Ao no Orchestra Songs Lyrics

The Blue Orchestra | 青のオーケストラ
Ao no Orchestra Songs Lyrics


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Ao no Orchestra Songs
Ao no Orchestra Opening Lyrics The Blue Orchestra | 青のオーケストラ Opening Lyrics
Ao no Orchestra Ending Lyrics The Blue Orchestra | 青のオーケストラ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Ao no Orchestra

Also Called:The Blue Orchestra | 青のオーケストラ


Released on year:2023

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:24


Once regarded as a prodigy in the world of violin, Hajime's passion for music faded into silence after his father, the renowned violinist Ryuuji Aono, became entangled in a scandal that subjected their family to relentless media scrutiny. With his final year of middle school looming ahead, Hajime finds himself at a crossroads, desperately searching for a new path in life. However, a serendipitous encounter with his classmate Ritsuko Akine, and her enchanting violin melodies, reignite a long-dormant flame within Hajime's heart, rekindling his dreams of pursuing a musical career. Guided by Ritsuko's unwavering support, Hajime embarks on a journey to conquer the entrance exam for the esteemed Umimaku High School. Yet, gaining admission to the institution's prestigious orchestra not only demands exceptional talent but also compels Hajime to confront the scars of his past and embrace the boundless possibilities that await him in the magnificent world of music.