Animes from 1967


In a world marred by a stark division between the affluent and the impoverished, Japan stands as a glowing example of this rampant inequality. Ten years have elapsed since the devastating Bubble War, and the chasm between the privileged and the less fortunate has only deepened, casting a shadow over the nation. Nowhere is this social disparity more pronounced than in the dazzling city of Tokyo, where the wealthy indulge in their insatiable desires, transforming the metropolis into a hedonistic playground. Amidst this decadence, Saiga, once a courageous war photographer, finds himself toiling for the influential Hibara Ginza corporation. Charged with a critical mission, he embarks on a clandestine operation, infiltrating the enigmatic Roppongi Club—a covert establishment nestled within Tokyo's infamous red-light district. His objective? To extract vital intelligence. However, what unfolds next is a twist of fate that entangles Saiga in a web of danger and secrecy, orchestrated by a mysterious girl named Kagura. As destiny intertwines their paths, Saiga discovers a dormant power within himself, triggered by his encounter with Kagura. With the simple act of capturing photographs, he possesses the extraordinary ability to evoke destruction, causing objects to erupt into explosive chaos. Determined to unravel the cryptic enigma shrouding both the Roppongi Club and the enigmatic Kagura, Saiga embarks on a solitary and perilous crusade. Will he unveil the truth concealed within Tokyo's seedy underbelly? Join Saiga on his enthralling journey of self-discovery, where the pursuit of justice melds with the seductive allure of a city drenched in opulence. Brace yourself for a captivating tale that explores the murky depths of power, survival, and the price one must pay in the blink of an eye. Prepare to be swept away in a world where shadows dance and secrets await their revelation.

Speed Grapher Lyrics

Speed Grapher

Oraa Guzura Dado

In the realm of comedy, there exists a remarkable tale that revolves around a benevolent yet slow-witted dragon emerging from the depths of a nearby volcanic eruption. This peculiar creature, known as Guzura, possesses a captivating charm that captivates all those who cross his path. What sets Guzura apart is not only his endearing nature, but also his extraordinary ability to devour metal, transforming it into practical and ingenious contraptions that captivate the imagination.

Oraa Guzura Dado Lyrics

Oraa Guzura Dado

Oban Star Racers

Eva's eagerly awaited birthday has come and gone, but there was an unsettling void - no word from her beloved father. Frustration and disillusionment festered within her as she found solace in her distaste for the mundane Boarding School she was trapped in. Determined to break free from the confines of her ordinary existence, she embarked on a thrilling escapade with her newly constructed Rocket Bike. Crafting a new identity, Eva adopted the enigmatic pseudonym "Molly" and stealthily joined forces with the remarkable Earth Team on their daring quest to Alwas for the esteemed Great Race. Rumored to grant any fervent wish to its triumphant victor, this exhilarating event held promise and peril in equal measure. Unbeknownst to the Earth Team, treacherous perils awaited them on this perilous journey. Unyielding in the face of adversity, they would need to summon all their courage and skill to emerge victorious and claim their heart's desire.

Oban Star Racers Lyrics

Oban Star Racers

Ougon Bat

In the depths of darkness, three young souls find themselves trapped in a harrowing ordeal, as the forces of malevolence prepare to unleash their sinister dominion upon the world.

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Golden Bat