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Dragon Quest: Dai's Great Adventure | ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険

Once upon a time, an exceptional swordsman emerged, earning the legendary title of "the hero." Amidst this tale, a malevolent demon unleashed havoc upon innocent lives, inflicting profound suffering. In a valiant show of unity, the hero and his loyal companions united to confront the demon, pooling their remarkable powers to swiftly bring the battle to an end. The aftermath blessed the island, bestowing a serene haven where coexistence flourished untroubled. Years rolled by, and as fate would have it, the demon reawakens, plunging our present-day protagonist, Dai, into a ceaseless yearning to transcend ordinary boundaries and manifest his destiny as a formidable hero. Drawn towards the sinister resurgence, Dai, accompanied by his steadfast comrades, embarks on a perilous mission to quell the demon and dismantle the nefarious forces that orchestrated its rebirth. Amidst this epic journey, secrets divulge themselves, revealing the true identity of the revered hero, unraveling the enigma behind the evil entity that resurrected the demonic nemesis, and unveiling Dai's latent powers, which emerge only in moments of dire need.

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020) Lyrics

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020)

Future GPX Cyber Formula

Kazami Hayato, the incredibly talented 14-year-old prodigy, stands as the rising star in the exhilarating world of Cyber Formula. His sheer determination and unparalleled skills have granted him the honor of being the youngest driver to ever grace the prestigious Cyber Formula Grand Prix. With his unwavering ambition fueling the flames of his racing dreams, Hayato sets his sights on conquering the remarkable 10th installment of this epic competition. Guided by the cutting-edge Asurada, a groundbreaking cybernavigation system, and supported by the esteemed team Sugo, Hayato dares to surpass the limits of velocity and seize his rightful place at the pinnacle of victory. Yet, in this heart-racing journey, he uncovers a truth far greater than mere racing supremacy – he must uncover the essence of a true competitor, understanding that triumph is not solely determined by the machinery beneath him. Facing a myriad of challenges along the course, Hayato must earn the respect of seasoned veterans, thwart the malicious schemes of those who seek to snatch his precious Asurada, and even navigate through races beyond the realm of Cyber Formula. Will our tenacious hero triumph against all odds and etch his name into racing history? Only time will unveil the answer, as we plunge headfirst into this electrifying tale of speed, passion, and unwavering drive.

Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Lyrics

Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula

Muteki Kojin Daiturn 3

Dragons, the terrifying creatures once believed to be mere folklore in the city of London, hold a shocking truth: they are responsible for a staggering 72% of the deaths that occur. Yet, hidden from the oblivious public eye, a parallel universe exists beyond their perception—Reverse London, where these grotesque beings roam freely and are plain for all to see. In this captivating realm, Ninny Spangcole leads a double life. By day, she captivates the audience as a member of a wildly popular girl group, but by night, she assumes the title of a formidable "Witch" at Wing Bind—an esteemed organization dedicated to the annihilation of dragons and the protection of both Londons through the mastery of magic. Alongside her loyal partner, Noel Niihashi, Ninny embarks on daring missions while safeguarding a peculiar young man named Baldo Ywain Parks, who shares an enigmatic bond with these fearsome creatures. For nearly a century, the unwavering dedication of Wing Bind has maintained a fragile peace, repelling fatal dragon assaults with unwavering determination. However, tranquility teeters on the edge of collapse as the mere presence of Baldo unexpectedly awakens a malevolent Dark Dragon, unleashing chaos upon the unsuspecting city. Amidst this turmoil, the skilled witches find themselves confronted not only by the formidable Dark Dragon but also by the arrival of Ninny's troublesome former bandmate, together with another powerful and menacing dragon. Engrossed in a web of danger and intrigue, the fate of both Londons now rests upon the shoulders of these courageous witches, as they combat unimaginable forces and strive to restore harmony between humankind and the supernatural realm. Brace yourselves for a spellbinding adventure beyond imagination, where mythical creatures walk among us and the battle between good and evil takes center stage in the heart of Reverse London.

Muteki Kojin Daiturn 3 Lyrics

Muteki Kojin Daiturn 3

Jarinko Chie

Jarinko Chie, a captivating film helmed by the talented director Takahata in 1981, is an adaptation of the immensely popular manga created by the brilliant Etsumi HARUKI. This heartwarming tale revolves around the life of Chie, a ten-year-old girl burdened by misfortune, who bravely takes charge of her family's diner in the absence of her unemployed yakuza father and estranged mother. Although the premise may seem somber, the movie surprises audiences with its delightful humor, effortlessly weaving a comedic narrative. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Osaka, a city known for its distinct culture diverging from Tokyo's, Jarinko Chie struck such a chord with viewers that it led to the creation of a TV series, with Takahata assuming the role of chief director. This remarkable continuation further immersed audiences in the compelling world of Chie and her captivating escapades.

Jarinko Chie Lyrics

Jarinko Chie

Dragon Quest: Dai's Great Adventure | ドラゴンクエスト・ダイの大冒険

The epic tale commences with a young protagonist, Dai, who embarks on a journey woven with his cherished memories of his grandfather, the illustrious monster magician, Brass. Enthralled by his grandfather's narrative, Dai finds himself immersed in the legendary triumph over the dreaded Demon Lord Hadlar, a tale that unravels the enigmatic hero's true identity as Avan, with each passing chapter.

Dragon Quest: DAI no Daibouken Lyrics

Dragon Quest: DAI no Daibouken