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Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs | Yuuna of Yuragi Manor | Yuragi-sō no Yūna-san | ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん - Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

Yuragi-sou, once a flourishing hot springs inn, has now transformed into a mesmerizing boarding house that offers unbelievably affordable rates. However, this seemingly deserted abode is far from ordinary as it harbors a mysterious aura and a handful of extraordinary residents. Whispers echo through the corridors that an malicious specter haunts its halls, deterring any potential tenants. Nonetheless, this dilapidated sanctuary has become the perfect refuge for Fuyuzora Kogarashi—a destitute yet gifted psychic yearning for both an affordable dwelling and the opportunity to exorcise wayward spirits. Kogarashi readies himself for a formidable clash with the ghostly apparition, bracing for a terrifying encounter. However, to his astonishment, the ghost proves to be far more intriguing than the tales had suggested. The ethereal being manifests as a captivating, silver-haired maiden, her past shrouded in enigma save for the knowledge of her name: Yuuna. Even more peculiar, Kogarashi discovers that his fellow tenants at Yuragi-sou bear the unique ability to perceive Yuuna's ethereal presence, each possessing their own supernatural powers. Amidst the delightful chaos orchestrated by his eccentric housemates, Kogarashi embarks on a quest to unveil Yuuna's haunting remorse, the key to her liberation from the tether of the mortal realm. Failure to navigate this enigmatic journey may condemn Yuuna to an eternity of anguish, shackled as an evil spirit damned to wander the depths of hell itself.

2 Songs

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Lyrics

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

My First Girlfriend is a Gal | はじめてのギャル - Hajimete no Gal

In the wake of a mischievous act orchestrated by his cheeky comrades, Junichi Hashiba finds himself at a crossroads - determined to shed his embarrassing label as a hapless virgin. Willing to take the plunge and transform his fate, he musters up the courage to ask out a charming gal named Yukana Yame. However, Yukana is initially repulsed by Junichi's desperate plea. Undeterred, Junichi embarks on a journey that defies expectations as their initial discord evolves into a surprising bond, ultimately leading to Yukana accepting Junichi's heartfelt confession against all odds. Experience the enthralling tale of Hajimete no Gal as Junichi navigates through a tumultuous realm of self-doubt and reined-in desires, entering a vibrant new world teeming with vivacious girls and unpredictable episodes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for a captivating ride, as Junichi's quest for love and self-acceptance takes center stage.

2 Songs

Hajimete no Gal Lyrics

Hajimete no Gal

棺姫のチャイカ - Chaika The Coffin Princess

The relentless pursuit of Emperor Gaz's elusive remains continues unabated. Chaika, driven by an insatiable curiosity about her true identity and purpose, remains resolute in her quest. Simultaneously, the enigmatic Red Chaika persists in her relentless pursuit of the remaining remnants of the powerful Emperor. Meanwhile, the formidable Gillette corporation remains steadfast in their singular mission to capture each and every Chaika that crosses their path. As their thrilling adventure unfolds, a startling revelation emerges from the depths of an Emperor's hidden chronicles - a truth so carefully guarded that it has the potential to reshape the very fabric of their world. Bound by a shared destiny, Chaika, accompanied by her trusted allies Fredrica, Toru, and Akari, embark on a perilous journey to unearth this enigmatic secret buried within the annals of history. In a race against time, filled with treacherous twists and unexpected turns, they navigate through a treacherous landscape of intrigue and danger. Will they triumph over the shadowy forces that seek to obscure the truth? Only time will reveal the ultimate fate that awaits our intrepid heroes as they set forth to unravel the mysteries shrouding Emperor Gaz and fulfill their daunting destinies.

