka courageously embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the truth behind his extraordinary reincarnation and to unveil the impending destiny that hangs precariously over the world in which he now resides.

Dead Mount Death Play Lyrics

Dead Mount Death Play

The Blue Orchestra | 青のオーケストラ

Once regarded as a prodigy in the world of violin, Hajime's passion for music faded into silence after his father, the renowned violinist Ryuuji Aono, became entangled in a scandal that subjected their family to relentless media scrutiny. With his final year of middle school looming ahead, Hajime finds himself at a crossroads, desperately searching for a new path in life. However, a serendipitous encounter with his classmate Ritsuko Akine, and her enchanting violin melodies, reignite a long-dormant flame within Hajime's heart, rekindling his dreams of pursuing a musical career. Guided by Ritsuko's unwavering support, Hajime embarks on a journey to conquer the entrance exam for the esteemed Umimaku High School. Yet, gaining admission to the institution's prestigious orchestra not only demands exceptional talent but also compels Hajime to confront the scars of his past and embrace the boundless possibilities that await him in the magnificent world of music.

Ao no Orchestra Lyrics

Ao no Orchestra

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! | 勇者が死んだ!

In the wake of the nightmarish turmoil that befalls our realm, the sinister Gates of Hell rupture, unleashing hordes of vile demons upon our lands. Amidst this cataclysmic chaos, an ordinary yet peculiar villager named Touka Scott finds himself thrust into a maelstrom of events. Little did he know that his seemingly tranquil existence would be shattered when a demon brazenly assaulted Yuna Eunice, his cherished childhood friend. As fate would have it, the renowned hero Sion Blandan materializes just in the nick of time, wielding his mighty blade to vanquish the fiendish creature. However, tragedy unexpectedly strikes when Sion inadvertently plummets into a trap set by Touka to protect his humble radish farm, meeting an untimely demise. But hope remains amidst the bleakness as Anri Haysworth, Sion's adept necromancer companion, exerts her power to resurrect the fallen hero. In a twist of fate, Touka's spirit is now enshrined within the vessel of the legendary warrior, burdened with the daunting task of resealing the nefarious Gates of Hell and eradicating the demonic menace that pervades our world. Together with the resilient Yuna and the enigmatic Anri, Touka must navigate the uncharted path that lies before him, navigating not only his unfamiliar new reality but also grappling with the colossal legacy of the valiant Sion. With unwavering determination, they embark on an extraordinary quest, forging a legacy that promises to redeem our broken realm and safeguard the future of all humanity.

Yuusha ga Shinda! Lyrics

Yuusha ga Shinda!

Yuri is My Job! | 私の百合はお仕事です!

Hime Shiraki, a charming and deceptive enchantress, possesses an otherworldly voice, an innocent demeanor, and a captivating visage that captivates all who gaze upon her. However, be warned, for her sweetness is nothing more than a cunning facade aiming to ensnare a wealthy suitor. While she skillfully portrays herself as a helpless ingenue to win favor, Hime cannot escape the consequences of an unfortunate accident that leaves Mai Koshiba injured. Upon discovering Mai's role as the illustrious manager of Café Liebe, an exquisite establishment reminiscent of an exclusive all-girls academy, Hime finds herself compelled to assume a temporary position until Mai's recovery. Nevertheless, Hime's ruse quickly unravels as her incompetence as a waitress becomes painfully apparent, sparking the displeasure of her coworker, the elegant Mitsuki Yano, who assumes the role of the stern "onee-sama" quick to admonish Hime for her missteps. While Hime wrestles with the challenges of her newfound profession and Mitsuki's unyielding animosity, her true nature begins to peek through the carefully crafted veneer.

Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! Lyrics

Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!

Rokudo's Bad Girls | 六道の悪女〈おんな〉たち

Tousuke Rokudou finds himself navigating the treacherous halls of Aomori High, a notorious school filled with unruly delinquents. As a first-year student, he unwittingly becomes a magnet for their bullying, subjected to constant torment due to his contrasting nature. Yet, our protagonist isn't alone in his social ostracism; he can seek solace in the companionship of his two steadfast allies, fellow outcasts in this hostile environment. Together, they yearn for a brighter, more serene school life, craving an escape from their tormentors. However, fate intervenes and upheaves Tousuke's existence when he receives a mysterious package from his deceased grandfather. Within lies a precious family heirloom: a fabled scroll believed to possess the extraordinary power to safeguard him from impending danger. Clutching the ancient relic, Tousuke becomes awestruck as an ethereal glow envelops him, leaving an enigmatic mark adorning his forehead. Enthralled by the prospect of liberating himself and his friends from their daily ordeals, Tousuke discovers that the scroll defies his initial expectations. Despite enduring continued bullying, he soon unravels the scroll's true purpose—an extraordinary charm that bewitches not only the hearts of the delinquent girls who plague him but specifically captures the attention of Ranna Himawari, the indomitable force among them.

Rokudou no Onna-tachi Lyrics

Rokudou no Onna-tachi

Opus Colors | オーパスカラーズ

Perception Art, once shunned by the art world, has risen to unprecedented fame, captivating audiences with its multisensory experience. This groundbreaking medium transcends boundaries, immersing viewers in a symphony of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Kazuya Yamanashi, gifted with the artistic legacy of his late parents, pioneers of Perception Art, embarks on a quest to claim his rightful place as the ultimate Perception Artist. Fuelled by ambition and armed with exceptional talent, Kazuya enrolls at Eisen High School, renowned for nurturing artistic excellence. However, his aspirations extend beyond artistic mastery. Kazuya carries a burden of regret regarding his estranged childhood friend, the enigmatic and talented Kyou Takise, now a distinguished third-year student. Keen to mend their fractured bond, Kazuya seizes the opportunity to cross paths with Kyou once more as a fellow student at Eisen. Yet, fate presents them with a formidable challenge, as they find themselves assigned as partners for the highly anticipated Staircaser competition—an exclusive event that will determine Eisen's artistic representatives for the entire year. Intriguingly, their collaboration is hindered by the stark division between their respective fields of study within the school. Overcoming this formidable hurdle becomes imperative for Kazuya and Kyou if they are to triumph over fierce competitors vying for the same esteemed title. Both must learn to set aside their differences, combining their unique perspectives into a harmonious union that will captivate the hearts and minds of all who witness their artistry. With adrenaline coursing through their veins and their friendship hanging in the balance, Kazuya and Kyou embark on a transformative journey that promises to test their resilience, creativity, and, ultimately, their bond.

Opus.COLORs Lyrics



In the realm of an ordinary salaryman by the name of Tetsuo Tosu lies a tale of dark secrets and paternal protection. Tetsuo stumbles upon a heart-wrenching revelation: his beloved daughter, Reika, has fallen victim to the brutal hands of her boyfriend, the nefarious Nobuto Matori. Determined to safeguard his daughter's well-being, Tetsuo embarks on an investigation that unravels Matori's sinister plot to extort money from Reika's affluent grandparents. However, the depths of Matori's depravity go much deeper, as Tetsuo uncovers his association with a notorious crime syndicate and a harrowing history of eliminating former girlfriends. Consumed by a potent blend of anguish and apprehension, Tetsuo finds himself driven to eliminate the twisted threat Matori poses. In a moment of seething fury, our protagonist takes a life-altering step and orchestrates the demise of the conniving Matori, assisted by his steadfast wife, Kasen. Together, they meticulously dispose of the haunting evidence, all the while guarding against the prying eyes of the syndicate, now plagued by questions surrounding Matori's sudden vanishing act. As the noose tightens and the walls close in, Tetsuo and Kasen forge an unbreakable alliance, resolved to guarantee their daughter's safety and shield her from the peril that looms in the shadows. Theirs is a fight against the encroaching darkness, an unwavering commitment to preserve their cherished daughter's innocence and ensure she remains untainted by the treacherous web woven by the syndicate's sinister machinations.

My Home Hero Lyrics

My Home Hero

The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses | 女神のカフェテラス

Upon the demise of his beloved grandmother, Sachiko, Hayato Kasukabe embarks on a poignant journey back to his hometown from the bustling streets of Tokyo. Inheriting his grandmother's cherished establishment, Familia Café Terrace, he envisions its transformation into a mundane parking lot. Little did he know that Sachiko had formed profound connections with five young girls prior to her passing. Enigmatic beings named Ouka Makuzawa, Akane Hououji, Riho Tsukishima, Shiragiku Ono, and Ami Tsuruga emerge, unequivocally inhabiting the café in a manner that only Sachiko's affectionate embrace could evoke. Resolute in preserving their unbreakable bond, they ardently implore Hayato to rethink his hasty demolition plans. Although reluctant, Hayato gradually succumbs to their impassioned plea, gradually unraveling the forgotten tapestry of his past with his grandmother and rekindling his own ardor for the enchanting café. Thus, with an unwavering resolve to honor Sachiko's legacy, Hayato embarks on a transformative journey accompanied by the indomitable presence of these young goddesses. Their ethereal influence casts a spell over both the café and Hayato's heart, ensuring the sanctity and perpetuity of this sacred haven.

Megami no Cafe Terrace Lyrics

Megami no Cafe Terrace

Mashle: Magic and Muscles | マッシュル-MASHLE-

Welcome to a captivating realm, where mystical prowess is heralded by a unique facial emblem. Those bereft of magical aptitude face swift eradication, as society endeavors to uphold its magical essence. Amidst the enchanting woods, a peculiar soul named Mash Burnedead defies convention. While one arm strains with the weight of iron, the other delicately indulges in a cream puff. This enigmatic youth possesses Herculean strength, yet lacks the coveted power of magic. Embracing a tranquil existence alongside his father, he remains secluded from societal expectations. However, tranquility soon crumbles as authorities unveil Mash's non-magical reality. In a bid to either force acceptance or relentless persecution, they issue an ultimatum: participate in the esteemed Easton Magic Academy's "Divine Visionary" competition. This prestigious institution exclusively enrolls the gifted and elite, challenging Mash to surpass his limitations as a magic-less being. Determined to shield his loved ones, he courageously embarks on this extraordinary journey, relying solely on his formidable muscles to defy the odds. Prepare yourself for an enthralling adventure where strength, willpower, and resilience emerge as the saving grace in the face of daunting trials.

Mashle Lyrics


Magical Girl Magical Destroyers | 魔法少女マジカルデストロイヤーズ

In the year 2008, a monumental cultural clash emerged within the borders of Japan. The esteemed government, driven by a mission to safeguard their cherished heritage, embarked on a relentless crusade against a unique group known as otaku. These passionate individuals, whose hearts beat to the rhythm of anime and manga, found themselves targeted mercilessly. The Specialized Security Corps (SSC), an enforcement agency driven by a zealous fervor, descended upon the otaku community with an iron fist, seizing their treasured memorabilia. In the midst of this tumultuous storm, a valiant figure rose from the shadows, proclaiming himself as the Otaku Hero. This enigmatic and fiercely dedicated hero refused to succumb to the dominance of the SSC, standing firm against their oppressive reign. With unwavering resolve, he summoned a ragtag band of displaced geeks, forging an indomitable resistance army united by their shared love for the rich tapestry of otaku culture. Yet, as time wore on, the glimmer of hope began to fade. The once-burning fires of rebellion dimmed, threatening to leave the otaku population in a bleak abyss. In the face of such adversity, the Otaku Hero found solace in an unexpected ally: the enigmatic and magical Anarchy, a charismatic and powerful force in her own right. Together, these two emboldened leaders embarked on a perilous quest to reunite Anarchy with her fellow magical comrades, Blue and Pink. For they knew that by harnessing the collective might of this invincible trio, they could shatter the chains of oppression and deliver a resounding victory for the otaku resistance. The fate of their beloved culture hung in the balance as they prepared to confront the SSC head-on, standing as beacons of hope and guardians of otaku heritage for all to witness.

Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers Lyrics

Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers

Too Cute Crisis | カワイスギクライシス

Gazing down upon the emerald jewel known as Earth from the mighty survey ship of the Azatos Empire, Chief Investigator Liza Luna's mind brims with a decisive plan—to swiftly eliminate every single lifeform and claim the planet's valuable resources. But as she delves deeper into her survey, Liza stumbles upon a startling realization: humanity's progress pales in comparison to other remarkable beings in the cosmos. Undeterred, Liza resolves to venture down to the planet's surface, seeking to gain a profound understanding of its inhabitants. Armed with unfaltering determination and a dash of skepticism, she finds herself stepping into a quaint café—a sanctuary nestled amidst the bustling cityscape. This serendipitous encounter places her directly in the heart of a haven dedicated to the art of coffee and companionship—none other than a cat cafe. Within those cozy confines, Liza's eyes are graced with the presence of creatures that surpass any other in the entire galaxy in terms of sheer adorability. The indomitable spirit of this beguiling encounter kindles a fervent curiosity within her. Thus, her purpose takes an unexpected turn as she resolves to comprehensively explore the remarkable tapestry of Earth's charming and captivating inhabitants.

Kawaisugi Crisis Lyrics

Kawaisugi Crisis

KamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World | 神無き世界のカミサマ活動

Yukito Urabe, fueled by unwavering faith in the almighty god Mitama, willingly embraces a profound ritual to assume leadership of his father's enigmatic cult. Little does he know that destiny has other plans, as tragedy befalls him during the ceremonial undertaking, casting him into an existence where gods and religious beliefs hold no sway. Emerging into an entirely unfamiliar world, stripped of its spiritual essence, Yukito encounters the captivating and rebellious Aruaru, who becomes his gateway to a hidden community. Yet, this newfound utopian perception is swiftly shattered when he bears witness to a chilling spectacle of mass self-annihilation and unearths the country's imminent system of mandated death sentences. The dire situation takes an intensely personal twist as Aruaru and her sister become unwilling pawns, forcibly seized for execution. Driven by a profound sense of despair, Yukito summons the teachings ingrained by his father, calling upon Mitama to intercede and safeguard their lives. Astonishingly, his pleas materialize in the form of a celestial child descending from the heavens, obliterating those who sought harm. This otherworldly being, to Yukito's astonishment, introduces herself as none other than Mitama.

Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou Lyrics

Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou

My Clueless First Friend | 事情を知らない転校生がグイグイくる。

With her demure demeanor and piercing gaze, Akane Nishimura is mistakenly perceived as a somber and unapproachable individual by her peers. Her classmates even go as far as labeling her the "Grim Reaper," convinced that her presence brings nothing but misfortune upon those unfortunate enough to be near her. Nevertheless, undeterred by the pervasive rumors, transfer student Taiyou Takada fearlessly sets out to befriend Akane. His profound fascination with all things supernatural leads him to approach the enigmatic Grim Reaper, blissfully ignorant of the complex dynamics unfolding within their class. Armed with an unwaveringly sunny disposition and an unyielding optimism, Taiyou may just be the catalyst that Akane so desperately needs to break free from her gloomy shackles.

Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru. Lyrics

Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru.

I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too | 異世界でチート能力を手にした俺は、現実世界をも無双する ~レベルアップは人生を変えた~

Throughout his entire existence, Yuuya Tenjou has been incessantly subjected to contempt and scorn from those within his vicinity, even his own kin. To complicate matters further, his affectionate and sole confidant—his beloved grandfather—unexpectedly passes away, leaving Yuuya stranded in a world devoid of solace. Undeterred by the myriad of hardships that confront him, Yuuya valiantly endeavors to extend compassion to those in need—a testament to his unwavering generosity. However, even the most benevolent souls have their limits, and Yuuya finds himself teetering on the precipice of despair. Just when all seems lost, a glimmer of hope glows through an unassuming entrance within his bathroom. This enigmatic portal serves as a conduit bridging two distinct realms, transporting Yuuya to a dilapidated domicile in an alternate world. With his arrival, he is bestowed with fantastical abilities and skills akin to those found within a video game. Moreover, this dilapidated abode was once inhabited by a sagacious sage, thus granting Yuuya unprecedented access to extraordinary weaponry, equipment, and crops possessing inexplicable powers. Empowered by these newfound blessings, the once-outcast Yuuya embarks on a profound journey to unleash his true potential and emerge as an unstoppable force.

Iseleve Lyrics


Otaku Elf | 江戸前エルフ

The illustrious Takamimi Shrine has graced the bustling streets of Tokyo for over four centuries, serving as the sacred abode of Elda, a mystical and enchanting elf from another realm. For a staggering 15 generations, the duty of tending to this eternal elf has been entrusted to a devoted lineage, dating back to the Edo period. And now, as Koito Koganei reaches the tender age of sixteen, the venerable responsibility of becoming Elda's shrine maiden befalls upon her capable shoulders. Balancing her sacred duties with the demands of her ordinary school life proves to be an intricate dance for Koito. It is no easy task when serving a reclusive goddess like Elda, who finds solace in the world of video games, toy collecting, and indulging in delicious snacks. Determined to introduce her socially withdrawn charge to the wonders of the outside realm, Koito deftly juggles her time between nurturing Elda's diverse hobbies and coaxing her into engaging with humanity at large. Along this extraordinary journey, Koito delves deep into the historical tapestry of her surroundings, unravelling the secrets behind the locals' profound adoration and inexplicable spoiling of this ineffable goddess.

Edomae Elf Lyrics

Edomae Elf


Introducing an enthralling anime series inspired by the enchanting world of Sanrio's Bosanimal character line.

Bosanimal Lyrics


アリス・ギア・アイギス Expansion

Long ago, humanity was forced to abandon planet Earth as the Vice, a formidable race of mechanical aliens, ruthlessly drove them from their homeland. Left with no choice but to drift aimlessly in the vast expanse of space, mankind placed their last glimmer of hope in the capable hands of Actresses. These remarkable young women possess an innate gift - the power to command Alice Gears, extraordinary mechanical suits that hold the key to finally overturning the tide against the alien invasion. Crafted from fragments of Earth's shattered moon, these starships become humanity's ultimate weapon in the battle for survival.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Lyrics

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion

Loving Yamada at Lv999 | 山田くんとLv999の恋をする

In the wake of a heartbreaking breakup, Akane Kinoshita, a devoted college student, finds herself tangled in a web of shattered emotions and haunting memories left by her former lover. Seeking solace and vengeance, she immerses herself in the virtual realm of Forest of Savior, a cherished MMO they once shared. Little does she know, this virtual escape will unexpectedly lead her to a fateful encounter with a legendary gamer, Akito Yamada - a guildmate with enigmatic charm. Amidst the abyss of despair, Akane impulsively enlists Yamada's assistance, both to exact retribution upon her callous ex and to find solace in a sympathetic companion. As their worlds collide, concealed beneath their contrasting personas, a genuine spark emerges. Each passing moment spent together unravels layers of discovery, revealing unparalleled qualities hidden within both souls. As they traverse the realms of the game and the intricacies of reality, a bond they never anticipated may ascend to unimaginable heights.

Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru Lyrics

Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru

逃走中 グレートミッション

The captivating anime series takes place in a futuristic setting where humankind, compelled by Earth's changing climate, sought refuge on the Moon. Unveiling a tapestry of intrigue, the show artfully weaves together elements of survival, human drama, and an exquisite fusion of cultures spanning Shibuya, the Edo-period era, and London. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary world that transcends nations and time periods.

Tousouchuu: Great Mission Lyrics

Tousouchuu: Great Mission

The Aristocrat's Otherworldly Adventure | 転生貴族の異世界冒険録~自重を知らない神々の使徒~

As Kazuya Shiina takes a leisurely stroll towards the convenience store, fate intervenes in a truly extraordinary way. With unwavering bravery, he leaps to the defense of two young girls amidst a perilous encounter with an armed assailant. Sadly, his valiant efforts result in a fatal stab wound, abruptly ending his life. However, this selfless act of heroism opens the door to a remarkable reincarnation into an entirely new realm as Cain von Silford, the distinguished third son of a renowned margrave.
As Cain reaches the tender age of five, he finds himself ushered into a momentous baptismal ceremony within the sacred halls of a grand church. Within this sacred space, he is afforded a remarkable audience with the seven divine deities who dutifully watch over this wondrous realm. In this momentous encounter, the gods unveil the intricacies of his reincarnation, granting Cain their esteemed blessings in the form of divine protections. These newfound abilities bestow upon him incredible prowess in swordsmanship, mesmerizing magical prowess, and an array of extraordinary powers that surpass the realm of mortal capability.
Empowered by these exceptional gifts, Cain embarks upon a journey to cultivate a life brimming with fulfillment, one that surpasses even the wildest of dreams. Yet, as he traverses this unfamiliar realm, it swiftly becomes evident that the divine beings have grander plans for him than simply bestowing overwhelming power. Within the depths of their strategic intentions lie mysteries and destinies that prefer to remain concealed, beckoning Cain towards a path intricately intertwined with divine purpose.

Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku Lyrics

Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku

Heavenly Delusion | 天国大魔境

In a catastrophic turn of events fifteen years ago, human civilization suffered an immense blow, leaving behind a desolate wasteland plagued by monstrous creatures with a taste for human flesh. Amidst the chaos, a solitary facility emerged as a sanctuary, providing solace and protection to a group of children. Sheltered within its walls, these young souls knew nothing of the world beyond, until their curiosity ignited a burning desire to explore the unknown. Meanwhile, in the harsh and unforgiving outside realm, two determined survivors, Maru and Kiruko, join forces in a quest for a fabled sanctuary known as Heaven. Both carrying burdens from their past and harboring tragic secrets, their individual motivations intertwine as they yearn for answers amidst the shattered remnants of their lives and the crumbling world around them.

Tengoku Daimakyou Lyrics

Tengoku Daimakyou

Skip and Loafer | スキップとローファー

Mitsumi Iwakura, determined to ignite a wave of transformative change in Japan, ventures forth from her tranquil countryside abode to immerse herself in the pulsating energy of Tokyo's prestigious high school. With her unwavering life blueprint already etched in her mind's eye, her unwavering belief leaves no room for error. However, our starry-eyed protagonist encounters an unexpected hurdle on that crucial first day—the perilous maze of unfamiliar streets delay her grand entrance. Miraculously, a fellow freshman, Sousuke Shima, finds himself navigating the same labyrinth of confusion and kindly offers to accompany her. Together, they tread the path towards their destination, but little do they know, that's only the tip of the iceberg for the chain of misfortunes that befalls Mitsumi. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Mitsumi's debut before her classmates leaves a less-than-ideal impression. Yet, amidst the trials and tribulations, there lies a glimmer of hope in the bond forged between Mitsumi and Sousuke—a friendship that captures the attention of their peers. With bated breath, we await the unfolding of Mitsumi's journey, curious to see whether she can cultivate meaningful connections amidst the kaleidoscope of personalities that adorn her classroom canvas. Prepare yourself, for Mitsumi's adventure has only just begun—and in this enigmatic landscape, she shall not tread alone.

Skip to Loafer Lyrics

Skip to Loafer

The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma Punch! | くまクマ熊ベアーぱーんち!

