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Compulsive Gambler | Kakegurui×× | 賭ケグルイ×× | 賭ケグルイ - Kakegurui

Kirari Momobami decides to revolutionize the student council as Yumeko Jabami's fame grows and the student council's reputation dwindles. She accomplishes this by calling for a presidential election. The rules are simple: one chip is given to each student in the school. By the end of thirty days, whoever has the most chips is both the new president and the head of the Momobami clan.
The Momobami branch families react quickly when they learn of this development. Eleven transfer students arrive at Hyakkao Private Academy with the goal of becoming the school's and the Momobami clan's leaders. They'll compete for as many chips as they can, but their chips aren't the only thing on the line.

5 Songs

Kakegurui Lyrics


ワンダーエッグ・プライオリティ - Wonder Egg Priority

Kazuma Satou, a high school student and recluse, finds himself sitting before a beautiful but obnoxious goddess named Aqua after dying a laughable and pathetic death on his way back from buying a game. She gives the NEET two choices: continue on to heaven or reincarnate in a real fantasy world, which is every gamer's dream! Kazuma is quickly tasked with defeating a Demon King who is terrorizing villages after deciding to start a new life. But before he leaves, he can choose any item to help him on his quest, and the future hero chooses Aqua. However, Kazuma has made a critical error—Aqua is completely useless!
Unfortunately, their problems do not end there; it turns out that living in such a world is nothing like how it appears in a video game. Rather than embarking on a thrilling adventure, the two must first work to support themselves. Their misfortunes have only just begun for them!

2 Songs

Wonder Egg Priority Lyrics

Wonder Egg Priority

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle | 魔王城でおやすみ - Maou-jou de Oyasumi

The castle of the Demon Lord Tasogare is a dark and terrifying place teeming with monsters. The horrors within will undoubtedly terrify anyone unfortunate enough to be imprisoned here. The human princess Aurora Suya Rhys "Syalis" Kaymin, on the other hand, is a unique case. Syalis is unconcerned about her situation and only thinks about one thing: sleep. She hasn't gotten a good night's sleep since the demon lord kidnapped her from her kingdom.
The princess makes do with what she can find in the castle to solve her dozens of sleeping problems. Everything is just a means to ensure a peaceful slumber, whether it's the fluffy demonic teddy bears' fur or the silky, blanket-like bodies of ghost shrouds. Nothing, not even death, will be able to stop the sleepy princess with so many potential materials to craft items that will aid her sleep.

2 Songs

Maou-jou de Oyasumi Lyrics

Maou-jou de Oyasumi

SK Eight | SK∞ エスケーエイト - SK8 the Infinity

Infinite Stratos is back for a second season.

6 Songs

SK8 the Infinity Lyrics

SK8 the Infinity

のんのんびより - Non Non Biyori

The rural Asahigaoka, far from the hustle and bustle of city life and with only a single candy store and bus route to its name, is not for everyone. Despite this, the children of the village manage to have a good time exploring and having fun in the wilderness around them. Renge Miyauchi, the group's youngest member, is looking forward to the upcoming school year's entrance ceremony, which will mark her entry into first grade and the start of her elementary school career. Renge and her friends, seventh-grader Natsumi Koshigaya and her eighth-grader sister Komari, attend the only school in town and make the most of their rural lifestyle by playing and studying every day.
Meanwhile, fifth-grader Hotaru Ichijou has recently relocated from Tokyo to Asahigaoka, oblivious to the many adventures and memories that await her.

2 Songs

Non Non Biyori Lyrics

Non Non Biyori

ホリミヤ - Horimiya

Shiroe and the other Adventurers have begun to adjust to their new surroundings after being trapped in the world of Elder Tale for six months. The Adventurers are gaining the trust of the People of the Land, and Akiba has flourished thanks to Shiroe's Round Table Alliance's law and order, regaining its daily lifeliness. Despite this success, the Alliance is facing a new crisis: they are running out of funds to govern Akiba, and Minami district spies have infiltrated the city.
As formidable forces rise in other districts, Shiroe feels compelled to learn more about the vast new world they've been trapped in, deciding that it's time to leave the city. Shiroe makes his move, accompanied by his friend Naotsugu and the Sage of Mirror Lake Regan, in the hopes of uncovering new possibilities and eventually finding his way home.

