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In the depths of an underground wrestling world, two young warriors find themselves locked in an epic battle within the newly revived Tiger's Lair organization. This notorious wrestling dojo, once the cherished sanctuary for both fighters, now stands as a symbol of their shared destruction. One bold contender has seized control over the training grounds left behind by the legendary Naoto Date, along with the iconic mask he left in his wake. The other, fearless and relentless, bravely stepped into the Tiger's Lair and emerged triumphant, bestowed with a mysterious jet-black tiger mask. These two enigmatic rivals, unbeknownst of each other's true identity, embark on contrasting paths that intertwine within the ring's hallowed square. One worships the light, while the other embraces the shadows. A fierce struggle ensues as they clash with a common goal burning fiercely in their hearts – the annihilation of the malevolent Tiger's Lair that has tainted their once-hallowed home. With faces masked and intentions veiled, these adversaries become inexorable antagonists, locked in a relentless quest for supremacy. Yet their shared mission, veiled by enigmatic facades, binds them unbeknownst to one another. Step into this spellbinding world, where the battle for justice unfolds amidst the thunderous roars of the Tiger's Lair!

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Tiger Mask W

Dororo to Hyakkimaru | どろろ

In the realm of a relentless and avaricious samurai lord, Daigo Kagemitsu, a land teeters on the brink of demise. Desperate for power, he resorts to sacrilegious acts, casting aside his devotion to Buddha and forging an unholy pact with malevolent demons. Twelve monstrous entities answer his call, bestowing upon him the coveted power he craves, on the condition that they aid in the growth of his prefecture. However, this arrangement comes at an unfathomable cost. When Kagemitsu's first child is brought into this world, he is afflicted with a cruel twist of fate. Bereft of limbs, nose, eyes, ears, and even skin, the infant miraculously clings to life. Abandoned to the mercy of a treacherous river, hopes of survival seem bleak. Yet destiny intervenes, as a benevolent medicine man rescues the child, endowing him with prosthetics and weapons to navigate an unforgiving existence. Though robbed of sight, sound, and the ability to perceive sensation, his indomitable spirit yearns to exact vengeance upon the demons who stole his essence. Guided by an unyielding determination, he embarks on a solitary odyssey, each encounter with a demon heralding the gradual reclamation of his stolen identity. Embracing his fate as a relentless warrior, he traverses a demon-infested world, beset by relentless adversity. But a chance encounter with an orphaned boy, Dororo, kindles an unexpected bond. Together, marked by their shared desolation, they wage a ceaseless battle for survival and rekindle the dwindling flame of humanity amidst the desolate abyss.

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