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Released on year:2013
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:12


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A young lady wakes up in the café's back room after fainting at work; she works at without recollection of her past or those around her. Two of her peers, named Shin and Toma, whom she soon learns, are called to help her get home healthy. She encounters a spectral boy named Orion once she's home, that only she can see and hear. He mentions that because of his accidental visit to her world she lost her memories and he promises to help her remember who she is.However, it can be more difficult to recover her departed memories without disturbing those around her than she knows.

Aside from the gloomy Shin and the protective Toma, she must be vigilant to arouse the suspicions of the captivating Ikki, the quick-witted Kent, and a mysterious man hiding in the distance. As her amnesia entangles her in each of these men's lives, her fractured memories return piece by piece, and the complexities of her circumstances gradually expose themselves..

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