Aiyou de Mishi Songs Lyrics

X&Y | 爱幽的密室
Aiyou de Mishi Songs Lyrics


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Aiyou de Mishi Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Aiyou de Mishi

Also Called:X&Y | 爱幽的密室



Seeking refuge from a nocturnal downpour, Yan Yuechu and his colleague Hu Zhi stumble upon an intriguing haven: the enigmatic XY escape game establishment owned by the elusive Xu Aiyou. Despite its notorious reputation, the intrepid duo dares to embark on this exhilarating adventure. With an hour ticking away, they must unravel perplexing riddles and navigate through eerie chambers to triumph over the labyrinthine enigma. Although they emerge victorious, Xu Aiyou's haunting past, subtly hidden within the game, leaves an indelible mark on their psyches. Strangely, surreal echoes of their escape game experience manifest in their dreams, capturing their subconscious minds with alarming intensity. The following day, Yan Yuechu receives a perplexing missive, cautioning him to steer clear of escape games. Despite an absence of definitive answers from Xu Aiyou, the perplexing mystery persists as Yan Yuechu finds himself once again trapped in a dreamscape, bound by the confines of a disquieting bedroom. Yet, is it truly a mere figment of his imagination? With reality blurring the line between illusion and truth, Yan Yuechu must plunge deep into the enigmatic web of XY to reclaim his fragile sanity.