2 Songs

Chaika The Coffin Princess Lyrics

Chaika The Coffin Princess

- BB-Daman Bakugaiden

Shamans possess an extraordinary gift that allows them to establish a profound connection with the unseen realm of ghosts, spirits, and deities. Their incredible abilities and mystic powers set them apart from ordinary individuals. Enter the grand stage of the Shaman Fight—a highly esteemed tournament that gathers shamans from every corner of the globe, engaged in a thrilling battle for supremacy. Only the crowned victor, the illustrious Shaman King, gains the immense authority to beckon the Great Spirit and shape the very fabric of our world. One fateful night, as the clock mercilessly ticked away, Manta Oyamada, an average middle school student, finds himself running late for class. In his haste, he decides to take a detour through the tranquil cemetery nearby, unaware of the extraordinary encounter awaiting him. Illuminated by the ethereal moonlight, Manta stumbles upon a solitary figure perched upon a weathered gravestone. With a beckoning gesture, the enigmatic figure invites young Manta to partake in a celestial observation alongside "them." In sudden realization, Manta apprehends that "them" refers to the boy and his otherworldly companions—the elusive spirits that traverse the veil between realms. Overwhelmed by terror, Manta's instinct prompts him to retreat in haste. However, fate weaves its threads, and the boy reveals himself as You Asakura, a prodigious Shaman-in-training. With awe-inspiring intensity, You unveils his remarkable talents, enlisting the aid of his spectral comrade, Amidamaru, a ghostly samurai of ancient lineage. Together, they valiantly rescue Manta from a notorious gang of thugs. Forging an unbreakable bond, You, recognizing Manta's unique ability to perceive the ethereal realm, welcomes him as an irreplaceable confidant. Empowered by the indomitable spirit of Amidamaru, the duo embarks on an extraordinary journey, fueling You's ardent aspiration to claim the coveted title of the next Shaman King. Prepare to be immersed in the captivating saga of bravery, destiny, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

6 Songs

BB-Daman Bakugaiden Lyrics

BB-Daman Bakugaiden

ザ・リフレクション - THE REFLECTION

In the wake of a phenomenon known as the Reflection, individuals across the globe have awakened with extraordinary powers. This extraordinary event has brought about the emergence of both heroes and villains. Questions surrounding the origin and catalyst of this astounding occurrence continue to perplex the world, plunging it into a state of disarray and uncertainty. Prepare to embark on an enthralling journey as mysteries abound and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

2 Songs



Yuusha Exkizer - Brave Exkaiser

Delving deep into the enigmatic realm of the occult, teenager Yuuji Itadori embraces a life steeped in mystery as a member of the Occult Club. Days filled with secretive undertakings in the clubroom and heartfelt visits to his ailing grandfather at the hospital define Yuuji's seemingly tranquil existence. Yet, he could never anticipate the gripping, supernatural storm that fate has in store for him. An unexpected encounter with an eerie and cursed artifact sets off a bewildering series of paranormal events. Unbeknownst to Yuuji, he unwittingly consumes a finger, none other than a malevolent appendage belonging to the fearsome demon Sukuna Ryoumen—the very embodiment of pure malevolence. Suddenly and drastically, Yuuji's life is propelled into a realm teeming with Curses. These dreadful beings originate from the depths of human malice and feed off negativity, endangering the very fabric of society. As Yuuji awakens to his own latent sorcerous abilities, he gains a firsthand understanding of the ghastly menace posed by these Curses. The curtains part, revealing the eminent Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School—a prestigious institution tasked with combatting supernatural threats. It is here that Yuuji embarks upon an irrevocable journey down the path of a Jujutsu sorcerer, his destiny forever intertwined with the mystical forces that surround him.