Immersed in an exhilarating virtual reality game, Yuna's life took an extraordinary turn as she found herself transported to Crimonia, a bustling city that soon became her cherished abode. This valiant adventurer, known far and wide for her exceptional skills, not only thrived in her daring quests but also adeptly managed her flourishing enterprises. Amidst all her accomplishments, Yuna's heart lies in the precious moments shared with her beloved comrades. Yet, Crimonia unfolds a realm brimming with untold marvels that beckon our intrepid heroine to unravel their mysteries. With unfaltering resolve, Yuna delves into the depths of this extraordinary universe, embracing her destiny to aid those in dire need.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch! Lyrics

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!

KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! | この素晴らしい世界に爆焔を!

Megumin, the fiery and determined enchantress hailing from the enigmatic Crimson Demon Village, possesses an unwavering passion for the mystic arts. With her captivating ruby eyes and an unabashed fondness for the extravagant, she's on a relentless quest to master the awe-inspiring, albeit utterly impractical, explosion magic. This spell, which amasses immense power but swiftly depletes her mana and incapacitates her for the remainder of the day, is the sole focus of her unwavering commitment. Eschewing the pursuit of other conventional skills, Megumin marches forward, undeterred. Joining forces with her childhood comrade and self-proclaimed adversary, Yunyun, Megumin sets her sights on the prestigious Red Prison. This revered academy serves as an arena wherein the elite wielders of Crimson Demon magic converge. Here, she delves deeper into her clan's clandestine history, unravels long-guarded secrets, and confronts formidable adversaries that loom large on her path. With unwavering determination and the unwavering support of her loyal familiar, Chomusuke, and adorable sibling companion, Komekko, Megumin endeavors to reign supreme as the ultimate explosion sorceress—one whose name echoes through the annals of legend.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo! Lyrics

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!


In the vast realm of the virtual universe, it has been half a decade since the enigmatic AI phenomenon known as AI Kizuna vanished without a trace. But despite her digital disappearance, the lingering impact of her mesmerizing performances continues to reverberate in the hearts of devoted fans around the world. Among them is Miracle, a passionate and aspiring virtual artist whose admiration for Kizuna knows no bounds. Miracle finds herself enrolled in the esteemed ADEN Academy, an exclusive training ground for aspiring virtual artists seeking to hone their craft. As she embarks on this exhilarating journey, she not only uncovers the intricate secrets behind the art of singing, performing, and streaming, but also forges deep connections with fellow talent enthusiasts who share her fervor. However, Miracle's ultimate aspiration veers beyond mere training; she yearns to triumphantly claim the coveted Lapin d'Or at the illustrious Virtual Grid Awards – an accolade that has been unerringly grasped by Kizuna for five consecutive years. With unyielding determination blazing through her veins, Miracle relentlessly strives to elevate her channel's ranking through enthralling streams and captivating performances. The academy becomes her arena, and her peers, both allies and competitors, mere stepping stones towards her destined path to glory. Fuelled by an unshakeable resolution to inspire others just as Kizuna once inspired her, this blossoming luminary refuses to surrender to the daunting challenges that lie ahead. As the cosmos of virtual artistry beckons and enchants, Miracle stands resolute, summoning her indomitable spirit and unwavering passion. A star on the rise, she is poised to illuminate the digital realm, leaving an indelible mark that will ignite the flames of creativity and inspire a new generation of talents.

Kizuna no Allele Lyrics

Kizuna no Allele

Hell's Paradise | 地獄楽

Condemned to face his own demise, the enigmatic ninja known as Gabimaru the Hollow confronts a profound sense of apathy. Having immersed himself in a life defined by bloodshed, he believes that he is deserving of nothing but death. Yet, to his bafflement, every attempt to execute him has inexplicably faltered. In a twist of fate, a novice member of the renowned executioner clan, Sagiri Yamada Asaemon, is tasked with the responsibility of ending Gabimaru's life. However, instead of fulfilling her duty, Sagiri finds herself hesitant, her hand unwilling to carry out the execution. Intriguingly, Sagiri reveals to Gabimaru that his unwavering love for his wife is what shields him from his inevitable end. Harnessing this newfound knowledge, she presents him with a tantalizing proposition to secure his freedom: embark on a treacherous journey to the distant island of Shinsekyo, renowned for its mythical Elixir of Life said to grant immortality. If Gabimaru can acquire this elusive elixir and deliver it to the shogun, a complete pardon for his heinous crimes will be bestowed upon him. Yet, tales of Shinsekyo reveal a sinister truth, as none who have ventured there in search of the Elixir have ever returned unscathed, if they return at all. Unbeknownst to the impending perils that lie ahead, Gabimaru chooses to seize this opportunity, accompanied by ten other death row convicts, all driven by the desperate longing for a chance at redemption and the promise of a peaceful life alongside their loved ones.

Jigokuraku Lyrics


Dr. Stone Season 3 | Doctor Stone New World

With the audacious Ryuusui Nanami on board, Senkuu Ishigami and his team are now on the brink of embarking on a nautical adventure of extraordinary proportions. Their destination: the enigmatic expanse of the world beyond, where the mystifying green glow that once petrified humanity first emerged. A masterful chef's revival has blessed the crew with an abundance of exquisite sustenance, while a groundbreaking GPS reinvention ensures utmost safety upon the boundless ocean. As preparations for the imminent odyssey unfurl seamlessly, Senkuu's resolute spirit receives an unsettling missive from an anonymous sender. Fueled by an unwavering determination, the brilliant scientist ventures forth to explore this vast uncharted realm, eager to unlock its hidden wonders for the greater cause of science. Though the unexplored territories may conceal unexpected trials, Senkuu fearlessly confronts them armed with the mighty forces of scientific knowledge and innovation.

Dr. Stone: New World Lyrics

Dr. Stone: New World

The Dangers in My Heart | 僕の心のヤバイやつ

Kyoutarou Ichikawa, a seemingly reserved and timid middle school student, harbors a hidden desire within his heart—a thirst for bloodshed. Secretly yearning to witness the exquisite pain etched on the face of his classmate, Anna Yamada, he longs for the opportunity to end her life. However, fate takes an unexpected turn as Ichikawa unveils a startling revelation about Yamada, altering his perception of her entirely. Seeking solace in the sanctuary of the library, Ichikawa frequently finds himself crossing paths with Yamada. During these encounters, a stunning realization dawns upon him: beneath her picture-perfect appearance lies an airheaded individual who remains oblivious to the subtle nuances of social cues. As they spend more time together, a curious mixture of tender affection for the girl he once sought to murder and an unwavering impulse to shield her from harm steadily develops within Ichikawa's heart. Could this unforeseen shift in perspective provoke a transformative journey filled with unforeseen consequences?

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu Lyrics

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

My Star | 【推しの子】

Celebrities, those enigmatic figures gracing our entertainment cosmos, often wear masks, projecting glamorous facades to shield their true selves from prying eyes. Behind the glittering veil of fame, hidden are their genuine thoughts and personal struggles, artfully concealed beneath a tapestry of lies. Devoted fans, faithfully embracing these illusions, pour their unyielding affection and support onto their beloved icons, until one day, a flaw shatters the grand illusion. Enter Ai Hoshino, the dazzling sixteen-year-old prodigy of the esteemed pop idol group B Komachi. The world is captivated by this rising star, her talent know no bounds, until the somber announcement of a hiatus due to health concerns casts a shadow of worriment over her fervent followers. Deep in the heart of a rustic countryside, there exists a dedicated gynecologist by the name of Gorou Amemiya. As fate would have it, the good doctor is an ardent admirer of Ai Hoshino, devoutly cheering her on from his humble medical haven. He silently fantasizes about a serendipitous encounter with the idol, yearning for the chance to meet her in the flesh. Lo and behold, his most fervent wish materializes when Ai graces the corridors of his hospital, not seeking treatment for illness, but bearing an even more remarkable revelation that she is pregnant with twins! Promising to guide Ai safely through the journey of motherhood, Dr. Amemiya can't help but ponder if this divine rendezvous will forever alter the fabric of their relationship, transcending the boundaries of their respective worlds.

Oshi no Ko Lyrics

Oshi no Ko

ぐでたま ~母をたずねてどんくらい~

After a tragic accident claims their parents' lives, twins Haruka and Sora Kasugano are forced to start afresh. Returning to their idyllic childhood home, nestled in a tranquil rural town, they are immersed in a wave of nostalgia, reliving cherished memories and confronting long-buried emotions. As they reconnect with familiar faces and encounter new companions, the intricate tapestry of Haruka and Sora's lives becomes increasingly complex. Love, friendship, envy, and perhaps even desire begin to shape their destinies, weaving a captivating story of joy, pain, and passion. In this riveting tale, the siblings navigate through a world where heartwarming bonds intertwine with betrayals, forcing them to confront their deepest desires and conflicting emotions. Brace yourselves for a journey that tugs at the heartstrings as Haruka and Sora navigate a landscape filled with profound revelations and unexpected encounters in their pursuit of happiness.

Gudetama ~ Haha wo Tazunete Donkurai ~ Lyrics

Gudetama ~ Haha wo Tazunete Donkurai ~

羅小黒戦記 〜ぼくが選ぶ未来〜

In the captivating realm of Pars, where the year is 320, a tempestuous feud between the valiant King Andragoras III and the neighboring empire of Lusitania ensues. Within this tumultuous landscape, a young prince named Arslan, yearning to prove his mettle, embarks on an arduous journey to display his valor on the battlefield for the very first time. However, treachery lurks in the shadows as one of the king's most trusted officials betrays him, resulting in the devastating decimation of the Parsian army and the gruesome siege of the capital city, Ecbatana. Finding himself in a perilous predicament, with the Lusitanians relentlessly pursuing him, Arslan is left with no choice but to flee. By his side stands the honorable General Daryun, uniting their strengths as they set forth on a peril-fraught quest to rally allies who will assist them in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. Yet, the challenges that lie ahead are not confined to their very own kingdom. As they march forward, determined to liberate Ecbatana, they encounter opposing forces from various realms, each harboring their own fervent desire to conquer the city. Furthermore, an enigmatic figure concealed behind a gleaming silver mask, the mastermind behind Lusitania's triumph, poses a menacing threat to Arslan and his courageous company. This enigmatic foe possesses a clandestine secret that has the potential to endanger Arslan's rightful claim to the throne. Amidst insurmountable odds, Arslan must summon unparalleled strength and unwavering valor to triumph over these formidable obstacles. As his steadfast resolve is tested to its limits, he must fervently seek out allies, who share his indomitable spirit, to join him in this transformative expedition—an expedition that will hone his skills, nurture his leadership abilities, and ultimately, propel him towards his fated destiny as the true king.

The Legend of Hei ~ Boku ga Erabu Mirai ~ Lyrics

The Legend of Hei ~ Boku ga Erabu Mirai ~


Ash Lynx, also known as Aslan Jade Callenreese, was a young fugitive plucked from the gritty streets of New York City, nurtured under the ruthless patronage of Dino Golzine, the notorious mafia godfather. A mere 17 years old, Ash had risen to power as the leader of his own gang, but a burning desire to unravel the enigmatic mystery called "Banana Fish" consumed him. Those very words haunted Ash's older brother, Griffin, ever since his traumatic return from the Iraq War. However, Ash's relentless pursuit of the truth faced grave obstacles when Dino dispatched his formidable henchmen to track him down at the clandestine underground bar he used as his sanctuary. Within the dimly lit haven, where secrets were shared under whispered breaths, Ash was introduced to a Japanese duo of intrepid photojournalists: the seasoned Shunichi Ibe and his astute assistant, Eiji Okumura. They had ventured across the ocean to document the vibrant tapestry of American street gangs. Yet, their conversation was abruptly halted by an urgent call from Shorter Wong, a trusted comrade of Ash's, who warned of Dino's impending assault. The bar was plunged into pandemonium as Dino's goons launched a brute raid, snatching Skip and Eiji in the turmoil. Now, Ash must summon every ounce of courage and resourcefulness to rescue his friends, even if it means facing the demons of his dark past. Only then can he continue his relentless pursuit of the elusive Banana Fish. Will Ash's relentless determination prevail against the sinister machinations of the mafia that have haunted him for so long?

