ACTORS Songs Lyrics

Actors: Songs Connection | ACTORS -Songs Connection-
ACTORS Songs Lyrics


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ACTORS Opening Lyrics Actors: Songs Connection | ACTORS -Songs Connection- Opening Lyrics
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Also Called:Actors: Songs Connection | ACTORS -Songs Connection-


Released on year:2019

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


On a scorching summer day, precisely on August 14, something extraordinary unfolds in the life of Shintarou Kisaragi. For two long years, he has been held captive within the confines of his room, but fate has decided to abruptly thrust him into the outside world. Engrossed in a heated exchange with Ene, a virtual companion dwelling within his computer, a mishap results in the unfortunate spilling of soda on Shintarou's keyboard. Alas, finding a replacement online becomes a futile endeavor due to the closure of most stores during the Obon festival, leaving him with no choice but to venture into the depths of the local department store. However, the very thought of stepping foot outside sends waves of anxiety crashing through Shintarou's being. Nevertheless, he realizes that living without the comfort of his beloved computer is an unbearable prospect. Fingers crossed, he embarks on an arduous journey, unknowingly setting the stage for an unimaginable and heart-pounding turn of events. But fret not, fate has a peculiar way of weaving its whimsical tapestry. Enter a mysterious cohort of gifted teenagers endowed with extraordinary ocular powers, the enigmatic "Mekakushi Dan." These young heroes come to Shintarou's aid, defying all odds and tackling the unbelievable hostage crisis unfolding before their eyes. In a twist of fate, Shintarou finds himself entangled in the web of their secret society, compelled to join their ranks alongside the digital companion, Ene. Each member possesses a unique ability, and as their stories unfold like puzzle pieces, a mesmerizing tapestry of interconnected destinies begins to unravel, exposing a deep-rooted, clandestine truth that binds them all together.