2 Songs

Brave Exkaiser Lyrics

Brave Exkaiser

Welcome to the Ballroom | ボールルームへようこそ - Ballroom e Youkoso

Tatara Fujita, an unassuming middle schooler, finds himself adrift in a sea of uncertainty, devoid of any concrete plans for his future. Constantly seeking solace by avoiding confrontations and blending into the background, Tatara's existence takes a sudden turn when a group of bullies target him for money. Fortunately, salvation arrives in the form of a remarkable individual named Kaname Sengoku. Intrigued by this enigmatic figure, Tatara receives a life-altering invitation to explore the captivating world of dance at Sengoku's prestigious studio. While normally apprehensive about such pursuits, Tatara finds himself irresistibly drawn to Sengoku's commanding presence. Moreover, a chance to dance alongside his gifted classmate, Shizuku Hanaoka, who frequents the studio, further ignites Tatara's curiosity. Driven by an insatiable desire for self-improvement and a fervent passion for the art of movement, Tatara embarks on an extraordinary journey into the realm of competitive dance. Embracing the prospect of stepping into the spotlight, he discovers the joy and thrill of captivating audiences with his graceful prowess. With unwavering determination as his constant companion, Tatara's evolution as a dancer begins to unfurl, revealing the transformative power of dance in his life.

4 Songs

Ballroom e Youkoso Lyrics

Ballroom e Youkoso

Uchuu Senshi Baldios | 宇宙戦士バルディオス - Space Warrior Baldios

In a desolate future where humanity has ravaged its own planet, a sinister extraterrestrial race sets their sights on Earth as their new sanctuary. Caught in the midst of this impending doom is a solitary outcast, armed with the formidable weapon of a robotic spacecraft, known as Baldios. However, the burden of salvation is twin-fold: not only must this lone hero confront the impending alien menace, but he also faces the arduous task of earning the trust and belief of a skeptical human populace. Brace yourself for a thrilling saga of survival and redemption as the fate of our planet hangs in the balance.

3 Songs

Space Warrior Baldios Lyrics

Space Warrior Baldios

- Edens Bowy

On the fateful day of November 22, 2010, Japan faced an unprecedented act of terror known as "Careless Monday" when it was struck by a series of missile attacks. By some miracle, no lives were lost, and the incident quickly slipped away from public consciousness as life resumed its normal course. Months later, during her graduation trip to the United States, Saki Morimi, a warm-hearted college student, found herself in a precarious situation, only to be unexpectedly rescued by a peculiar man named Akira Takizawa. However, his eccentricity was apparent from the start - he was completely naked and suffering from a bout of amnesia, mistakenly believing himself to be a terrorist. But the surprises didn't end there. Takizawa carried a mysterious cell phone loaded with a mind-boggling 8.2 billion yen in digital currency. Despite the oddities and apprehension surrounding Takizawa, Saki couldn't help but form a connection with this enigmatic individual. Little did she know that their encounter would thrust her into a thrilling game of life and death, entangled in a web of money, high-tech phones, and the destiny of the world itself. As the story of Higashi no Eden unfurls, Saki embarks on a quest to unravel the secrets behind her enigmatic savior. Meanwhile, Takizawa finds himself battling formidable opponents wielding similar devices, with each step bringing him closer to his forgotten past and a potential connection to the cataclysmic event that transpired months ago. Prepare yourself for a riveting tale of intrigue and salvation as Saki and Takizawa navigate through the mysteries that intertwine their lives, setting the stage for a captivating journey that spans beyond the realm of imagination.

4 Songs

Edens Bowy Lyrics

Edens Bowy

バキ - Baki

Following his triumph in a grueling underground tournament, Baki Hanma presses onward on his quest to overthrow his father, the legendary Yuujirou, widely regarded as the mightiest man alive. Yet, there is no respite awaiting him as Tokugawa Mitsunari, the orchestrator of the tournament, appears unexpectedly at Baki's school. Unveiling a sinister revelation, Tokugawa informs Baki that a formidable quintet of death row inmates, possessing unparalleled martial arts prowess, have simultaneously broken free from their confines and are en route to Tokyo with an insatiable desire for ultimate defeat. It is Tokugawa's grave caution that, owing to Baki's reputation as a prodigious fighter, he is destined to cross paths with these merciless adversaries, who harbor deadly intentions not solely towards him. Inspirited by the inaugural saga of the subsequent manga series, Baki mesmerizes with an intensely riveting chronicle of an all-encompassing battle that unfolds amid the reverberating clashes between Japan's esteemed martial artists and their nefarious counterparts lurking within the elusive realms of the criminal underworld.

