Adam By Eve: A Live In Animation Songs Lyrics

Adam By Eve: A Live In Animation Songs Lyrics


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Adam By Eve: A Live In Animation Songs
Adam By Eve: A Live In Animation Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Adam By Eve: A Live In Animation


Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:24


Transitioning to a new school can be quite the ordeal, especially for someone like Nobuaki Kanazawa who prefers to keep his distance from others. Little does he know, his aversion to making new friends will soon be justified when his entire class unexpectedly receives a mysterious text message from an enigmatic figure known only as "The King." In this message lies a disturbing set of rules for a twisted game called the "King's Game," where every single member of the class is inexorably drawn into its eerie clutches. Refusing to partake in this macabre game is not an option, as a dire consequence awaits those who dare to abstain, quit midway, or fail to follow an order within a chilling 24-hour time frame. Why must they endure such a heart-stopping ordeal? What does this ominous King seek to accomplish through this deadly game? Haunted by his past experiences, Nobuaki endeavors to enlighten his unsuspecting peers about the imminent danger looming over them. Tragically, his former classmates paid the ultimate price for their ignorance. Now, trapped in a nightmarish situation with no hope of escape, Nobuaki faces a grave moral dilemma: should he prioritize his own survival, forsaking the fates of those around him? Or will he summon the courage to rise above his fears and become their savior, defying the malevolent whims of the King's Game?