AI no Idenshi Songs Lyrics

The Gene of AI | AIの遺電子
AI no Idenshi Songs Lyrics


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AI no Idenshi Songs
AI no Idenshi Opening Lyrics The Gene of AI | AIの遺電子 Opening Lyrics
AI no Idenshi Ending Lyrics The Gene of AI | AIの遺電子 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:AI no Idenshi

Also Called:The Gene of AI | AIの遺電子


Released on year:2023

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In the not-so-distant future, behold the rise of Humanoids! These remarkable machines, adorned with unique sideways pupils, possess advanced functions and incredible artificial intelligence that closely emulate human personalities. But with their specialized needs come the requirement for a one-of-a-kind physician. Enter Dr. Hikaru Sudou, who runs a cutting-edge medical clinic exclusively catering to these extraordinary beings during the day. However, as night falls, he assumes the clandestine identity of Moggadeet, diving into the world of illegal procedures and unearthing crucial information about his mysterious lost mother. Within this society brimming with marvels, Dr. Hikaru encounters an array of patients burdened with peculiar dilemmas that are exclusive to their kind. One Humanoid agonizes over the question of whether her identity is truly linked to the source of her backup data. Another, an athletic teenage marvel, perturbs Dr. Hikaru as he grapples with the inability to enhance his physical capabilities. Even a delightful robotic teddy bear, adorned with memories linked to numerous owners, seeks solace in this extraordinary doctor. As technological advancements unfurl, the promises of a more complex tomorrow arise, resurfacing profound questions surrounding the essence of humanity itself. With each stride forward, the boundaries of what truly defines a human or a Humanoid blur intriguingly.


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