6 Songs

Baki Lyrics


Isekai Cheat Majutsushi | 異世界チート魔術師 (マジシャン) - Isekai Cheat Magician

In the realm of daily routine, where the mundane was dominant, Taichi Nishimura and his long-time friend, Rin Azuma, embarked on their usual journey to school. However, fate intervened in the form of a celestial light that whisked them away to an enchanted realm teeming with mystical beings. In this fantastical domain, danger lurks at every turn. An ominous beast threatens Taichi and Rin, but their imminent peril is swiftly averted by a band of seasoned adventurers. These experienced warriors inform our protagonists that their lack of weaponry and combat expertise renders them vulnerable to the escalating onslaught of menacing creatures. To overcome this vulnerability, Taichi and Rin are compelled to venture to the Guild, a venerable institution that evaluates one's magical prowess and allows for registration as certified adventurers. Their visit to the Guild, however, reveals an unforeseen revelation: Taichi and Rin possess extraordinary, unparalleled abilities that eclipse those of ordinary mages. In an instant, these once-ordinary high school students metamorphose into formidable cheat magicians, transcending the boundaries of normalcy. Determined to comprehend the profound depths of their newfound powers and navigate this bewildering new world, Taichi and Rin embark on a perilous journey of self-discovery. Yet, amidst their relentless pursuit for answers surrounding their mysterious translocation and a possible pathway back to their original reality, unknown adversaries loom in the enigmatic shadows, threatening to derail their quest. Join Taichi and Rin as they unravel the secrets entwined within their extraordinary destinies, diving headfirst into a realm rife with enigma, enchantment, and unforeseen challenges.

2 Songs

Isekai Cheat Magician Lyrics

Isekai Cheat Magician

- Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus delves into the extraordinary life of Sumire, an ordinary schoolgirl blessed with the unique gift of seeing spirits from a tender age. Sadly, her friends and family dismiss her claims as mere fabrications, leaving her feeling isolated and misunderstood. However, an unexpected encounter with a mystical brooch hurtling through the air, accompanied by the emergence of a gothloli-clad warrior named Lucia, thrusts her into a world teeming with monstrous entities known as "viruses." Now, Sumire stands at a crossroads, faced with a life-altering decision: Will she utilize her extraordinary abilities to combat these insidious creatures that prey upon humanity?

2 Songs

Venus Versus Virus Lyrics

Venus Versus Virus

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Red Cat Ramen | ラーメン赤猫 - Ramen Akaneko

2 Songs

Ramen Akaneko Lyrics

Ramen Akaneko

〈物語〉シリーズ オフ&モンスターシーズン - Monogatari Series : Off & Monster Season

1 Songs

Monogatari Series : Off & Monster Season Lyrics

Monogatari Series : Off & Monster Season

A Nobody's Way Up to an Exploration Hero LV | モブから始まる探索英雄譚 - Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan

2 Songs

Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan Lyrics

Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan

真夜中ぱんチ - Mayonaka Punch

2 Songs

Mayonaka Punch Lyrics

Mayonaka Punch

Dahlia in Bloom | 魔導具師ダリヤはうつむかない - Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai

2 Songs

Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai Lyrics

Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai

2.5 Dimensional Seduction | 2.5次元の誘惑 - 2.5 jigen no Ririsa

2 Songs

2.5 jigen no Ririsa Lyrics

2.5 jigen no Ririsa

VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream | VTuberなんだが配信切り忘れたら伝説になってた - VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiri Wasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta

1 Songs

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiri Wasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta Lyrics

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiri Wasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian | 時々ボソッとロシア語でデレる隣のアーリャさん - Tokidoki Bosotto Russia go de Dereru Tonari no Alya san

1 Songs

Tokidoki Bosotto Russia go de Dereru Tonari no Alya san Lyrics

Tokidoki Bosotto Russia go de Dereru Tonari no Alya san

Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World? | なぜ僕の世界を誰も覚えていないのか? - Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboete Inainoka?

