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Title: Akane-chan
Released on year:1968
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:26


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Akane was a country girl, new to a prestigious high. She is full of energy and she loves everyone. Hidemaro, she likes the rich and arrogant boy too. She solves problems that come their way with everyone's help.

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Akane-chan ( あかねちゃん, "Little Miss Akane" ) is a Tetsuya Chiba shōjo manga series. This was serialised from April to September 1968 in Shōjo Friend, published by Kodansha. It was adapted to a 1968 monochrome Toei anime series of the same name, directed by Fusahito Nagaki, Yasuo Yamaguchi, Yugo Serikawa, and Takeshi Tamiya, originally broadcast on Fuji television.According to Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy's The Anime Wiki, it was "deliberately designed to evoke a remote, carefree period of rural childhood for urban children deprived of the opportunity, putting it in the same spirit as My Neighbor Totoro.
" It has been argued that the anime is a more condensed version of the manga's more in-depth themes.


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