7 Seeds Songs Lyrics

7 Seeds Songs Lyrics


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7 Seeds Songs
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Anime Information

Title:7 Seeds

Also Called:セブンシーズ


Released on year:2002

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:50


Picture yourself in the midst of your ordinary daily routine - perhaps enjoying the company of friends, savoring a sumptuous home-cooked meal, or basking in the warmth of your partner's affection. Now, imagine awakening from a blissful slumber only to find yourself trapped in a bewildering realm, utterly isolated amidst the chaos of a tempestuous storm, surrounded by five unfamiliar faces on a rapidly sinking vessel. In this breathtaking saga, Natsu Iwashimizu, an ordinary individual like you or me, is abruptly thrust into an unfathomable existence. Bereft of humanity, the Japanese populace has been reduced to a mere handful, comprising five distinct factions carefully selected to preserve our species by traversing the unforgiving corridors of time. While her compatriots possess invaluable aptitudes in martial arts, erudition, and architectural prowess, young Natsu embodies the epitome of reticence, incapable of even raising her voice in proclamation. As the perilous dimensions of this new world unfold before her eyes, it becomes apparent that Natsu's seemingly unexceptional nature belies a profound significance. Together, they must embark on an arduous journey towards the fabled "Seven Fuji," braving inconceivable hardships if they wish to secure the survival of our species.