4 Songs

Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboete Inainoka? Lyrics

Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboete Inainoka?

Narenare: Cheer for You! | 菜なれ花なれ - Nanare Hananare

2 Songs

Nanare Hananare Lyrics

Nanare Hananare

The Strongest Magician in the Demon Lord's Army Was a Human | 魔王軍最強の魔術師は人間だった - Maou Gun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta

1 Songs

Maou Gun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta Lyrics

Maou Gun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta

Too Many Losing Heroines! | 負けヒロインが多すぎる! - Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!

2 Songs

Make Heroine ga Oosugiru! Lyrics

Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!

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Compulsive Gambler | Kakegurui×× | 賭ケグルイ×× | 賭ケグルイ - Kakegurui

Hyakkaou Private Academy stands apart from traditional schools, as it uniquely prepares students for the harsh realities of the real world. With an enrollment primarily consisting of the offspring of the world's wealthiest individuals, this prestigious institution boasts an extraordinary approach to education. By day, students engage in standard academic subjects such as history and languages. But once the sun sets, the academy transforms into a captivating gambling hub, where money and social manipulation reign supreme. The powerful aphorism "money is power" holds true within these walls, as those who master the intricate games rise to unimaginable heights, securing their dominance over the school's hierarchy. Enter Yumeko Jabami, an enchanting transfer student who exudes an air of innocence and beauty. Beneath her seemingly naïve facade lies a fervent desire to immerse herself in Hyakkaou's eccentric curriculum. Contrary to her peers, Yumeko does not play solely for victory but seeks the electrifying thrill of a gamble. Her audacious, almost insane, style of gambling promises to inject an astonishing unpredictability into the establishment's conventional proceedings, thus unfurling a tapestry of newfound challenges and unprecedented triumphs.

5 Songs

Kakegurui Lyrics


ワンダーエッグ・プライオリティ - Wonder Egg Priority

In the wake of her beloved friend Koito Nagase's tragic suicide, Ai Ooto finds herself thrust into a harrowing new reality. Devastated and despondent, she accepts the mysterious bidding of an enigmatic being, leading her to acquire a peculiar artifact known as the Wonder Egg. Unbeknownst to her, this extraordinary egg holds the power to transport Ai to a realm that manifests within her dreams, where she is entrusted with a crucial mission: to rescue individuals from the clutches of adversity. Fuelled by a desperate desire to bring her dear friend back, Ai embarks on a perilous journey, delving into the depths of these dreamscapes to combat the demons plaguing those she encounters. In Wonder Egg Priority, the captivating and dangerous allure of this surreal world beckons Ai, offering her a glimmer of hope in her quest for salvation. As she navigates through this mysterious domain, she uncovers the intricate web connecting the inner turmoil plaguing both herself and the tortured souls she encounters along the way. Immersed in a landscape teeming with past traumas, haunting regrets, and primal fears, Wonder Egg Priority unearths the profound struggles etching their mark upon humanity. Witness as a young heroine, armed with compassion and determination, daringly confronts the darkest recesses of the human psyche, emerging as a beacon of hope and deliverance.

2 Songs

Wonder Egg Priority Lyrics

Wonder Egg Priority

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle | 魔王城でおやすみ - Maou-jou de Oyasumi

Within the gloomy stronghold of the fearsome Demon Lord Tasogare lies a chilling abode, teeming with an array of menacing creatures. Incarceration within its unholy walls is enough to evoke sheer terror in any hapless soul. However, an exception exists in the form of the resilient human princess, Aurora Suya Rhys "Syalis" Kaymin. Though amidst dire circumstances, Syalis remains unfazed except for a singular obsession— slumber. Since her abduction by the demon lord from her own kingdom, the princess has been deprived of a single, restful night's repose.
In her quest for a respite from the tyrannical grip of her nocturnal tribulations, Syalis ingeniously employs whatever resources the fortress affords her. Whether it be the plush fur of demonic teddy bears or the ethereal, silken embrace of ghostly shrouds, she spares no effort in securing a tranquil slumber. Amidst a plethora of materials within her grasp, the slumbering princess is determined to find solace in her unyielding pursuit, unbothered even by the specter of death itself.

