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Miho, a captivating woman graced with both beauty and intellect, embarks on a compelling journey to Cheju Island, where she assumes the role of an esteemed educator. Little does she foresee the tumultuous events that await her, as she finds herself entangled in a realm teeming with bone-chilling terror and otherworldly phenomena. In a chilling encounter, an ominous demon brazenly assails her, until salvation materializes unexpectedly in the form of a enigmatic figure driven by a singular purpose: eradicating these malevolent creatures.

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Ikkyu, a young boy with a fiery spirit, undergoes rigorous training as a monk at the prestigious Ankokuji Temple. Despite his mischievous nature, he possesses an extraordinary intellect that never fails to astound. In his relentless pursuit of knowledge, Ikkyu is perpetually concocting clever schemes to outwit his exasperated teachers, all while extending his helping hand to those in need.

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Night on the Galactic Railroad | 銀河鉄道の夜

Set on the outskirts of a tranquil, yet charming village, resides a spirited young lad named Giovanni. In this idyllic hamlet, where rustic charm meets hometown simplicity, Giovanni's days are filled with a sense of longing. His dear mother is confined to her bed, her health woes keeping her bound, while his father, a sailor, has ventured into the wide open sea, yet to return. Amidst the trials and tribulations he faces at school, Giovanni finds solace in the companionship of his one true confidant, Campanella - a kindred spirit and the mayor's beloved offspring. As the Festival of Stars commences in their humble town, Giovanni's imaginative mind wanders into a realm of possibilities, perched thoughtfully upon a scenic hill. In an extraordinary turn of events, Giovanni gazes skyward, his daydreams colliding with reality, as an ethereal steam engine train materializes, defying the laws of gravity. With an unexpected thrill coursing through his veins, Giovanni embarks on this whimsical locomotive, only to discover that his dear friend Campanella had beat him to it. Guided by the ever-mesmerizing celestial pathway, these two audacious souls traverse the boundless expanse of starlit cosmos. Along their celestial odyssey, they encounter an array of peculiar individuals and explore magnificent, though sometimes haunting, realms that tantalize the imagination.

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Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru

Ginga Tetsudo 999 | GE999 | 銀河鉄道999

In the boundless expanse of the future, humanity has unlocked the secret to eternal life through the acquisition of mechanized bodies. However, this extraordinary privilege remains a luxury accessible only to the privileged few who can afford it. Amidst this wealth-polarized society, a destitute young lad named Tetsurou Hoshino yearns to find a way aboard the coveted Galaxy Express 999—an interstellar locomotive that traverses the cosmos—believed to grant its passengers a chance at attaining a mechanical body without cost. Yet, fate takes a merciless turn when Tetsurou's mother falls victim to the heinous machine-man hybrid, Count Mecha, leaving him in utter despair. Just as hope begins to fade away, an enigmatic savior emerges—Maetel, a statuesque woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Tetsurou's lost mother. Bestowed with an exclusive ticket to the Galaxy Express, Tetsurou's dreams of a brighter future are rekindled, only under the condition that he embarks on this cosmic odyssey together with his mysterious benefactor. Thus, commences a journey filled with breathtaking escapades and awe-inspiring discoveries as Tetsurou ventures into the far reaches of the universe, in pursuit of his deepest desires. Prepare to be captivated as this timeless tale unfolds against the backdrop of futuristic wonders and perilous encounters. Will Tetsurou realize his aspirations amidst a boundless realm of limitless possibilities? Join him on this extraordinary expedition, as together we embark on a thrilling intergalactic adventure aboard the legendary Galaxy Express 999.

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Galaxy Express 999