2 Songs

Horimiya Lyrics


Rent-a-Girlfriend, Kanokari | 彼女, お借りします - Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Okarishimasu is the second season of Kanojo.

6 Songs

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Lyrics

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Fly Me to the Moon | トニカクカワイイ - Tonikaku Kawaii

In the summer of 1983, Keiichi Maebara moves to the quiet little village of Hinamizawa, where he quickly becomes inseparable from his classmates Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. Darkness, however, lurks beneath their seemingly idyllic existence.
Keiichi learns about the local legends surrounding the village's annual festival as it prepares for it. To his horror, he learns that the village has experienced several murders and disappearances in recent years, all of which appear to be linked to the festival and the village's patron god, Oyashiro. Keiichi tries to inquire about these incidents with his new friends, but they remain suspiciously silent and refuse to provide him with the information he requires. As strange events continue to occur, he begins to wonder what else his friends are hiding from him, and whether he can trust them at all.
When Keiichi's paranoia and madness begin to take root in his heart, he will be drawn right into the mysteries at hand in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, a story told in multiple arcs.

2 Songs

Tonikaku Kawaii Lyrics

Tonikaku Kawaii

Boku no Piko | My Pico | ぼくのぴこ - Boku no Pico

15 children, 8 boys and 7 girls, are having a great time at summer camp when they come across a grotto by the sea. When they enter the mysterious location, they are greeted by a room filled with computers and a man named Kokopelli, who introduces himself as the proprietor. He claims to be working on a game involving a massive robot that was created to defend Earth against 15 different alien invasions. Because Kokopelli hasn't had the opportunity to test the game yet, he convinces all but one of the children to sign a contract for what he claims will be a fun adventure.
However, once the contracts are signed, things start to go downhill quickly. In Bokurano, the children must now pilot the giant robot Zearth one by one in the hopes of being able to defeat all of the upcoming enemies. However, Kokopelli has left out one crucial piece of information: the energy source of the giant robot Zearth.

3 Songs

Boku no Pico Lyrics

Boku no Pico

So I'm a Spider, So What? | 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? - Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

New adventures await you in the new year, especially at the Rabbit House! Kokoa Hoto has adjusted to her new life as a waitress since her arrival at the café, despite the fact that the Rabbit House isn't the rabbit paradise she had envisioned. Chino Kafuu, a cute middle school student with a fuzzy bunny companion named Tippy, and Rize Tedeza, the pig-tailed daughter of a soldier who is ready for any scenario, enjoy spending time both working and playing with her friends and fellow waitresses.
The Rabbit House crew gets involved in all sorts of crazy adventures with Chiya Ujimatsu and Sharo Kirima, who also work at nearby cafés in town. The girls meet troubled novelists, rival cafes, hidden treasure, and... alcoholic chocolates? During their adventures, the girls come across troubled novelists, rival cafes, hidden treasure, and... alcoholic chocolates?

4 Songs

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Lyrics

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujō: Osananajimi wa Shōbōshi | 指先から本気の熱情-幼なじみは消防士- - Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi

Ryou Fujihashi awakens to find her apartment in flames. Ryou, trapped in a deadly fire with no way out, frantically makes as much noise as she can to alert her neighbors. Thankfully, someone has called the fire department, and they are able to save her quickly.
One of the firefighters turns out to be her childhood friend, Souma Mizuno, in a strange turn of events. She had a crush on him at one point, but it was short-lived due to Souma's notorious womanizing ways. But, now that Ryou is homeless and has lost all of her belongings, Souma welcomes her into his home. Ryou must establish physical boundaries when she moves in with her childhood friend, because crossing them means jumping right into Souma's lustful arms. Ryou realizes, however, that his continued interest in her could reignite the smoldering flames of passion between them.
Getting close to Souma, on the other hand, necessitates constant interaction with the rest of the sexy, muscular fire department—and, while her heart is set on Ryou, can she keep it from wandering?

2 Songs

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi Lyrics

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi

アクダマドライブ - Akudama Drive

A mysterious organization known as the Glittering Crux Brigade meets in their underground fortress deep beneath the surface of Southern Cross Isle on a regular basis. The group is particularly interested in "Cybodies," stone giants who can transform into massive fighting humanoids, but only in the "Zero Time" realm. Glittering Crux hopes to break free of Zero Time and use the Cybodies wherever they want by finding and shattering the seals of the island's four seal maidens.
Sugata Shindou and his fiancée Wako Agemaki, one of the island's seal maidens, rescue a young man named Takuto Tsunashi who washes up on the island's shore one night. Takuto quickly befriends the two after waking up and enrolls at the local academy, where many of his classmates are Glittering Crux members in secret. Takuto, on the other hand, has a secret: when in Zero Time, he can use his own Cybody, the Tauburn. Takuto and the Tauburn will be crucial in preventing Glittering Crux from shattering Wako's seal and achieving its nefarious goals in the upcoming battle.

