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sou taka ga gamen no ue no NYUUSU
sou aete hitogoto ga RUURU

tatoeba boku ga ikitaete
nani hitotsu kawaranu yo ni

dokoka de mata hitotsu
kanashii sakebi ga kumo ni toketa
kudaranai esoragoto to
me wo sorasu dare mo ga

kyou mikaketa machi no hokorobi
mou asu wa kesareru rakugaki

munashisa dake ga kono mune ni
hi wo tomoshi sakebu kara

yuzurenai ikizama wa
naimo no nedari minna minna
adokenai tsumi wo kasane
yukuate mo nai mama

kureiku sora ni boku wa
nani wo shinjite ushinatta no
togireta kokyuu no sumi
kimi no na wo kizande

dokoka de mata ikutsu
kanashii owari ga hajimaru darou
kirei na esoragoto ni
irodotta sekai de


That's right, it's only the news on the
That's right, being deliberately in
others' affairs is the rule

For example, if I die
In this world where not one thing changes

Somewhere, yet another
Sad scream melted in the clouds
Everyone looks away
With this stupid pipe dream

Today, I noticed the open seams in the
Tomorrow is already a scribble being

Only emptiness lights
The torch in my heart, as I scream

This way of life we can't get rid of
Is everyone, everyone is asking for too
Piling up innocent sins,
Without even somewhere to go

In the darkened sky,
What have I believed in, and lost?
In the corner of my paused breath,
Engrave your name

Somewhere, I wonder how many
Sad endings are beginning
In this world colored
By a beautiful pipe dream


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Morikawa Toshiyuki - ESORAGOTO Lyrics - Information

Anime: Wild Adapter
English Title:Pipe Dream Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:Morikawa Toshiyuki ("Kubota Makoto") and Ishikawa Hideo ("Tokito Minoru")
Lyrics by:Minekura Kazuya

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Makoto Kubota walked through life and didn't take anything too seriously or looked too deep inside. His position as head of the youth gang of the Izumo Group kept him happily busy with wars of yakuza, mahjong and assassinations ... He stumbled on a crazy medication called Wild Adapter until the day that causes strange side effects, including death. Changed forever, Kubota gets enmeshed with a drifter named Minoru Tokito, and the two form an unexpected companion that draws them deeper into the mystery of Wild Adapter ...

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Wild Adapter ( Japanese: ワイルドアダプター, Hepburn: Wairudo Adaputā ) is a collection of Japanese manga by Kazuya Minekura set in mid-1990s Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan. There is also an alternative dōjinshi world, and two OVA episode entitled Shiritsu Araiso Koto Gakko Seitokai Shikkobu ( 私立荒磯高等学校生徒会執行部 Araiso Private School Student Council Executive Committee ). Wild Adapter was also adapted in 2014 as a two episode OVA, set in the manga series universe[1].

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