91 Days Songs Lyrics

91 Days Songs Lyrics


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91 Days Songs
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Anime Information

Title:91 Days

Also Called:91Days


Released on year:2012

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:13


In the quiet town of Lawless, a heart-wrenching tragedy unfolds, forever changing the life of young Angelo Lagusa. The Vanetti mafia family, in a ruthless act, viciously eliminates his parents and younger brother, leaving him with nothing but unfathomable grief. Determined to reclaim justice and exact his vengeance, Angelo bids farewell to his former self and assumes the identity of Avilio Bruno. Fast forward seven years, a cryptic message arrives, beckoning Avilio to return to the hauntingly familiar streets of Lawless. Seizing this long-awaited opportunity, he cunningly crosses paths with Nero, the charismatic son of the Vanetti don, striving to forge an unexpected bond. Beneath Avilio's calm facade lies a meticulously-honed set of skills, honed in the shadows throughout the years of relentless preparation. Immersed in the Prohibition era, 91 Days ventures into the depths of Avilio's murky journey, enveloped in an atmosphere of darkness and brimming with a thirst for retribution. With every calculated move, he methodically eliminates each man responsible for the annihilation of his beloved family, painting a gripping tale of blood-soaked vengeance.