3 Songs

Akudama Drive Lyrics

Akudama Drive

Sorcery Fight | 呪術廻戦 - Jujutsu Kaisen

The Zodiac Tournament brings together mercenaries of the highest caliber of brute strength, cunning wit, and deadly precision every 12 years. Each warrior is named after and has the characteristics of one of the Chinese zodiac's 12 animals. They fight viciously until only the victor remains, putting their pride and lives on the line.
The 12th Zodiac Tournament begins in a desolate city that bears no traces of the half-million people who once called it home. To raise the stakes, each warrior consumes a poisonous gem, putting the tournament—and their lives—on hold. The Zodiac Warriors begin their cutthroat battle for survival with only one wish for the victor up for grabs.

5 Songs

Jujutsu Kaisen Lyrics

Jujutsu Kaisen

Moriarty the Patriot | 憂国のモリアーティ - Yuukoku no Moriarty

The news of a so-called "Lord of Crime," a criminal mastermind responsible for the downfall of several unruly nobles, has swept the United Kingdom. In reality, the Lord of Crime is a group comprised of William James Moriarty and his two brothers, Louis and Albert Moriarty. They want to undo everything that is wrong with their current world and build a new, just society for everyone. They must commit criminal acts in order to achieve their goal, which the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, John H. Watson, will not tolerate. The Lord of Crime and Sherlock begin a dangerous cat and mouse game, each trying to outwit the other. Despite his abilities, Sherlock is completely unaware that his adversary is right in front of him.
Irene Adler, who is as beautiful as she is cunning, is involved with both parties. Irene is no stranger to scandal, but this one may be too big for her to handle, as the classified documents she stole threaten the British Empire's very foundations. Is it possible to save Irene, or does she face a bleak future?

4 Songs

Yuukoku no Moriarty Lyrics

Yuukoku no Moriarty

The Journey of Elaina | 魔女の旅々 - Majo no Tabitabi

Departures are both hopeful and depressing occasions. The Tabi Machi Late Show explores how these ambiguous feelings linger long after the moment of separation. As she sees off her own student, Azuma reflects on her mentor; Kumeno recalls her brief, tumultuous friendship with Koizumi; Yukari reconnects with an old friend at the Lantern Festival; and Sakurada fondly recalls the many students she has met during her teaching career.
Tabi Machi Late Show is made up of four intimate, slice-of-life vignettes that wistfully examine the lasting impressions people leave on one another and is structured around a theme of goodbyes and journeys.

2 Songs

Majo no Tabitabi Lyrics

Majo no Tabitabi

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon | 半妖の夜叉姫 - Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi

Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi is in its second season.

8 Songs

Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi Lyrics

Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi

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Seiken no Blacksmith | 聖剣の刀鍛冶(ブラックスミス) - The Sacred Blacksmith

Matoi Sumeragi only wishes to live a normal life away from the limelight. She is content with her part-time job at Yuma Kusanagi's family shrine, which she alternates between school and. When a Night—an evil extra-dimensional entity—attacks the shrine, however, this routine is permanently disrupted. Matoi is able to drive it away after inadvertently summoning the powers of a god, the Nights' natural foes.
Claris Tonitolus, an experienced exorcist from the Vatican, and agent Haruka Luciela, who works for the secretive Night defense organization IATO, soon join Matoi and Yuma. Despite not knowing who is behind these attacks or why they are happening, Matoi must learn to control her newfound power in order to protect those around her and the once-normal life she cherishes.

3 Songs

The Sacred Blacksmith Lyrics

The Sacred Blacksmith

- Maria†Holic

Kanako Miyamae hoped to find true love when she transferred to a new all-girls school. Instead, she discovered the lovely Mariya Shidou, a charming classmate Kanako had met on her first day. Mariya, on the other hand, has one flaw: she is a cross-dressing boy! Kanako's life has become a series of misfortunes since discovering Mariya's secret and being stuck with him as her roommate. All she wants is to find the girl of her dreams, which is difficult to do with the sadistic Mariya and his sassy maid Matsurika Shinouji interfering.
Kanako's story continues in MariaHolic Alive, as she deals with being Mariya's roommate and tries to find true love while surviving high school.