2 Songs

Maou-jou de Oyasumi Lyrics

Maou-jou de Oyasumi

SK Eight | SK∞ エスケーエイト - SK8 the Infinity

Passionate high school student Reki Kyan lives and breathes the exhilarating world of skateboarding. When the sun sets, he dives into the heart-pounding underground realm known as "S" - an illicit race held deep inside an abandoned mine, where skaters push their limits in daring and dangerous ways. However, a devastating setback leaves Reki with a shattered skateboard and a broken arm, rendering him unable to indulge in his beloved sport. Fate takes an intriguing turn when Reki crosses paths with a new classmate, Langa Hasegawa, a unique blend of Canadian and Japanese heritage who lacks any skateboarding experience. Bound by the necessity for quick cash, the two find themselves venturing into the treacherous grounds of "S" under the orders of Reki's boss. In the face of unforeseen trouble, they are compelled to enter a high-stakes bet, thrusting Langa into a race he is unprepared for. Little does Reki know, Langa harbors a mysterious secret that holds the key to their improbable victory. With the odds stacked against them, the dynamic duo embarks on a thrilling journey that promises uncharted thrills and unexpected triumphs in the realm of underground skateboarding.

6 Songs

SK8 the Infinity Lyrics

SK8 the Infinity

のんのんびより - Non Non Biyori

Hotaru Ichijou undergoes a complete transformation in the realm of lifestyle as she bids farewell to the bustling city of Tokyo and embarks on a new adventure with her family in the serene and secluded village of Asahigaoka. Unveiling a unique academic setting, Hotaru finds herself amidst a mere five fellow students, defying conventional grade-level boundaries as they unite under one roof in a single classroom. The absence of convenience stores in this idyllic locale and the infrequent arrival of buses, spanning up to two hours, further magnify the distinctness of their rustic environment. Surprisingly, the captivating allure of the countryside captivates Hotaru, largely attributed to the fascinating quartet of schoolmates she encounters. Bound by an indelible friendship, these peers bring an incomparable vibrancy to Hotaru's life. Amongst them, Renge Miyauchi, a remarkably sharp-witted first-grader, stands out, showcasing maturity beyond her tender age. Equally enthralling are the counterparts, the Koshigaya siblings: the tranquil elder brother Suguru, the dainty Komari, and mischievous youngest sister Natsumi. With the inclusion of a city dweller in their cheerful circle, the unremarkable days in Asahigaoka suddenly assume a remarkable hue. Hotaru, armed with a wealth of firsthand experiences from the outside world, breathes new life into the well-worn routine. Through her fresh perspective, a brilliant transformation cascades upon their existence, embracing the winds of change that gracefully dance through their tranquil village.

2 Songs

Non Non Biyori Lyrics

Non Non Biyori

ホリミヤ - Horimiya

At first glance, one would never imagine that Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura could ever see eye-to-eye. Hori, blessed with a captivating blend of beauty and intelligence, while Miyamura, seemingly timid and aloof in the eyes of his peers. But fate has a funny way of bringing unlikely pairs together. A chance encounter reveals the hidden depths within each of them. Though Hori is revered at school, her overwhelming responsibilities at home leave little time for socializing. Conversely, Miyamura, donning an inconspicuous facade, harbors a multitude of secretive tattoos and piercings, creating a perception of a gentle delinquent. Despite their contrasting personas, these two individuals forge an unexpected bond, finding solace and understanding within their unique connection. Their friendship blossoms, often finding refuge within the confines of Hori's home, where they can truly be themselves. As they both peel back the layers of their outward facades, they gradually unveil sides of themselves that remain concealed from the prying eyes of the outside world.