Banseigai Lyrics


キャップ革命 ボトルマンDX

Introducing the highly-anticipated second season of the phenomenal Cap Kakumei Bottleman! Brace yourself for another exhilarating journey filled with intense battles and astonishing bottleman action. Get ready to witness the untamed power as our fearless heroes take the stage once again, delivering an unforgettable spectacle that will leave you breathless. So grab a front-row seat and prepare to be swept away into a world where courage, determination, and the bonds of friendship reign supreme. Don't miss out on this remarkable anime phenomenon that will surely captivate your senses and ignite your imagination. Join us as we embark on an epic adventure like no other, as Cap Kakumei Bottleman Season 2 is about to unfold. Get ready, fellow fans, for a dazzling experience that will exceed all expectations!

Cap Kakumei Bottleman DX Lyrics

Cap Kakumei Bottleman DX

I'm Quitting Heroing | 勇者、辞めます

In the wake of Demon Queen Echidna's relentless assault on the human realm, the beleaguered inhabitants found sanctuary in the hero, Leo Demonheart. Endowed with extraordinary power, Leo valiantly defended his people against Echidna's malevolent forces, successfully averting a catastrophic apocalypse. Yet, instead of receiving adulation and gratitude, Leo was met with a contemptuous scorn, as his awe-inspiring might stoked fear among his own kind. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the valiant hero who risked everything for the sake of humanity. Banished from the very kingdom he staunchly protected, Leo now wanders the vast expanse of the land. Bereft of purpose and haunted by the echoes of his disillusionment, fate unveils a whisper of opportunity when rumors emerge about Echidna's plans to rebuild her formidable army. Determined to find a place where his strength will be valued, Leo resolves to seek an alliance with the enigmatic demon queen. Hope flickers even amidst the shadows of doubt as he makes his way back to the foreboding fortress. However, Echidna, consumed by her own ambitions, swiftly dismisses Leo's plea for cooperation. Undeterred, our valiant hero employs a cunning ruse, convincing Echidna's four loyal generals to grant him clandestine access to their inner sanctum. Adopting the guise of a masked knight known as Onyx, Leo now toils around the clock to mend the deep-rooted fissures within the demon army, as he endeavors to bring harmony and fulfillment to those trapped within the confines of the castle. But there is one burning question that fuels Leo's relentless pursuit - the motive behind Echidna's cataclysmic war. Driven by an insatiable desire for answers, Leo embarks on a perilous journey, unmasking the truth lurking behind the enigma of the demon queen's actions, one puzzle piece at a time.

Yuusha, Yamemasu Lyrics

Yuusha, Yamemasu

RPG Real Estate | RPG不動産

In a world where tranquility reigns, a splendid era unfolds, fifteen years following the vanquishment of the nefarious demon lord. Embracing a fresh start in life, a recently graduated sorceress by the name of Kotone Kazairo sets foot in Dali, the prestigious royal capital of the majestic Kingdom of Actus. Her purpose: to embark on a new path filled with promise and endless possibilities. Seeking a place to call her own, the intrepid sixteen-year-old seeks the assistance of Rent Plan Guide (RPG), a distinguished real estate agency. Within the realms of RPG, Kotone serendipitously encounters a remarkable trio of personnel: Rufuria, a practical and devout priestess; Rakira, a spirited and valiant warrior; and Fa, an enchanting demihuman being. Together, they form an extraordinary team united by their passion for providing exceptional housing solutions to a diverse array of clientele. At RPG Real Estate, myriad accommodation options abound, catered to satisfy even the most idiosyncratic desires of discerning customers. Yet, achieving the perfect match between individuals and their dream dwellings proves to be an arduous task. Undeterred by the challenges that lie ahead, Kotone and her esteemed colleagues remain resolute in their quest to bring forth euphoria upon the countenances of their valued patrons—one abode at a time.

RPG Fudousan Lyrics

RPG Fudousan

Friends Game | トモダチゲーム

Yuuichi Katagiri, a resilient soul who has braved financial hardships throughout his life, finds solace and strength in the unwavering support of his close-knit circle of friends. With an unwavering determination to honor a promise made to them, Yuuichi diligently saves up enough funds to partake in a highly anticipated school trip. However, fate plays a cruel hand as the hard-earned money mysteriously vanishes into thin air, casting suspicion on two of Yuuichi's trusted confidants: the responsible duo of Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe, who were entrusted with collecting the precious payments. Despite their innocence, Shiho and Makoto valiantly shoulder the blame for the lost funds when no one else comes forward. But that's not where the tumultuous journey ends. Within a few fateful days, Yuuichi and his comrades find themselves lured into a clandestine trap orchestrated by a clandestine force. Rendered unconscious, they awaken in an enigmatic chamber, only to be confronted by the enigmatic presence of "Manabu-kun" - a character from a once-infamous children's show that was vanquished due to its sinister content. With cryptic words, Manabu-kun reveals that one among them has orchestrated this reclusive gathering to settle a considerable debt. Thus ensues a high-stakes game of trust, referred to as the "friendship game," designed to scrutinize the true strength of their bond and loyalty. As the group plunges deeper into a quagmire of concealed secrets and egregious betrayals, Yuuichi finds himself desperately grasping for allies he can genuinely rely upon, all while unraveling the bleak truth behind the traitor's guise. Prepare for a compelling tale of resilience, friendship, and treachery where Yuuichi must navigate the intricate web of betrayal to safeguard the cherished bonds that define his existence. Brace yourself as the quest for truth plunges our protagonist into a perilous journey that will test the very fabric of trust and camaraderie.

Tomodachi Game Lyrics

Tomodachi Game


After the tragic demise of his parents, Shinpei Ajiro finds solace in the company of the Kofune sisters, Mio and Ushio. However, life takes an unexpected turn as Shinpei moves to Tokyo to embrace the independent lifestyle. Little did he know that fate had a cruel twist in store for him. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Ushio loses her life while courageously attempting to rescue young Shiori Kobayakawa from the clutches of a watery abyss. Overwhelmed by grief, Shinpei returns to his hometown, seeking solace in the familiar embrace of mourning. But as he delves deeper into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Ushio's demise, troubling doubts begin to arise. Unsettling marks on Ushio's neck cast doubt on the claimed cause of her untimely passing. Plagued by uncertainty, Shinpei becomes resolute in his conviction that there must be another explanation, an unseen truth lurking beneath the surface. Dark forces loom ominously over the island inhabitants, and a haunting vision from the lost Ushio unveils her final plea: "Save Mio." Embracing duty and fueled by relentless determination, Shinpei embarks on a perilous journey, joined by the unwavering support of Mio and a close-knit group of individuals. Together, they strive to unlock the enigma and ensure the safety of their loved ones amidst a swirling atmosphere of danger and despair. Yet, as secrets unfold and the stakes escalate, Shinpei finds himself entangled in a web of impossibilities, questioning how much more suffering he must endure in his race against time to salvage all he holds dear. Will Shinpei find a way to pierce through the encroaching darkness, saving not only his home island but also his cherished companions? Only by venturing into the unknown and confronting the sinister forces lurking in the shadows can he hope to unravel the twisted truths and shape a future free from the clutches of malevolence.

Summertime Render Lyrics

Summertime Render

SPY×FAMILY | スパイファミリー

In the tumultuous realm where corrupt politicians, fervent nationalists, and warmongering factions vie for power, the delicate peace between neighboring nations Ostania and Westalis hangs by a thread. It is within this treacherous landscape that a formidable spy, known as "Twilight," fearlessly ventures into the heart of danger. With unparalleled expertise in the art of camouflage and deception, Twilight undertakes perilous missions, driven by a singular mission: to safeguard innocent children from the ravages of war. In the vibrant city of Berlint, nestled amidst the Ostanian streets teeming with activity, Twilight assumes the identity of an esteemed psychiatrist named "Loid Forger." Yet, behind this facade of respectability lies an ulterior motive: to unearth critical intelligence on the enigmatic politician, Donovan Desmond. Cunningly discerning that Desmond seldom appears in public except at his sons' prestigious enclave, Eden Academy, Twilight formulates an audacious plan. Enlisting the assistance of Yor Briar, an unmarried city hall clerk endowed with her own hidden talents, and adopting the inquisitive orphan Anya as his ersatz daughter, Loid sets his scheme in motion. His objective: to enroll Anya seamlessly into Eden Academy, where her remarkable aptitude will serve as the key to meeting Donovan clandestinely, while eluding the prying eyes of suspicion. Yet, in this intricate web of subterfuge, Loid encounters an unforeseen hurdle. The daunting task of portraying a loving father and devoted husband tests Loid's own capabilities, even as he grapples with concealing his true identity. Similarly, Yor, a clandestine assassin known as the enigmatic "Thorn Princess," and young Anya, a prodigious esper capable of delving into the depths of minds, guard their own secrets with unwavering resolve. Although founded on deception, this seemingly picture-perfect family discovers that the bonds of love that unite them transcend all else, bringing them closer together. In a riveting tale of espionage, seeped in shadows and secrets, the Forger family finds themselves embroiled in a delicate dance between truth and lies. As their intricate web of deceit unravels, they navigate the treacherous path ahead, driven by an unwavering devotion to each other.

Spy x Family Lyrics

Spy x Family

The Executioner and Her Way of Life | 処刑少女の生きる道〈バージンロード〉

In a twist of fate, Mitsuki Mutou, an ordinary student, finds himself abruptly transported to a captivating alternate realm. Puzzled by his summoning, he is swiftly disheartened as it becomes apparent that he lacks a coveted Special Concept. Tossed aside, Mitsuki's path crosses with a mysterious priestess named Menou, who unveils a startling truth: as a Japanese Lost One, he bears an innate potential for greatness, a truth that never fails to unravel. Entrusted to Menou's care, he seeks refuge in her sanctuary, a refuge for abandoned Lost Ones seeking solace and integration into society. Within the hallowed halls, Menou endeavors to uncover the true nature of Mitsuki's ability. However, their journey unravels a startling revelation: Mitsuki's dormant power is nothing short of awe-inspiring and perilous. Yet, lingering in the depths of this enigmatic partnership lies a disquieting question: what truly drives Menou's intentions - to aid the abandoned Lost Ones or to manipulate them in pursuit of her own hidden agenda?

Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road Lyrics

Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road

New Battle Vixens | 真・一騎当千

The formidable reincarnation of Himiko, the once-revered queen of Yamatai, has embarked on a perilous quest to wage war against the magatama wielders scattered throughout Kanto. Driven by a burning desire to reclaim her lost kingdom, she now sets her sights on gathering the revered Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. In a daring turn of events, Himiko's loyal ally, the relentless Asaemon Yamada, launches a ruthless assault on Nanyou Academy—the very institution safeguarding the coveted sacred sword that holds the key to Himiko's aspirations. Caught in the middle of this tumultuous clash, Chuubou Sonken, the newly discovered sister of the indomitable Hakufu Sonsaku, awakens her dormant draconic powers but succumbs to unconsciousness. Determined to rescue her sibling, Hakufu embarks on a high-stakes journey to retrieve her own magatama. Yet, this perilous path leads her to the fabled Jofuku Temple—a legendary haven of mystical wisdom, where the training she seeks may come at the direst cost imaginable. As the blurred boundary between the realms of the living and the deceased begins to dissipate within the sacred confines of Jofuku, the valiant warriors from Kanto must set aside their differences and rally together. United by a common purpose, they must thwart the enigmatic machinations meticulously orchestrated by Himiko. No ordinary battle, this impending conflict will test their mettle and conviction, pushing the limits of their skills and fortitude. Join us as the gripping tale unfurls, revealing the extraordinary saga of honor, sacrifice, and unity against an ancient force seeking to reshape the destiny of Japan.