4 Songs

Maria†Holic Lyrics


Dagashikashi 2 | だがしかし2 - Dagashi Kashi 2

Shikada Dagashi, a small business selling traditional Japanese candy, is located in the countryside and has been run by the Shikada family for nine generations. Despite his father's pleas, aspiring manga artist Kokonotsu Shikada stubbornly refuses to inherit the family business.
With the arrival of the eccentric Hotaru Shidare, this may begin to change. Hotaru is looking for Kokonotsu's father in order to rehire him at her family's company, Shidare Corporation, a world-renowned sweets manufacturer. Although the senior Shikada initially refuses, he states that if Hotaru can persuade Kokonotsu to take over the family shop, he will reconsider. As a result, Hotaru sets out on a mission to educate the boy about the true joys of delectable and nostalgic dagashi!

2 Songs

Dagashi Kashi 2 Lyrics

Dagashi Kashi 2

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! | ジャヒー様はくじけない! - Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

Hajime Kindaichi is once again engrossed in perplexing cases and deciphering perplexing crimes that would perplex even the most seasoned detectives. Whether it's a gruesome murder and shady circumstances surrounding the Japanese board game Go, a perplexing and macabre case involving a mysterious character known only as "Rosenkreutz" and blue roses, or bloodcurdling crimes linked to an urban legend at a winter ski resort, Hajime is on the case!
(Photo courtesy of YTV)

4 Songs

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! Lyrics

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

- Mashiro-iro Symphony -The color of lovers-

Maetel left her mother and her home planet, the doomed and frozen La Metal, where the only way to survive is to become a cyborg. When she is summoned to return, she has two choices: follow her mother's path (which includes a robot mind and the scorn of all humans) or flee and fight alongside humans against the machines. She does, however, have allies and defenders. She may still have a chance to find her own path if she can accept the friendship of metal beings who want peace and oppose those who believe that being made of flesh and blood is enough to make one human.
(Image courtesy of Anime-Planet)

3 Songs

Mashiro-iro Symphony -The color of lovers- Lyrics

Mashiro-iro Symphony -The color of lovers-

- 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki

The only way to restore balance after the Ice Queen brings eternal winter to Nariadia is to gather human warriors and give them the power of Naria crystals. As a result, Animaru has chosen Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi, three middle school students, as warriors. The girls, on the other hand, are more concerned with mocking the events taking place around them and attempting to make money as idols.
The Ice Queen's familiars use the "Ice Mirror" to dupe the girls into performing ridiculous skits. Will Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi ever accept their roles as magical girls, or will their antics prove to be too distracting for them?

1 Songs

15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki Lyrics

15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki

Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster | Diebuster - Gunbuster 2

After the Little Busters lose their first baseball game, the team decides to throw a pancake party. It's been almost a semester since Kyousuke Natsume returned. Riki Naoe, as usual, continues to assist the Little Busters' members—old and new—in confronting their inner demons. Strange occurrences, on the other hand, begin to occur, bringing Rin Natsume and Riki closer to the truth behind the "secret of this world."
Rin and Rikki have no idea that their discovery will end up permanently altering the Little Busters' peaceful everyday lives. Little Troublemakers! : Refrain brings the colorful stories of its ensemble cast to a close, as they come to terms with their regrets and flaws, forged by the weight of emotions and strengthened by the bond of friendship.

2 Songs

Gunbuster 2 Lyrics

Gunbuster 2

- Licensed by Royal

Despite his short, childlike stature, Heine Wittgenstein is a brilliant man who commands respect, both charming and stern. As a result, the king of Grannzreich has assigned Heine the difficult task of becoming the new royal tutor to four princes in line for the throne, a task that has frightened many before him.
Licht, the flirtatious youngest prince; his immature older brother Leonhard; Bruno, the studious third prince; and Kai, the oldest and most reserved of the four heirs, all have very distinct and troublesome personalities. As Heine tries to make friends with each of the princes in order to groom them for the throne, hilarity ensues. However, Heine's mysterious past and current dark undercurrents may jeopardize the kingdom's peace.

