Akuma-kun (ONA) Songs Lyrics

Akuma-kun (ONA) Songs Lyrics


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Akuma-kun (ONA) Songs
Akuma-kun (ONA) Ending Lyrics 悪魔くん Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Akuma-kun (ONA)

Also Called:悪魔くん


Released on year:2023


In a world of corporate ambitions and hidden agendas, life takes a treacherous turn for Mr. Satou, a diligent employee at the realm's largest electronics conglomerate. Offered an enticing proposition by his boss, to mentor his enigmatic son for a coveted promotion, Mr. Satou eagerly embraces the opportunity. Little does he know, this path is rife with spine-chilling secrets. Enter Ichirou Matsushita, a seemingly innocent young boy who conceals a mind that rivals geniuses. However, lurking beneath his facade lies an unsettling truth - a sinister purpose that casts a chilling shadow over Mr. Satou's existence. The revelation unfolds when Mr. Satou finds himself subject to a harrowing curse, transforming him into a lizard-like creature and binding him as one of Ichirou's devoted servants. Here, the intricate web of Ichirou's identity unravels, exposing him as the enigmatic "Akuma-kun" - a brilliant sorcerer who wields the powers of black magic. With a malevolent purpose fueling his actions, Ichirou's ultimate goal is to tear open the portal connecting hell and earth, summoning the formidable demons from the abyss and seizing dominion over the entire world. Step into this gripping tale where shadows dance, alliances shift, and the fate of humanity hangs precariously in the balance. Join Mr. Satou as he navigates a treacherous labyrinth of dark enchantments and unimaginable evil, desperately seeking a way to thwart Ichirou's wicked machinations. Will he succeed, or will the forces of darkness prevail? Unleash your curiosity and brace yourself for a spellbinding journey into the heart of unbridled malevolence.


To celebrate the momentous occasion of Shigeru Mizuki's 100th birthday, we pay tribute to the incredible legacy left behind by this legendary artist.