009-1 Songs Lyrics

009-1 Songs Lyrics


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009-1 Songs
009-1 Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information



Released on year:2006

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In the thrilling realm of an alternate world, Mylene Hoffman emerges as a captivating cyborg spy, bearing the enigmatic title of "009-1". Locked in the snowballing turbulence of a never-ending Cold War, spanning a staggering 140 years, this enigmatic tale unfurls. Divided into the West and East blocks, the world watches helplessly as the veneer of peace slowly shatters, plunging the global stage into a crescendo of unrelenting conflict. Amidst the ruthless power struggle between these two factions, where technology reigns paramount, the delicate equilibrium teeters on the precipice of oblivion. Nuclear annihilation looms ominously, as political machinations play out in a desperate bid for supremacy. In this perilous milieu, Mylene Hoffman stands resolute, bound in unwavering allegiance to her cause, alongside her formidable comrades. Moving through a labyrinth of clandestine operations, Mylene confronts a treacherous web of deceit, chaos, and relentless rivalries. Immerse yourself in a panorama of danger and espionage as she deftly executes the missions entrusted by her enigmatic superiors. Brace yourself for an electrifying journey through a world tainted by duplicity, where every step holds the weight of the future's balance.