9 Songs

Licensed by Royal Lyrics

Licensed by Royal

ドロヘドロ - Dorohedoro

The land of Daigo Kagemitsu, a greedy samurai lord, is dying, and he will do anything for power, including renounce Buddha and make a pact with demons. His prayers are answered by 12 demons, who grant him the power he seeks by assisting the growth of his prefecture, but only at a cost. When Kagemitsu's first son is born, he lacks limbs, a nose, eyes, ears, and even skin—yet he survives.
This child is thrown into a river and forgotten about. But, by chance, he is rescued by a medicine man, who equips him with prosthetics and weapons, allowing him to survive and fend for himself. The boy lives and grows, and despite his inability to see, hear, or feel anything, he must defeat the demons who kidnapped him. With each one's death, he reclaims a piece of himself that was rightfully his. He wanders alone for many years until an orphan boy named Dororo befriends him. In an unforgiving, demon-infested world, the unlikely pair of castaways must now fight for survival and humanity.

9 Songs

Dorohedoro Lyrics


- YuruYuri ♪♪

First-year student Akari Akaza is reunited with second-year students Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou at their all-girls' middle school after a year in grade school without her childhood friends. Yui and Kyouko founded the "Amusement Club" during their first year together, which now occupies the Tea Club's room. Soon after Akari joins, one of her classmates, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, comes to see the three girls, mistaking them for the Tea Club; it is only after the three girls explain that the Tea Club has been disbanded that Chinatsu agrees to join the Amusement Club—a group whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment for its members.
Yuru Yuri is an odd comedy based on Namori's slice-of-life manga about a group of girls who spend their free time drinking tea and fawning over each other while completely ignoring the supposed main character Akari among them.

30 Songs

YuruYuri ♪♪ Lyrics

YuruYuri ♪♪

Yami no Matsuei | Descent into Darkness | The Darker Descendant | 闇の末裔 - Descendants of Darkness

The situation spirals even further out of control as close encounters of the twisted kind between the residents of the planet Develuke (represented primarily by female members of the royal family) and the inhabitants of Earth (represented primarily by one very exhausted Rito Yuki) continue to escalate. Things SHOULD be smooth sailing for junior princesses Nana and Momo when they transferred to Earth School, where big sister LaLa can (theoretically) keep an eye on them. When Momo decides to "supplement" Rito's relationship with LaLa with some "sisterly love," you can bet LaLa won't waste any time splitting harems. Unfortunately, Yami, the Golden Darkness, arrives on the scene with all the subtlety of a supernova, accompanied by an army of possessed high school students, just at that point! All of this is guaranteed to make Rito's life as bad as a black hole at a family picnic. Unless, of course, a certain semi-demonic princess can use a little of her Develukean Whoop Ass to precisely that portion of other celestial bodies!
(Photo courtesy of Sentai Filmworks)

5 Songs

Descendants of Darkness Lyrics

Descendants of Darkness

明治東亰恋伽 - Meiji Tokyo Renka

The CCG's raid on Anteiku took place two years ago. Despite the fact that the atmosphere in Tokyo has changed dramatically as a result of the CCG's growing influence, ghouls continue to be a problem because they have begun to exercise caution, particularly the terrorist organization Aogiri Tree, which recognizes the CCG's growing threat to their existence.
The formation of a special team known as the Quinx Squad could give the CCG the boost they need to exterminate Tokyo's unwanted residents. They take part in operations to exterminate the dangerous creatures as humans who have undergone surgery to use the special abilities of ghouls. Haise Sasaki, the group's leader, is a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid who was trained by renowned special class investigator Kishou Arima. Unknown memories claw at his mind, slowly reminding him of the person he used to be, but there's more to this young man than meets the eye.

4 Songs

Meiji Tokyo Renka Lyrics

Meiji Tokyo Renka

Howl no Ugoku Shiro | Hauru no Ugoku Shiro | ハウルの動く城 - Howl's Moving Castle

The castle of the Demon Lord Tasogare is a dark and terrifying place teeming with monsters. The horrors within will undoubtedly terrify anyone unfortunate enough to be imprisoned here. The human princess Aurora Suya Rhys "Syalis" Kaymin, on the other hand, is a unique case. Syalis is unconcerned about her situation and only thinks about one thing: sleep. She hasn't gotten a good night's sleep since the demon lord kidnapped her from her kingdom.
The princess makes do with what she can find in the castle to solve her dozens of sleeping problems. Everything is just a means to ensure a peaceful slumber, whether it's the fluffy demonic teddy bears' fur or the silky, blanket-like bodies of ghost shrouds. Nothing, not even death, will be able to stop the sleepy princess with so many potential materials to craft items that will aid her sleep.