Shin Ikkitousen Lyrics

Shin Ikkitousen

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody | 史上最強の大魔王、村人Aに転生する

Varvatos, a being of unparalleled power, has ascended to the pinnacle of human potential. Such is his might that he has been bestowed with the title of the Demon Lord by the rest of humanity, who simultaneously fear and respect his overwhelming influence. This extraordinary status, however, has left Varvatos feeling isolated, yearning for genuine companionship—an equal with whom he can truly call a friend. In his quest for a change in destiny, Varvatos makes a momentous decision: to be reborn three millennia later as Ard Meteor, the offspring of seemingly ordinary parents dwelling in a humble rural town. Little does he know that even in this new existence, despite having deliberately weakened himself, his immense strength continues to surpass that of all others in this era. What's more, his lack of social finesse hampers his earnest desire to forge connections and establish friendships. As if that weren't enough, the consequences of abruptly abandoning his former position begin to manifest in unimaginable ways, causing untold turmoil in his life.

Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru Lyrics

Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru


Introducing Shadowverse Flame, an exciting anime series that unveils the journey of our spirited protagonist, Light Tenryu. Set within the renowned Shadowverse College, a prestigious institution dedicated to training the finest professional players of the captivating Shadowverse game. Join Tenryu as he embarks on a thrilling adventure within the esteemed Seventh Flame club. However, an unforeseen obstacle awaits our hero, as Seventh Flame hovers on the brink of closure due to a shortage of members. Determined to prevent this unfortunate fate, Tenryu, a transfer student, takes it upon himself to recruit fresh talent for the club. But this task is no walk in the park, as he encounters formidable adversaries who possess impressive card skills that rival his own. Prepare for epic clashes, electrifying strategies, and the exhilarating pursuit of victory as you delve into the world of Shadowverse Flame. Will Light Tenryu succeed in reviving the declining Seventh Flame club, or will he be outmatched by the fierce competition that awaits him? Join us on this thrilling anime journey as we witness the clash of the card game titans!

Shadowverse Flame Lyrics

Shadowverse Flame

Ms. Corporate Slave Wants to be Healed by a Loli Spirit | 社畜さんは幼女幽霊に癒されたい。

Fushihara-san, a hardworking professional, finds herself trapped behind her office desk for most of her waking hours. Dedication makes her a model employee who willingly sacrifices personal time for extra hours at work, long after her colleagues have called it a day. But within the confines of this bustling workplace, an otherworldly presence emerges, taking the form of a mischievous young specter known to haunt the premises. This spirited apparition takes it upon herself to startle Fushihara-san, hoping to break her from the clutches of stress and overwork. However, much to everyone's surprise, the ghost's charming and bewitching guise only spurs Fushihara-san to work even harder. Instead of being frightened away, she finds inspiration and solace in the company of this endearing entity. Together, they embark on a journey where joy and positivity become integral parts of Fushihara-san's existence, leaving an indelible mark on her life.

Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai. Lyrics

Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai.

Ya Boy Kongming! | パリピ孔明

Renowned for his unparalleled strategic prowess during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China, the legendary Zhuge Kongming left an indelible mark on the annals of history. Relentlessly leading his forces to victory after victory, Kongming's illustrious career came to an abrupt halt on the Battle of Wuzhang Plains when he succumbed to a grave illness. Cloaked in weariness and burdened by the ceaseless turmoil of perpetual warfare, Kongming drew his final breath with a fervent wish: to be reborn into a more serene and tranquil era. As fate would have it, Kongming's desire manifests itself, propelling him into the bustling metropolis of modern Tokyo. Enveloped in the youthful embrace of a rejuvenated body and armed with an extensive reservoir of memories, he embarks on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Amidst the luminous chaos of city lights, it is within the confines of a vibrant nightclub that Kongming encounters the talented Eiko Tsukimi, a rising starlet whose awe-inspiring vocal performances bewitch all who have the privilege of listening. Drawn to her enigmatic charm, Kongming resolves to guide her towards her destined musical greatness, shouldering the mantle of her devoted manager. However, the world of contemporary music is a tumultuous realm, offering no solace to the faint of heart. Undeterred by the unforgiving nature of the industry, Kongming doggedly pursues his ambitions, leveraging the tactical genius that once governed his battlefield triumphs. With steely determination and an unwavering resolve, he endeavors to surmount every obstacle, defying the odds to conquer new musical heights and propel Eiko into the radiant spotlight she undeniably merits. A symphony of courage and audacity intertwines as this extraordinary figure from the annals of history marches resolutely into the realm of contemporary music, harmonizing ancient wisdom with the pulsating vibrancy of the modern world. Behold as the timeless echoes of Kongming's past meld seamlessly with the pulsating rhythm of the present, forging an unforgettable symphony that shall resound throughout eternity!

Paripi Koumei Lyrics

Paripi Koumei

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs | 乙女ゲー世界はモブに厳しい世界です

Coerced into immersing himself in a captivating dating simulator situated within a societal structure dominated by women, an ordinary individual finds himself caught up in an enthralling and intricate alternate realm. The only way out? Succeeding in clearing this game. However, triumph does not come without a price: profound sleep deprivation and ceaseless hunger afflict our intrepid protagonist. Eager to rectify the situation, the determined protagonist embarks on a journey to the nearby convenience store, seeking a solution to quell his gnawing hunger or fulfill his unyielding need for rest. Yet, fate intervenes as he stumbles clumsily down a flight of stairs, succumbing to unconsciousness. Upon awakening, he is confronted with a dreaded realization—he has undergone reincarnation as the lowly side character known as Leon Fou Bartfort within the game's painstakingly constructed universe. Trapped within a world he deeply despises, Leon must harness his intimate knowledge of the game's mechanics and storyline to skillfully navigate through its treacherous plot while also ensuring his own survival. In a society that overwhelmingly favors others, defying all odds becomes a necessary skill for even the most valiant. Embark on this extraordinary journey of resilience, strategy, and self-preservation as Leon battles his way out of the game's confinements, all while defying the odds stacked against him and reclaiming his freedom in an enthralling tale that will captivate your imagination.

Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu Lyrics

Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu


Meet three extraordinary oni-kids who wield the mighty power of the onipan, a fusion of the fearsome 'oni' spirit and the delicate 'pantsu'. United by a noble mission, they transcend their oni nature and assume human form, determined to bridge the gap between humans and their mystical counterparts. In their pursuit of harmony, these remarkable girls enroll in a prestigious Tokyo high school, embarking on a remarkable endeavor to revitalize the community and reshape their own perceptions. From tackling school events with gusto to venturing into the exhilarating realm of idolhood, they fearlessly navigate new challenges in their quest for acceptance and camaraderie. Brace yourself for a captivating journey infused with enchanting folklore and the indomitable spirit of the oni realm!

Onipan! Lyrics


The Dawn of the Witch | 魔法使い黎明期

Attending the prestigious Royal Magic Academy in the Kingdom of Wenias, Sable finds himself facing a significant hurdle - his academic scores are plummeting, making him the school's worst performer. With an unsettling absence of memories from before his enrollment, an opportunity arises when Headmaster Albus assigns him a special training mission in the southern realms. Eagerly accepting the challenge, Sable embarks on a grand adventure with three remarkable companions: the enigmatic Dawn Witch, Roux Cristasse; Holt, a captivating human girl adorned with antlers; and Kudd, a fascinating Beastfallen lizard creature. Their primary objective is to forge an enchanting haven for witches amidst a region still plagued by festering animosity towards their kind. As Sable and his comrades traverse treacherous lands, they encounter the remnants of the Dia Ignis Arbiters - a notorious group of witch hunters infamous for their ruthless persecution of both witches and innocent civilians. Though officially disbanded and granted amnesty after the long-drawn battle between the Church and witches, these remnants lurk in the shadows, poised to capture any unsuspecting mage they come across. Fortunately, armed with Roux's formidable Staff of Ludens, ominously known as the "witch-eater," and Sable's seemingly limitless wellspring of magical prowess, this formidable quartet may just have what it takes to accomplish their crucial mission for Albus. Failure, however, would condemn Sable to a fate worse than oblivion - the erasure of his cherished memories of magic, his time at the esteemed academy, and the enigmatic silver-haired mage who once saved him from a harrowing fate. In this captivating tale of resilience, camaraderie, and a longing for redemption, Sable and his extraordinary companions must defy the odds, navigate a hostile world, and uncover the secrets that lie within their own hearts. Join them on an epic journey where danger lurks at every turn, as they strive to sow seeds of harmony in a land longing for healing and acceptance.

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Lyrics

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki


In the realm of junior high, Ryou Mizushima and his comrades acquaint themselves with the intriguing world of badminton. What started as a spontaneous decision swiftly transforms into a thrilling journey as Ryou's passion for the sport grows exponentially. Armed with sheer determination, he dedicates himself tirelessly to honing his skills, toiling all the way to qualify for the highly esteemed prefectural tournament. Alas, the absence of a mentor to ignite his full potential leaves Ryou contemplating a path void of formidable competition. He contemplates joining a humble local high school, where badminton remains a mere pastime. However, in a miraculous twist of fate, Ryou's perspective shifts when he catches the discerning eye of the renowned badminton coach at Yokohama Minato High School. Not only does this prestigious institution boast one of the most formidable badminton teams in the region, but it also harbors a legendary figure that Ryou idolizes — the extraordinary Kento Yusa. Though initially plagued by doubts, Ryou musters the courage to accept the offer, propelled by the unwavering support of his sister. Armed with unwavering determination, he embarks on a transformative journey, guided by a brilliant coach, with the singular goal of surpassing the untouchable Yusa.

Love All Play Lyrics

Love All Play


Golgo 13, a man shrouded in enigma, bears a name that remains elusive. Duke Togo, Tadashi Togo, and a plethora of aliases serve as mere veils to conceal his true identity. His origin, a puzzle unsolved, boggles even the minds of the world's most esteemed intelligence agencies. Yet, unanimous is the agreement that Golgo's unparalleled expertise surpasses all expectations. Armed with a meticulously crafted M16, Golgo stands unwavering, ready to undertake any task assigned by agencies of prominence - from the esteemed FBI to the formidable KGB. Rest assured, he honors each contract he undertakes unfailingly, for he is beholden to none but those capable of matching his substantial price. Transcending borders, Golgo emerges as both a supreme weapon and an imminent peril to nations worldwide; once one enters his line of sight, safety is nigh unattainable.

Golgo 13 (2008) Lyrics

Golgo 13 (2008)


In the serene outskirts of a quaint rural town, a ray of limelight casts its gaze upon a local junior high school football team, thriving under the leadership of a singular player: Ashito Aoi. Renowned for his enigmatic maneuvers and a playing style embellished with a touch of self-assured flair, Ashito stands as the indomitable force propelling his team towards triumph in a crucial high school preliminary tournament. Alas, their dreams of glory are abruptly shattered when a formidable adversary triggers Ashito's boiling temper, prompting an unfortunate eruption of violence that leads to his premature expulsion from the rest of the game. Deprived of their star player's brilliance, the team's winning streak metamorphoses into a bitter defeat, where hope seems to dissipate like an ethereal illusion. Yet, as despair's embrace tightens its grip, a glimmer of opportunity emerges from an unexpected source. Tatsuya Fukuda, a seasoned coach of a prestigious youth team, perceives an untapped potential within Ashito and extends an invitation for tryouts in the bustling city of Tokyo. Seated amidst an unfamiliar environment teeming with prodigious talent, Ashito embarks on a soul-stirring journey, compelled to unearth the depths of his abilities, striving to manifest a performance that can shape his destiny and secure a life-altering career.

