Alice to Zouroku Lyrics

Alice & Zoroku | 銈€儶銈广仺钄靛叚 姝岃

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Alice & Zoroku | 銈€儶銈广仺钄靛叚 銈兗銉椼儖銉炽偘

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Alice & Zoroku | 銈€儶銈广仺钄靛叚 銈ㄣ兂銉囥偅銉炽偘
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Alice to Zouroku Lyrics
Title: Alice to Zouroku
Also Called:Alice & Zoroku | 銈€儶銈广仺钄靛叚
Released on year:2017
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:12


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Sana is not an average little girl; she has a remarkable talent known as "Alice's Vision." Because of her capacity to construct something out of her imagination, all she knows is the laboratory where she is a test subject. Wanting to see the outside world, she escapes in a convenience store and encounters a stubborn old florist named Zouroku Kashimura. Much too early, her pursuers catch up and Sana's troubles rope Zouroku.Far from attempting to isolate himself, however, Zouroku reaches out a hand to support Sana.
He also gives the pursuers a piece of his mind according to his beliefs and his sense of justice! Zouroku then offers Sana a place to live, the everyday life and the unlikely duo's struggles begin.


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Alice & Zoroku ( 銈€儶銈广仺钄靛叚, Arisu to Z艒roku ) is a Tetsuya Imai japanese manga series. It started serialization in its manga magazine Monthly Comic Ry奴 in Tokuma Shoten in December 2012. It was compiled into seven volumes of tank艒bon. In 2013 the manga received the New Face Award of the Japan Media Arts Festival. The adaptation of J.C.Staff's anime television series ran from April through June 2017.

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