Zombie-Loan Shito & Chika Lyrics Suzumura Ken'ichi - Survive Lyrics

Survive Lyrics


Sono me de nani wo mite iru
Moshi kono koe ga todoita nara
Mou hitotsu no me wo hirake
Iya nara soko wo tobidase

Dou suru saiaku na no ha shininagara
ikite iru koto
Tatoeba ieru koto no nai fukai kizu
Tatoeba todaeru koto no nai nagai itami
Sore ga omae ni dore dake dore dake

Fell alive for yourself kitto ore-tachi
Soredemo ikite yukunda
Yorokobi, ikari, kanashimi
Tanoshimu riaru na isshun wo

Tachitsukushite dou naru yo
Moshi sono ashi de aruku no nara
Mata musuu no sen ni deau
Doko he yukou ga tsunagaru

Tada ikite iru dake ka
Nani ga arou to kizuna ha tachikirenai
Sore koso ga ikita akashi
Izure onaji basho de ten ha sen to
Omae ga dou shiyou to ore ha kamawanai

Be alive forever kakugo kimeyou ze
Tashika ni ikite irunda
Nani ga nandemo unmei no rin kara
Nukedasu shika nai

Dou suru ikitai kara ikitsudzukete
Tada ikite iru dake na no ka
Ore-tachi ha chigau darou
Sei to ha shi to ha sonna koto mo
kangaenaku natta
Itsu kara da doushite da nanimo
Mou nanimo... sou nanimo...

Feel alive for yourself kecchaku
tsukeyou ze
Omae ha ikite irunda
Risei yo ishi yo mezamero
Ikiro kanarazu ikinokore
Feel alive for yourself kitto ore-tachi
Soredemo ikite ikunda
Yorokobi, ikari, kanashimi
Tanoshimu riaru na isshun wo


What are you looking at with those eyes?
If my voice has reached you
Open your other eyes
If you don't want to, rush out of there

What will you do? The worst thing is to
live while you are dead.
For example, deep wounds that can never
be healed.
For example, long-running pain that will
never come to an end.
How much of these things-how much would
you understand?

Feel alive for yourself: surely we
Live on even so
Joy, rage, sorrow
We enjoy a real moment

What will happen if we stand stock
If you will walk with those legs
You will meet again with countless lines
No matter where you go, they will connect

Are you merely living?
No matter what there is, you can't cut
apart the bonds
That, there, is the proof that you lived
Sooner or later, the point will connect
to the line at the same place
I don't care what you do

Be alive forever: let's prepare
We are definitely alive
No matter what, we've got no choice but
Break free from the wheel of destiny

What will you do? You keep on living
because you want to live, right?
Are you merely living?
We're different from you
We've stopped thinking about what life
and death are
Since when was it? Why? I feel nothing
Nothing, anymore... Yes-nothing...

Feel alive for yourself: let's settle
You are alive!
O reason, o consciousness, awaken
Live! Live on without fail!
Feel alive for yourself: surely we
Live on even so
Joy, rage, sorrow
We enjoy a real moment


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Zombie-Loan Shito & Chika Lyrics - Information

Title: Survive
Anime: Zombie-Loan
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Shito & Chika
Performed by:Suzumura Ken'ichi (Akatsuki Chika)
Composed by:Sawano Hiroyuki, 澤野弘之
Arranged by:Wada
Lyrics by:MIZUE

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Zombie-Loan Shito & Chika Lyrics belongs to the anime Zombie-Loan Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Do you have any idea when you'll die? Michiru Kita can see a "ring of death" on the necks of those around her, and the darker the ring, the closer the person is to death.
Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, two of the boys in her class, have completely black rings one day. She discovers their secret while attempting to warn them of their impending demise: they are already dead, but are kept alive due to a contract with Zombie-Loan, a mysterious loan office. Of course, nothing is free, and in order to repay their debt, the boys must hunt down and kill zombies.

They drag Michiru into their crazy world once they learn about her "Shinigami Eyes."

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Peach-Pit: Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara created the Japanese manga series Zombie-Loan (stylized as ZOMBIE-LOAN). Square Enix published it, and it was serialized in GFantasy, a Japanese shnen manga magazine. Yen Press has the rights to the series in the United States.
On July 3, 2007, a Xebec M2 anime adaptation was announced and began airing on the Japanese network TV Asahi. There were eleven episodes in total, with the final one airing on September 11, 2007. In April 2008, the seventh volume of the DVD release included episodes 12 and 13, but no official word on a television broadcast has been made. Discotek Media licensed the anime and released the entire series on DVD on September 30, 2014.


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