2 Songs

Horimiya Lyrics


Rent-a-Girlfriend, Kanokari | 彼女, お借りします - Kanojo, Okarishimasu

In the tumultuous world of love and heartbreak, Kazuya Kinoshita, a brilliant 20-year-old student, had it all— a radiant girlfriend named Mami Nanami who illuminated his life. Alas, fate had a wicked twist in store for him as Mami abruptly ended their relationship, casting him into the depths of desolation and emptiness. Determined to mend his broken heart, Kazuya turned to an unconventional solution: a rental girlfriend procured through a cutting-edge online application. Enter Chizuru Mizuhara, a breathtaking beauty adorned with an infectious charm that bewitches Kazuya from the very beginning. However, as time unravels peculiar tales of Chizuru's interactions with other customers, Kazuya's trust in her withers, convinced that her warm smile and nurturing nature were nothing more than an elaborate facade designed to toy with his fragile emotions. Fueled by anger and disappointment, Kazuya rates her poorly without hesitation. But little does he know, this impulsive act of his sets the stage for a monumental confrontation, as Chizuru bares her true, spirited self, unyielding and unafraid to express her frustrations. Their one-sided exchange abruptly halts when a distressing phone call shatters the tension— Kazuya's beloved grandmother has suffered a sudden collapse, sending shockwaves of panic through his weary heart. In a hurry, they race to the hospital, Chizuru's presence adding an unexpected layer of complexity to this already precarious situation. As Kazuya's grandmother awakens and gazes upon them, bewildered and inquiring, he instinctively blurts out that they are lovers, propelling Chizuru into an arduous charade. Amidst the remnants of his shattered romance with Mami, Kazuya now finds himself entangled in an intricate web of emotions, questioning how long this reluctant rental girlfriend can keep up the facade. Will they triumph over adversity and discover true love in the process, or will their blossoming connection crumble under the weight of their past? The stage is set, and the curtain rises on a captivating tale of love, heartache, and the boundless complexities of human relationships.

8 Songs

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Lyrics

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Fly Me to the Moon | トニカクカワイイ - Tonikaku Kawaii

Nasa Yuzaki harbors an unwavering determination to secure his place in the annals of history. Having outperformed his peers in the national mock exam and setting his sights on an esteemed high school, he firmly believes his life's trajectory is precisely plotted. Yet, as we know, fate revels in its capricious nature. And so, on a fateful snowy evening, Nasa's gaze is captivated by an extraordinary beauty gracing the opposite side of the street. Enchanted by her presence, he musters the courage to approach her, only to be abruptly blindsided by an approaching truck. Thankfully, his life is spared from the clutches of tragedy due to the swift intervention of the enigmatic girl. Bleeding by the side of the ambulance, he watches her vanish under the soft moonlight, evoking the essence of Princess Kaguya's departure for the moon. Refusing to let this serendipitous encounter dissolve into a mere memory, Nasa summons his indomitable will and braves his damaged body to pursue her, daring to confess his feelings. Remarkably, the girl, taken aback by his audacity and resolute determination, acquiesces to his revelation but imposes a consequential caveat: they may only unite in the holy bond of matrimony!

7 Songs

Tonikaku Kawaii Lyrics

Tonikaku Kawaii

Boku no Piko | My Pico | ぼくのぴこ - Boku no Pico

Pico, a vibrant and joyful soul, finds himself immersed in the sunlit ambiance of Café Bebe, his grandfather's charming coffee shop. Meanwhile, Tamotsu, a diligent white-collar worker, yearns for an escape from the monotony of his day-to-day existence. As destiny would have it, these two individuals cross paths within the cozy confines of the café, igniting a fervent flame of love and desire. Amidst this extraordinary encounter, societal norms of age, gender, and sexuality are effortlessly shattered, allowing their connection to flourish in the pursuit of sensory gratification. Yet, amidst the intoxicating pleasures of the flesh, can a deeper emotional bond be forged between their beating hearts?

