Steel Angel Kurumi Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle Lyrics

Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle Lyrics


(All) * Pawafuru mirakuru ima
Hajikeru majikaru
suru torokeru

(Kurumi) Kiss kara hajimaru
Miracle datte aru yo ne (aru yo ne)
Ame demo hare demo
anata ga iru kara
(All) Itsumo zun zun ikeru yo
(SAKI) Tsubasa no haeteru
tenshi ni natte tondara (tondara)
(KARINKA) Ginga no kanata no
kirameku CHAPERU de
(All) Wedding-bell narasu no
(Kurumi) Shimpai shinai ki ni
Naku no wa ureshii toki
da yo
Mamotte ageru watashi
no mune de
Kyuin!-tte dakishimete

*Repeat **Repeat

(Kurumi) Kiss shite mezmete
onna no ko-tte uki uki (uki uki)
HONKI de suki nara
tamerawanai de ne
(All) Koi wa byun byun ikou
(SAKI) Anata no tame nara hi
no naka datte atsukunai (atsukunai)
(KARINKA) Koori no kuni demo
mizugi de ikeru yo
(All) Uchuu datte OK
(Kurumi) Anshin shite ne hotto
shite ne
Itsudemo egao de iru
Futatsu no mune no
fukurami no naka
OTONA no HAATO ga aru

(All) Kiss kara hajimaru
Nachuraru sumairu
Awateru korogaru
ukareru yume miru

(Kurumi) HONTO wa ano ne chotto
Ima yori NA-KA-YO-KU
shitai no
Anata no koe de
sasayaki kakete
Yasashiku dakishimete

*Repeat **Repeat(x2)

(Kurumi) Mi-ra-ku-ru-mi!


* It's powerful, it's miraculous and
it's right here...
It's bursting open, it's magical and
it's wonderful...
** It's lyrical, it's comical and it's
enhanced with love...
Look, it's Kurumi!

There is a miracle that started with a
kiss, isn't there? (isn't there?)
Whether it rain or shine, wherever you
I will always go with you!
Even if you get angel wings and fly
away... (fly away)
I would go to your glittering chappel at
the other end of the galaxy...
To ring your wedding bells!
No need to worry, no need to fret,
You'll cry for joy once again...
I'll protect you and say,
"Kyuuin!" as I hold you to my chest.

* repeat **repeat

"A kiss can wake a girl" you said, and
it makes me happy. (so happy)
If you're serious about love, you can't
Love will leave you if you do!
I would walk through fire for you...
(just for you)
Or go to a freezeing country in a bathing
Even outer space is OK!
Aren't you relieved? Are the burdens all
I always want you to smile.
Something will swell up in our chests...
And it'll sound like a heart.

There is a miracle that started from a
It's natural, it smiles and it's
It's confused and it's tumbling down, yet
it still looks like a dream...
Look, it's Kurumi!

But seriously here, just a minute...
I want now to know you better since...
Your voice whispers to me you say
You want to hold me gently....

*repeat **repeat(x2)

Look, it's Kurumi!


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Steel Angel Kurumi - Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle Lyrics - Information

Title: Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle
Anime: Steel Angel Kurumi
Type of Song:Other

Steel Angel Kurumi Information and Songs Like Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle Lyrics


Steel Angel Kurumi - Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle Lyrics belongs to the anime Steel Angel Kurumi Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

A scientist named Ayanokoji created the Steel Angel during Japan's Taisho Period (1912-1926), an artificial humanoid with extraordinary physical abilities. Although the Imperial Army wanted to use the Steel Angel as a new form of modern warfare, Ayanokoji wanted his invention to be a new move forward for humanity's future. Therefore, he ignored army orders and secretly codenamed the Steel Angel "Kurumi." Then one day, a young boy named Nakahito Kagura snuck into Ayanokoji's house as a dare by his friends and stumbled on a dead body of Kurumi. The house was rattled by a sudden assault by the Imperial Army, causing Kurumi to collapse upon Nakahito.

Their lips met at that moment and Kurumi woke up from "the kiss that started a miracle.".

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About Steel Angel Kurumi

If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song Steel Angel Kurumi - Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle Lyrics don't miss this information about Steel Angel Kurumi Lyrics:

Steel Angel Kurumi ( Japanese: 鋼鉄天使くるみ, Hepburn: Kōtetsu Tenshi Kurumi ) is a Kaishaku-created Japanese manga series. An adaptation of the anime series directed by Naohito Takahashi, animated by Oriental Light and Magic, produced by Pony Canyon with character designs by Yuriko Chiba and Yūji Ikeda, and music by Toshihiko Sahashi, was adapted and published by ADV Films in North America. Crunchyroll revealed in 2008 that it had partnered with Pony Canyon to release all of the Steel Angel Kurumi series to stream and download.
The Kurumi series as a whole contains the first Steel Angel Kurumi season, four OVA episodes entitled Steel Angel Kurumi Encore, a second Steel Angel Kurumi 2 season, and a prequel OVA series entitled Steel Angel Kurumi 0 A live-action adaptation was released, entitled Steel Angel Kurumi Pure, which has a continuity different from the anime.

This series was originally broadcast as part of the Anime Complex of Wowow in Japan.The first anime series is set in an alternate version of Japan's history during the Taishō period, while the second series happens in the 21st century..

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