Ao Ashi Lyrics

Ao Ashi

In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki | くノ一ツバキの胸の内

Tsubaki hails from an enigmatic, all-female clan of stealthy ninjas, their existence concealed within the depths of a mystical forest. Guided by a strict code of honor, these kunoichi train meticulously, recounting countless tales of caution: the paramount being to never mingle with the male counterparts, as their presence is deemed perilous and untrustworthy. As the esteemed leader of the revered Team Dog, Tsubaki shoulders numerous responsibilities. Nevertheless, despite her remarkable prowess as a trainee, a perplexing metamorphosis begins to emerge within her whenever the subject of men arises. Ignorant to these mysterious sensations enveloping her heart, Tsubaki's inquisitiveness gradually encroaches upon her capacity to fulfill her duties with unwavering precision.

Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi Lyrics

Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

This Healer's a Handful | このヒーラー、めんどくさい

In a realm besieged by relentless monster invasions, the coveted profession of an adventurer in a gallant party reigns supreme, earning honor and fame beyond compare. Eager to carve his name into the annals of glory, a spirited young warrior named Alvin embarks upon his nascent career by undertaking a humble quest assigned by the guild. As fate would have it, Alvin's path soon intersects with a formidable magical bear, plunging him into imminent peril. But behold! A mysterious dark elf healer named Karla materializes at his side, seemingly oblivious to the unfolding chaos. Engaging in a conversation fraught with bewildering idiosyncrasies, Alvin manages to persuade Karla to lend him aid. Yet, in an unfortunate twist of events, her intended healing touch inadvertently curses him with a dire consequence: a perilous fate awaits should Alvin dare venture too far from his unusual companion. Undeterred by this unexpected tether, Alvin harbors unwavering determination to ascend the ranks of accomplished adventurers. With a steadfast comrade by his side, the ardous path towards his lofty aspirations teeters between irresistible ease and formidable challenges, dictated solely by the whims and caprices of the enigmatic Karla. Accompanied against his will, Alvin's journey to conquest promises to be an adventure brimming with intriguing twists and unforeseen trials.

Kono Healer, Mendokusai Lyrics

Kono Healer, Mendokusai

Love After World Domination | 恋は世界征服のあとで

In the clandestine world of heroes and villains, a forbidden love blossoms, shrouded in secrecy. Fudou Aikawa, known as the enigmatic "Red Gelato," stands as the formidable leader of the renowned superhero group, Gelato 5. On the other side of the moral spectrum, Desumi Magahara, also recognized as the notorious "Reaper Princess," assumes authority as one of the combatant leaders within Gekko, a covert society harboring sinister aspirations of global dominion. Yet, amidst the chaos and conflict, an extraordinary bond forms between Fudou and Desumi, transcending their divergent paths. Their hearts entwined, they embark on a perilous journey of love, striving to nurture their relationship while concealing their true identities from prying eyes. Navigating the uncharted territory of romance, these star-crossed lovers must master the art of deception to evade detection by their loyal comrades. Caught between conflicting loyalties, their devotion to one another is tested, urging them to remain ever vigilant if they are to safeguard their affection from the world's prying scrutiny. Will their love overcome the boundaries of their warring worlds, or will fate's cruel hand tear them apart? Unveil the captivating tale of Fudou and Desumi as they gracefully dance with danger, their hearts bound in secrecy, all while captivating the imaginations of those who dare to dream.

Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de Lyrics

Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de

A Couple of Cuckoos | カッコウの許嫁

In an unexpected twist of fate, Nagi Umino and Erika Amano, two individuals from contrasting backgrounds, were struck by an astonishing revelation—they were inadvertently exchanged at birth. This startling revelation prompts their parents to hatch an unconventional proposal, unbeknownst to Nagi and Erika: in order to rectify this puzzling situation and restore familial harmony, the two must enter into an engagement. Thrown into the depths of this extraordinary predicament, Nagi and Erika find themselves grappling with the absurdity of their parents' scheme, adamantly refusing to comply with their whimsical desires. Yet, as neither side shows any signs of yielding, the only certainty that awaits them is the unknown path their relationship shall tread upon.

Kakkou no Iinazuke Lyrics

Kakkou no Iinazuke

To Become a Real Heroine! The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task | ヒロインたるもの!〜嫌われヒロインと内緒のお仕事〜

With a spirited graduation from middle school, the vivacious and determined Hiyori Suzumi bids adieu to her coastal hometown, setting her sights on the dazzling metropolis of Tokyo. Her unwavering aspiration? To become a sprinting sensation on the track and field arena. However, as Hiyori embarks on her maiden year in high school, an unexpected hurdle looms before her, compelling her to seek a part-time job to sustain her city life. After painstakingly sifting through a myriad of potential workplaces, Hiyori stumbles upon a captivating opportunity - a vacancy for event staff. Against all odds, she triumphantly secures the position and soon discovers that her new role entails being a manager-in-training for none other than the magnetic male idol duo, LIPxLIP. Astonishingly, this pair of captivating performers, Yuujirou Someya and Aizou Shibasaki, are none other than her classmates. Undeterred by this extraordinary revelation, Hiyori resolves to excel in balancing her academic pursuits, her soaring ambitions, and above all, her indispensable role as the dedicated attendant to LIPxLIP.

Heroine Tarumono!: Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto Lyrics

Heroine Tarumono!: Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto


Vocal medicine, an esteemed discipline in the realm of medical approaches, unveils a captivating world where melodies wield the power to heal. Embarking on a quest to become masterful "healers" utilizing the force of their voices, young individuals from all corners of the globe dedicate themselves to this extraordinary art. Enter Kana Fujii—an exceptionally gifted vocalist whose life was forever transformed by a profound encounter that ignited her passion for vocal medicine. Alongside the resolute Reimi Itsushiro and the laid-back Hibiki Morishima, Kana undergoes training at the prestigious Karasuma Phoniatric Clinic, carefully guided by the firm yet benevolent mentorship of Ria Karasuma. Together, these aspiring healers embark on a remarkable journey, encountering an array of vibrant individuals who have dedicated themselves to the intricacies of vocal medicine. Through their shared experiences, Kana and her friends soon unravel the profound depths and astounding possibilities of this wondrous craft—discovering that there is far more to vocal medicine than diligent study alone.

Healer Girl Lyrics

Healer Girl

Fanfare of Adolescence | 群青のファンファーレ

In the captivating realm of Japanese culture, horse racing stands out as one of the few authorized avenues for gambling. It has truly become a fascinating part of the country's fabric. And amidst this thrilling sport, we find Yuu Arimura, a spirited individual who dreams of becoming a jockey and riding his way to victory. Driven by an extraordinary experience at a derby, the 15-year-old idol sensation Yuu stuns the nation as he forsakes the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry to enroll in a prestigious horse racing school. A decision that sparks elation and curiosity. With unwavering passion, he embarks on this new journey, forging bonds with fellow students who are equally exceptional in their own right. Enter the talented Shun Kazanami and the poised Amane Grace; each possessing their own extraordinary skills and charisma. As Yuu immerses himself in this vibrant group, he faces countless trials and hurdles. But his indomitable spirit fuels his determination to achieve the ultimate pinnacle - a harmonious synchrony with his noble steed. Through the churned earth and thundering hooves, Yuu Arimura's pursuit of excellence promises to captivate us all, as we follow his ardent quest to transcend the boundaries, leaving an indelible mark upon the grand tapestry of equestrian brilliance.

Gunjou no Fanfare Lyrics

Gunjou no Fanfare

Skeleton Knight in Another World | 骸骨騎士様、只今異世界へお出掛け中

Transported into the immersive realm of an online game, a man awakens to discover himself transformed into his in-game persona, the enigmatic Arc. Swiftly adapting to his newfound existence, he soon realizes that his chosen avatar, a skeletal figure, demands he conceal his identity to avoid unwanted attention. Determined to carve a path as an adventurer and secure financial gains, Arc ventures towards the bustling castle town of Luvierte. Blessed with extraordinary powers, he embarks on a mesmerizing odyssey—venturing through uncharted territories, plundering formidable creatures, and offering aid to those in dire need. Little does he know that his seemingly innocuous deeds will entangle him in a vast and impending conflict with far-reaching consequences, poised to reshape the destiny of this mystical realm.

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu Lyrics

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu

Establishment in Life | エスタブライフ グレイトエスケープ

In a distant future, the vibrant cities of Japan find themselves physically segregated, forming isolated pockets devoid of connection and interaction. The once bustling metropolises have become fortresses shielded from one another, intentionally regulated to restrict both tourism and immigration. Within each city-state, an omnipotent AI overseer orchestrates and controls the residents' lives according to their unique designs. These clusters of civilization strive for an elusive ideal, where every citizen dutifully plays their part in upholding the vision of their respective overseers. However, some individuals grow dissatisfied with the confining limitations imposed upon them. They long for a life beyond the narrow horizons of their birthplace, yearning for a chance to break free and discover new possibilities. Enter Equa, Ferres, and Martese, seemingly ordinary high school students during the daytime, but transforming into clandestine heroes as night falls. They assume the indispensable roles of Extractors, daring individuals who partake in the illicit act of smuggling civilians across the heavily guarded city borders. With unwavering determination, Equa and her courageous companions risk life and limb, offering those willing to abandon everything in search of greener pastures a clandestine route to a brighter future. Yet, as the Extractors carry out their noble mission, the sinister perils that surround them grow increasingly ominous. The cluster moderators, guardians of their idealized utopias, grow vigilant, becoming acutely aware of the group's disruptive actions that challenge the stability of their perfectly cultivated realms. In this thrilling and perilous endeavor, the fate of both the Extractors and their clients hangs in the balance. Will Equa and her friends succeed in defying the oppressive regime and bestow upon their desperate clients a coveted second chance at life? Only time will tell as the high-stakes game of cat and mouse between the Extractors and the powerful AI moderators escalates, promising an enthralling narrative brimming with suspense and heart-pounding action.

Estab-Life: Great Escape Lyrics

Estab-Life: Great Escape


After a decade of venturing off in pursuit of his elusive dream, Nagomu Irino finds himself returning to his humble abode. Rumors of his father's deteriorating health have reached his ears, prompting him to reenter the familiar domain of the Kyoto sweets store, Ryokushou. Faced with the harsh reality of potential familial loss, Nagomu prepares himself to embrace his heritage and the exquisite art of sweet-making. To his surprise, Nagomu discovers that his father has already chosen a successor, none other than a young girl named Itsuka Yukihira. Abandoned by her own father and subsequently taken in by Ryokushou, she has become the face of the beloved shop. However, her heart yearns to connect with her estranged father once more, thus she tirelessly follows any shred of information that might lead her back to him. Touched by Itsuka's plight, Nagomu's mother implores him to step into the role of Itsuka's father, hoping that this connection will bring solace to the young girl's sorrowful heart. Though their initial encounters are less than ideal, Itsuka and Nagomu slowly unravel each other's complexities, discovering striking similarities that bridge the gap between their contrasting lives. Bound by a shared love for both Ryokushou and the exquisite confections it offers, their relationship as a surrogate father and daughter begins to infuse sweetness into the lives of those who surround them. With the tantalizing aroma of delectable treats and the tender bonds forming under Ryokushou's roof, fate intertwines these two souls on a journey of self-discovery, compassion, and ultimately, embracing the sweetness of life itself.

