All Out!! Lyrics

γ‚ͺγƒΌγƒ«γ‚’γ‚¦γƒˆ!! 歌詞

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All Out!! Opening Lyrics

γ‚ͺγƒΌγƒ«γ‚’γ‚¦γƒˆ!! γ‚ͺープニング

All Out!! Ending Lyrics

γ‚ͺγƒΌγƒ«γ‚’γ‚¦γƒˆ!! エンディング
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All Out!! Lyrics
Title: All Out!!
Also Called:γ‚ͺγƒΌγƒ«γ‚’γ‚¦γƒˆ!!
Released on year:2016
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:25

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There's no ace striker in rugby, there's no number four batter so who's the team's star?

The story starts at Kanagawa High School school entrance ceremony where a tiny but gutsy go-getter, Kenji Gion, enters the rugby team. He meets his classmate Iwashimizu, who has a complicated past and subcaptain Hachiouji, who also takes good care of the members of his Club. Finally, Captain Sekizan has immense powers but holds his cards below his waist. With these variations in personality as well as physical ability, the team needs to learn to work and develop together so that they can be the best.


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