3 Songs

Boku no Pico Lyrics

Boku no Pico

So I'm a Spider, So What? | 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? - Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

In the blink of an eye, a catastrophic blast claimed the lives of an entire high school class, whisking their souls away to an otherworldly realm of enchantment and granting them the gift of reincarnation. However, not all were bestowed with the same prestigious destinies. Our fearless protagonist, once the unassuming underdog of the class, found herself reborn as none other than a spider! Plunged into the depths of a treacherous labyrinth swarming with perils and monstrous creatures, she must summon every ounce of her grit and adaptability to navigate this unforgiving new reality. Trapped at the very bottom of the food chain, it's a merciless world where survival hinges on one's instincts to devour or be devoured. With unwavering resolve, our spindly heroine faces the daunting challenge of not only escaping the clutches of impending doom but also securing her rightful place in this extraordinary realm. Eagerly traversing an arduous path, this extraordinary tale follows the indomitable spirit of a spider as she cunningly outmaneuvers her adversaries, leveraging every resource at her disposal in the name of survival itself.

4 Songs

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Lyrics

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujō: Osananajimi wa Shōbōshi | 指先から本気の熱情-幼なじみは消防士- - Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi

In the depths of a nightmarish inferno, Ryou Fujihashi's world is engulfed in flames. Trapped within the relentless blaze, her desperate cries for help echo through the thick haze of smoke. Time stands still as she battles against the suffocating darkness, yearning for a way to escape the clutches of imminent disaster. Miraculously, a divine intervention takes shape in the form of a gallant firefighter, swiftly summoned to the scene by a concerned citizen. As Ryou's tenuous grip on hope trembles, a familiar face emerges from the chaos – none other than her childhood companion, Souma Mizuno. Amidst the turbulent blaze, a spark of recognition ignites within Ryou's heart. Yet, the flame that once burned brightly for Souma had long been extinguished by his notorious reputation as a heartbreaker. Determined to find refuge from the debris of her shattered life, Ryou seizes the lifeline offered by her childhood confidant. Entrusting her fate to him, she steps into Souma's world, seeking shelter in his loving embrace. However, Ryou soon discovers that surrendering to his hospitality comes with its own set of boundaries – boundaries forged with desire, boundaries that, if crossed, unleash a tempest of passion waiting to consume them both. Yet, as Ryou delicately balances the delicate dance of intimacy with Souma, she finds herself irresistibly drawn into the company of the other valiant firefighters. These paragons of strength and allure magnetize her attention, casting shadows of doubt on the path she has chosen. Even as Souma's heart beats in sync with Ryou's, she must grapple with the tormenting uncertainty of her own desires. Can she resist the allure of temptation, or will the flames of temptation prove too consuming to ignore?

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Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi Lyrics

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi

アクダマドライブ - Akudama Drive

Step into the bustling metropolis of Kansai, where a symphony of cybernetic screens illuminates the neon-lit streets. At first glance, this technological utopia may deceive you with its shimmering facade. But in the depths of shadowy alleys, a ruthless criminal underbelly thrives, harboring elusive fugitives known as "Akudama." Familiar with these elusive beings, the Kansai police prepare to thrust the notorious murderer, "Cutthroat," into the merciless jaws of public execution. With a documented kill count of 999 lives, the weight of Cutthroat's crimes is undeniable. Yet, just as justice seems certain, the city trembles under the clandestine arrival of a cryptic communique. Intriguingly, this enigmatic missive reaches the ears of selected Akudama elites, tempting them to embark on a daring mission: to liberate Cutthroat, alluringly packaged with the promise of vast wealth. An invisible hand orchestrates a gathering of these dangerous personas, an event destined to transform the impending execution into a full-blown and tantalizing descent into mayhem and bloodshed.

3 Songs

Akudama Drive Lyrics

Akudama Drive