Deaimon Lyrics



From a tender age, Junpei Murao was captivated by the enchanting world of ballet. It all began during his sister's ballet recital, where the mesmerizing performance of a male ballet dancer struck a deep chord within him. However, Junpei kept this secret passion hidden, fearing the judgment and misconception of his peers who might label him as effeminate. Instead, he chose to immerse himself in "manly" pursuits such as the soccer club and Jeet Kune Do, determined to follow in his father's illustrious footsteps as a stunt coordinator. One fateful day, fate interceded when his classmate, Miyako Godai, stumbled upon Junpei's awe-inspiring display of skill - a seamless blend of ballet and Jeet Kune Do. Intrigued by his remarkable abilities, she beckoned him to join her mother's prestigious ballet studio. Reluctant at first, Junpei acknowledged that his aspirations of formally pursuing ballet had been abandoned long ago. Yet, the allure of ballet's euphoria continued to beckon him. Silencing his inner doubts and braving the risk of losing friends, Junpei must confront the daunting challenge of embracing his true passion and shattering the confinements of societal expectations. Now, he stands at a crossroads, poised to make sacrifices and embark on an exhilarating journey. With unwavering determination, Junpei must delve into the world of ballet, striving to uncover his hidden potential and defy the limitations imposed upon him. This is a tale of personal transformation, where courage intertwines with vulnerability, and Junpei dances on the precipice of discovering his true self.

Dance Dance Danseur Lyrics

Dance Dance Danseur

ブラック★★ロックシューター DAWN FALL

In the year 2062, our planet Earth faces an intense battle against Artemis—a rogue AI that turned against humanity after a colossal industrial automation project went horribly wrong. In a desperate bid to reclaim victory, a triumvirate of exceptionally skilled human warriors is assembled, colloquially referred to as the protectors of mankind. In the depths of an abandoned research facility, Empress, the sole survivor among the guardians, regains consciousness. Her memory is shrouded, save for one enigmatic name: "Lighthouse No. 8." Driven by an unyielding thirst for answers, she embarks on a relentless quest to unravel the mystery. What she stumbles upon, however, is an impending doom orchestrated by Artemis that threatens the very existence of our world. With time running out and the fate of humanity teetering on the brink, Empress emerges as our last beacon of hope—the solitary figure who holds the key to save us from the impending cataclysm.

Black★★Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Lyrics

Black★★Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story-

Renowned in the circles of high-stakes golf gambling, Eve possesses an extraordinary mastery of the sport, using it to carve out her livelihood. Bearing the moniker "Rainbow Bullet," she sets her sights on triumphing over formidable opponents and dominating the underground golf realm, armed with a mere trio of clubs. Yet, her ethereal realm of invincibility is shattered when she crosses paths with Aoi Amawashi, a golf prodigy who has journeyed to the land of Nafrece to partake in a prestigious tournament. A single fair game against the "Innocent Tyrant" Aoi alters Eve's universe in ways she could never anticipate. In the realm where victory had always been a constant companion to Eve, an unfamiliar sensation begins to stir, piquing her interest. The encounter with Aoi, whose unrivaled talent in golf is augmented by a nurturing environment, infuses Eve's existence with a newfound intrigue. Bolstered by fearlessness and a relentless determination, Eve challenges the calm and calculated playing style of her formidable rival. United by the mutual desire for another showdown, Eve and Aoi's paths entwine, bound by a promise to rendezvous on the green once more. As Eve's audacious and risk-laden approach clashes with the elegant finesse of Aoi, these two extraordinary minds may very well propel the noble game of golf to unforeseen heights.

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story Lyrics

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

Aharen Is Indecipherable | 阿波連さんははかれない

Embarking on his inaugural year of high school, Matsuboshi Raidou yearns for nothing more than forging meaningful connections—with a particular focus on captivating and demure Reina Aharen, an endearing classmate snugly seated beside him. What eludes Raidou, however, is his dear obliviousness to the fact that Reina reciprocates his ardent desire for companionship. Alas, there exists a hindrance in this tale. Plagued by her own ineptitude and shyness, Reina grapples with the perplexing challenge of discerning the appropriate degree of intimacy to employ in her interactions. In their valiant quest to nurture an unlikely alliance, Raidou and Reina encounter a multitude of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Even everyday endeavors such as conversation appear arduous and insurmountable for this dynamic duo. Nevertheless, fueled by boundless creativity, Raidou endeavors to transcend these trivial tribulations. His unwavering determination propels him forward, defying odds and blurring boundaries, all in a pursuit to unravel the enigma that is Reina and establish a profound bond of camaraderie.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Lyrics

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai


In a not-so-distant future, the realm of augmented reality has seamlessly fused with our everyday existence. Enter the enchanting world of Daikoku City, a place brimming with whispers of vanishing souls. Against this backdrop, we meet Yasako Okonogi, a gentle-hearted middleschooler, who, along with her family, embarks on an adventure within this technologically-infused realm. Yasako's grandmother, lovingly referred to as Mega-baa, owns a unique establishment named Megasia. Known for its illegal gadgets that interact with the virtual world, Mega-baa's shop is shrouded in mystery. However, behind the façade, Mega-baa also oversees an underground detective agency known as "Coil." Comprising a group of skilled youngsters, Coil diligently uncovers and tackles the rampant corruption infecting the virtual realm. Thrown into this intricate web of intrigue is Yasako herself, when her beloved cyberdog, Densuke, becomes trapped in the perilous depths of virtual space. Coming to her rescue is none other than Fumie Hashimoto, a spirited member of Coil, whose playful nature and quick thinking prove invaluable. Alongside this spirited group is Yuuko Amasawa, a formidable hacker, nostalgically referred to as Isako, whose determination to uncover the truth about the viruses and corruption sets her apart. Together, Coil races against time to unravel the enigmatic mysteries lurking within this digital domain. Will they succeed in exposing the true nature of these sinister viruses? And more importantly, what sacrifices will they make in their tireless pursuit of justice? Join us on this enthralling journey as Coil plunges into the heart of this augmented reality, in search of truth and salvation.

Eienno 831 Lyrics

Eienno 831

Tokyo 24th Ward | 東京24区

In the heart of Tokyo Bay lies an extraordinary district known as the 24th Ward, where its residents revel in a blissfully secure existence, courtesy of the remarkable Hazard Cast system. This surveillance marvel not only foresees accidents, but also swiftly aids the victims in times of peril. However, despite its remarkable capabilities, the system falls short in one aspect: it cannot predict the precise nature of these calamities, nor can it prevent their occurrence. Enter Ran Akagi, Kouki Suidou, and Shuuta Aoi—a close-knit trio renowned as "RGB" due to their strikingly vibrant hair colors. Tragically, the trio soon discovers the grisly reality veiled behind the system's inadequacy as Suidou's beloved sister, Asami, falls victim to a catastrophic fire that engulfs her high school. A year later, the harrowing memories continue to haunt Shuuta, burdening him with immense guilt for his perceived failure to save Asami. Meanwhile, Ran doggedly pursues his artistic dreams to become a renowned street artist, and Kouki throws himself into the Hazard Cast intervention unit. Their paths converge once again during a commemoration ceremony held in honor of the school fire victims. A series of inexplicable events is set in motion as each member of the RGB trio receives an enigmatic phone call. To their astonishment, Asami's voice resonates through the receiver, accompanied by foreboding glimpses into the future, while burdening them with a fateful choice between two ominous alternatives. Unwilling to succumb to the shackles of predetermined fate, these courageous friends embark on a perilous journey, braving an array of cruel dilemmas in their unwavering quest to safeguard the inhabitants and the very essence of the revered 24th Ward.

Tokyo 24-ku Lyrics

Tokyo 24-ku

Akebi's Sailor Uniform | 明日ちゃんのセーラー服

From a tender age, Komichi Akebi has nurtured an unwavering admiration for sailor uniforms. So much so that she made a heartfelt plea to her mother, urging her to stitch one up if she ever secured admission into her mother's prestigious alma mater, Roubai Academy. Imagine her delight and astonishment when her dream turned into reality, and she was granted entrance into the esteemed institution. However, fate had a twisted sense of humor in store for Komichi, as she discovered that sailor uniforms were no longer the mandated dress code for the middle school. Suddenly, she found herself standing out amongst her peers. Against all odds, she managed to obtain permission to persist in wearing the treasured traditional attire. With a renewed sense of confidence, Komichi finds herself entwined in a captivating journey alongside her fascinating classmates. Together, they traverse the realms of school life, vibrant with kaleidoscopic opportunities. Amidst this tapestry of blossoming prospects, an exhilarating tomorrow awaits, beckoning them to embrace its alluring embrace.

Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku Lyrics

Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku

Heaven Official's Blessing | 天官赐福

Hailing from a prosperous kingdom, fresh with the title of crown prince, Xie Lian had it all - striking looks, unmatched strength, and an unwavering moral compass. His unwavering dedication and virtuous acts led him to ascend to the divine realm, where his name became synonymous with perfection. However, even those who seem invincible can experience a tragic downfall... and Xie Lian's descent was nothing short of spectacular. Repeatedly exiled from the heavens, he found himself banished to the mortal world, stripped of his godly status.
After languishing in the mortal realm for eight centuries, Xie Lian rises to godhood once again, albeit as a mere insignificant scrap collector. Tasked with humbling assignments assigned by the heavens, his actions serving as a repayment of debts and a means to sustain his divinity, he embarks on a journey throughout the earthly realm. Fortunate enough to receive support from both enduring allies and former adversaries, he also finds solace in the enigmatic presence of a young man, who inexplicably ignites a deep connection within him. In order to break free from the damning curse haunting his present existence, Xie Lian must confront the grievous atrocities of his past, reconciling the horrors that once tormented him.

Tian Guan Ci Fu Lyrics

Tian Guan Ci Fu

Bright: Samurai Soul

During the transformative period of Japan's Meiji Restoration, an extraordinary tale unfolds. A resourceful human ronin finds himself forging an unlikely alliance with an enigmatic orc assassin. This unholy union is fueled by a shared purpose, their mission being none other than the salvation of an innocent elf orphan. As fate wields its intricate threads, these disparate souls must confront a formidable adversary with unwavering determination. Witness as their intertwining destinies unravel in a captivating story that will leave you spellbound.

Bright: Samurai Soul Lyrics

Bright: Samurai Soul


In the realm of high-stakes criminal activity, there's always one final gamble that holds the promise of ultimate freedom. It's the grand heist that could pave the way for a sweet retirement filled with leisurely pursuits. Yet, history has taught us a harsh lesson - numerous notorious villains have fallen prey to their delusions of a clean getaway. Unfortunately, our protagonist, known as the Heat, finds himself ensnared in a treacherous predicament. He has accumulated an insurmountable gambling debt that, if left unpaid, will result in his demise at the hands of ruthless mobsters. The Heat's predicament, however, strikes a chord with his ardent admirer, Johnny Bolt. Johnny, fueled by unwavering loyalty, concocts an audacious scheme to save the Heat from certain doom and catapult his comrades into unimaginable wealth. Boldly, he proposes an expedition to Spain, where they aim to outwit the most notorious super villain the world has ever witnessed. Yet, this mission is riddled with complexities and challenges that will put their skills and determination to the ultimate test. Can this band of misfit heroes successfully execute the most daring robbery in history while evading the clutches of their formidable adversary? The answer remains to be discovered.