1 Songs

Howl's Moving Castle Lyrics

Howl's Moving Castle

- Angel Sanctuary

Naoki Kuzumi, a high school junior, lost his parents five years ago in an accident and now lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Matsuri. Aside from the fact that he has no recollection of what happened in his youth, he has always thought his life was ordinary. A redheaded girl named Mikoto literally falls on him from the sky one sunny day while he is napping on a bench. She believes he is her younger brother for some reason. Naoki's time period is a temporary haven for those who will be suffering from an incurable disease in the future. Mikoto had gone back in time after hearing that her younger brother Yuusuke had been taken to Naoki's time.
(Photo courtesy of ANN)

4 Songs

Angel Sanctuary Lyrics

Angel Sanctuary

カミワザ・ワンダ - Kamiwaza Wanda

Tomboy is a term used to describe a Ryouko Ookami is a fearsome boxer and her club's designated bruiser. Of course, no typical high school team requires a bruiser, but the Otogi Bank functions more like a traditional bank. Students can request favors from the club in this section as long as they promise to repay the favor in the future. Ryoushi Morino, sixteen, is a shy young man, unlike the Otogi Bank members. To his surprise, after failing to confess to Ryouko, he finds himself inadvertently joining the club!
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi follows the Otogi Bank members as they deal with a variety of favors, ranging from the mundane to the dangerous. Ryoushi's sole motivation is to win Ryouko over, so she doubts he'll be able to defend her in a fight, especially since he can't stand being stared at, let alone fighting anyone!

4 Songs

Kamiwaza Wanda Lyrics

Kamiwaza Wanda

- Comic Party

After failing the entrance exam for the art college to which he was applying, Sendo Kazuki was forced to enter the doujin (private publishing) world by his childhood friend Kuhonbutsu Taishi.
(Image courtesy of AnimeNfo)

3 Songs

Comic Party Lyrics

Comic Party

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All Saints Street | 万圣街 - Wan Sheng Jie

2 Songs

Wan Sheng Jie Lyrics

Wan Sheng Jie

最後の召喚師 -The Last Summoner- - Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner-

2 Songs

Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner- Lyrics

Saigo no Shoukanshi -The Last Summoner-

魔道祖師 完結編 - Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen

2 Songs

Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen Lyrics

Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen

- Lupin Zero

2 Songs

Lupin Zero Lyrics

Lupin Zero

Lee's Detective Agency | 鲤氏侦探事务所 - Li Shi Zhentan Shiwusuo

1 Songs

Li Shi Zhentan Shiwusuo Lyrics

Li Shi Zhentan Shiwusuo

ハイカード - High Card

2 Songs

High Card Lyrics

High Card

ぐでたま ~母をたずねてどんくらい~ - Gudetama ~ Haha wo Tazunete Donkurai ~

1 Songs

Gudetama ~ Haha wo Tazunete Donkurai ~ Lyrics

Gudetama ~ Haha wo Tazunete Donkurai ~

- UniteUp!

2 Songs

UniteUp! Lyrics


Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte | ツンデレ悪役令嬢リーゼロッテと実況の遠藤くんと解説の小林さん - Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san

2 Songs

Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san Lyrics

Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san

- Trigun Stampede

2 Songs

Trigun Stampede Lyrics

Trigun Stampede

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill | とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

2 Songs

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Lyrics

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Lupin the 3rd vs Cat's Eye | ルパン三世 VS キャッツ・アイ - Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye

1 Songs

Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye Lyrics

Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre | 伊藤潤二『マニアック』 - Itou Junji: Maniac

2 Songs

Itou Junji: Maniac Lyrics

Itou Junji: Maniac

- The First Slam Dunk

2 Songs

The First Slam Dunk Lyrics

The First Slam Dunk

アイカツ! 10th STORY ~未来へのSTARWAY~ - Aikatsu! 10th Story: Mirai e no Starway

2 Songs

Aikatsu! 10th Story: Mirai e no Starway Lyrics

Aikatsu! 10th Story: Mirai e no Starway

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! | トモちゃんは女の子! - Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

2 Songs

Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Lyrics

Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!