Super Crooks Lyrics

Super Crooks

The Heike Story | 平家物語

The Taira clan, revered as the mighty Heike, commands unparalleled authority throughout the land of Japan. However, a fateful encounter takes place when a young girl, blessed with an extraordinary eye that peers into the veils of time, dares to challenge the clan's dominion and pays a devastating price - the life of her own father. As destiny weaves its intricate threads, Taira no Shigemori, the esteemed scion of the clan, unexpectedly crosses paths with this girl who now calls herself "Biwa." Her revelations foretell the imminent downfall of the Heike, thrusting Shigemori into a profound quandary. Determined to protect her from further harm, he graciously chooses to offer solace and safeguard her existence, contrary to the clan's merciless intentions. Ensnared in an era of escalating military fervor, the Heike finds itself entangled in a treacherous web of power games, with the looming shadow of bloody conflict inching ever closer. Shigemori, gifted with the uncanny ability to perceive the spirits of the departed, finds himself teetering on a precipice of anxiety and hope, desperate to avert his clan's impending demise. However, Biwa, burdened by the weight of her harrowing ordeals at the hands of the Heike, hesitates to unveil the ominous future she envisions. In this pivotal juncture of Japanese history, both Shigemori and Biwa grapple with the complexities of their entwined lives, traversing a path paved with both joy and sorrow.

Heike Monogatari Lyrics

Heike Monogatari

Moon, Laika, and the Bloodsucking Princess | 月とライカと吸血姫

In a momentous feat on November 23, 1957, the entire world marveled at the awe-inspiring achievement of the Federal Republic of Zirnitra. They successfully ventured beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere, sending a courageous canine on an extraordinary journey into outer space. This groundbreaking milestone ignited an intensive space race between the confederacy and their spirited competitor, the United Kingdom of Arnack. Both nations fervently strive to conquer the cosmos, aspiring to eventually send human beings into the celestial realm. However, due to the distinctive biological makeup of canines compared to humans, deciphering the perilous intricacies of space travel and its impact on the human body remains an enigma. Enter the ingenious solution proposed by the government of Zirnitra: vampire test subjects. The captivating similarities between vampires and humans make them an ideal choice for scientific experimentation. Against her will, Irina Luminesk, a spirited vampire residing in the tranquil mountainous regions, finds herself forcibly conscripted into this audacious venture. Astonishingly, she embraces this extraordinary opportunity, displaying an unwavering resolve to be a part of this pioneering expedition. Lev Leps, a former frontrunner in the race to become the first human cosmonaut, assumes the role of Irina's mentor and confidant in this unprecedented quest. As their extraordinary journey unfolds, Irina and Lev find themselves inexorably drawn to the mesmerizing allure of outer space. Beneath the starlit expanse, their shared passion for unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos unexpectedly blossoms, forging an unbreakable bond between them.

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu Lyrics

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu


Undertaking the covert operation codenamed "Mission T," our protagonists embark on a perilous journey to safeguard the very fabric of our existence. Trained meticulously in the art of ninjutsu since their formative years, Botan Negoro emerges as the epitome of espionage excellence. United with the brilliant spy, Kuruma, they form an unstoppable alliance, the vanguard against impending catastrophe. Their noble quest? To retrieve the legendary relics of the ingenious inventor, Nikola Tesla, known as the renowned "Shards of Tesla." As the plot thickens, our daring duo finds themselves entangled in a web of intrigue, contested by rival agents from foreign nations, all vying for possession of these extraordinary fragments. Will they triumph against insurmountable odds and secure these invaluable artifacts? Brace yourself for an unprecedented spy thriller, replete with ingenuity, subterfuge, and an indomitable spirit. Prepare for an enthralling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Tesla Note Lyrics

Tesla Note

The Evolution Fruit: Conquering Life Unknowingly | 進化の実~知らないうちに勝ち組人生~

In an unforgettable twist of fate, a mysterious man, claiming to possess divine power, breaches the intercom system of a particular school. He issues an extraordinary command, urging the entire student body to band together and brace themselves for a captivating journey to a parallel universe. This alternative realm offers the promise of transcendent abilities, empowering these students to rise as the beacons of hope and vanquish the ominous Demon King who plagues the land.
Amidst this extraordinary spectacle, Seiichi Hiiragi, a kind soul who endures relentless bullying due to his perceived physical inadequacies, finds himself stranded and forsaken as his peers swiftly form alliances. Nevertheless, refusing to succumb to despair, Seiichi catches the attention of the self-proclaimed deity, who compassionately extends the invitation to join his fellow students. Fate, however, has its own design, and Seiichi is transported to an unfamiliar terrain secluded deep within a primordial forest, severed not only from his classmates but from the very fabric of human civilization itself.
Trapped in this overwhelming predicament, Seiichi is consumed by an all-encompassing desperation, yearning for a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Yet, just when his spirit wavers on the precipice of surrender, a revelation alters the course of his desolate existence. Unearthing a peculiar artifact known as the "Fruit of Evolution," Seiichi discovers the potential to shape his destiny, heralding a path towards a future infinitely more promising than he could ever have imagined.

Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei Lyrics

Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window | さんかく窓の外側は夜

For as long as memory serves, Kousuke Mikado has been blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the extraordinary ability to perceive spirits. To quell the intense anxiety that accompanies this unique sight, he habitually hides behind a pair of trusty spectacles. But destiny has a tendency to intervene in one's carefully constructed reality, as Mikado soon discovers when an enigmatic individual, Rihito Hiyakawa, unexpectedly enters his life. Intriguingly eccentric, Hiyakawa is a self-proclaimed medium who fervently believes that their fateful encounter was no mere coincidence. With fervor and conviction, he persuades Mikado that walking the perilous path of the supernatural is where their true calling lies. Proposing an enticing proposition, Hiyakawa promises to liberate Mikado from the shackles of fear if he willingly embarks on this journey together. Inexorably drawn into an otherworldly realm, Mikado and Hiyakawa gradually unravel a nefarious tapestry of malevolence weaved by a mysterious entity bearing the name "Erika Hiura." Each malicious curse they stumble upon leads them closer to the sinister truth, igniting a cascade of questions in their minds. What is the grand design behind Erika Hiura's actions, and how does it intimately connect with the lives of Mikado and Hiyakawa? Prepare to be immersed in a riveting tale where shadows dance, spirits whisper, and the boundaries of our reality blur. Join Mikado and Hiyakawa as they embark on an exhilarating adventure, where fear must be conquered, and secrets must be unveiled to face the enigmatic forces that threaten their very existence.

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru Lyrics

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru


In the depths of the earth lies an enigmatic expanse called the "Labyrinth," a subterranean domain where humanity thrives in clusters known as "colonies." Unbeknownst to many, the surface above has transformed into a distant memory—a realm that may only exist in the realm of fantasy for those who have never witnessed its marvels. Within this treacherous underground realm, mankind adapts to survive against all odds. The citizens of each colony undertake specialized roles crucial to their community's existence. They are the valiant "Workers," tirelessly extracting precious ores to sustain their colonies, and the fearless "Markers," venturing into the Labyrinth's surprisingly vibrant environment to gather vital information, essential for navigating this complex abyss. Yet, humanity's struggle for survival faces an imminent threat, manifested in the form of daunting creatures known as "kaijuu." These fearsome beings, ranging in size from small children to towering edifices, harbor an intense hostility towards any humans they perceive as intruders. Furthermore, the colossal kaijuu can even breach the formidable colony defenses, amplifying the peril to unimaginable levels. Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, we meet Memenpu—an extraordinary nine-year-old prodigy, whose brilliance as an inventor has brought immense benefits to the hardworking denizens of her local colony. Yet, beyond her remarkable ingenuity lies a deep yearning. Memenpu finds herself plagued by vivid dreams of a boundless space, with a ceiling seemingly stretching on indefinitely, free from the confinements of bedrock. These fantastical aspirations ignite a fervent desire within her, compelling her to become a Marker—a fearless explorer who dares to unravel the mysteries within the vast unknown of the Labyrinth. Nevertheless, her father Gagumber vehemently opposes her audacious aspirations, attempting to crush her soaring spirit. However, it is a dramatic encounter with the fearsome kaijuu that sets in motion a thrilling, yet perilous adventure, capable of forever reshaping the course of humanity. Memenpu's indomitable spirit and unyielding determination push her to the precipice of danger, where she must confront the unimaginable and unlock the secrets hidden within the unfathomable depths of the Labyrinth. Prepare to be captivated by a tale that combines danger, excitement, and boundless exploration—a narrative that will transport you to a world where humanity's destiny teeters on a knife's edge. Will Memenpu, armed with her ingenuity and unrelenting will, bring about a new era for mankind? Only by delving into the abyssal chasms of the Labyrinth will the truth be unveiled.

Sakugan Lyrics


Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 | EUREKA/交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション

Within the depths of the enchanting scub coral, a realm crafted by the intelligence of Eureka, lies a virtual world like no other. A decade ago, this intricate construct collided with reality, spilling its inhabitants onto Earth's surface. These two factions, once intertwined, have now split into the self-proclaimed "Green Earth" denizens from the virtual realm and the original "Blue Earth" humans. Brimming with conflict, their clash for supremacy has punctuated the course of history. Amidst this turmoil, Dewey Novak, a revered figure within the Green Earth Armed Forces, and his steadfast comrades initiate an audacious plan to protect their honor and secure their future. Meanwhile, Eureka, burdened by the blame heaped upon her for the chaos, finds herself transformed into a formidable warrior under the banner of the United Nations' A.C.I.D. unit. Her sole objective: to ensure lasting tranquility in this fragile world. Assigned to safeguard Iris, a young girl possessing a remarkable ability to control the scub coral, Eureka's initial encounters with her charge are fraught with tension. Yet, solitary escapades gradually unveil a shared understanding between the two. As the tempest of fate sweeps closer, plunging the world into jeopardy, Eureka must summon her every ounce of strength to defend what she holds dear. Unyielding in her resolve, she proclaims, "I shall shield Iris and preserve this world." What lies ahead, awaiting the realization of her fervent plea? Only time will unveil the destiny that beckons.

Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3: Eureka Lyrics

Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3: Eureka


In the epic saga of Bakugan: Geogan Rising, the indomitable hero, Dragonoid, returns to lead the charge as the Awesome Brawlers see themselves entwined in a deep slumber, diligently rejuvenating from their tireless efforts to safeguard the world. Brace yourselves as our beloved gang embarks on exhilarating escapades, introducing an enthralling ensemble of fresh Bakugan characters known as Geogan. These awe-inspiring entities seamlessly intertwine with crystalline elements, forging an entirely new, captivating geometric form. Distinguished by their striking appearance and unrivaled prowess, Geogan emerge as the epitome of power in the battlefield. Watch in amazement as the Awesome Brawlers forge unbreakable alliances with these endearing misfits, exuberantly embracing their newfound partners. With the arrival of Geogan, a new era unfolds, wherein these extraordinary beings relentlessly showcase their true mettle and reign supreme in the glorious arena of Bakugan battles.

Bakugan: Geogan Rising Lyrics

Bakugan: Geogan Rising


Immerse yourself in a dazzling metropolis reminiscent of 1980s San Francisco as our protagonist assumes the illustrious mantle of Muteking, a remarkable hero combating nefarious extraterrestrial forces with unwavering determination. Brace yourselves, for this cheerful champion shall make a triumphant comeback in 2020! Welcome to the captivating world of Muteking the Dancing Hero, a remarkable fusion of science fiction, love, and comedy, where our dynamic protagonist captivates audiences with sensational singing and awe-inspiring dance moves, perfectly synchronized with upbeat pop music. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained!

Muteking the Dancing Hero Lyrics

Muteking the Dancing Hero


Introducing an exhilarating anime series centered around none other than the beloved mascot character of Gunma Prefecture - Gunma-chan! Embarking on an epic adventure, Gunma-chan takes the spotlight in a captivating tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to be enthralled as Gunma-chan takes you on a journey like no other!

Gunma-chan Lyrics