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Arata Kangatari Lyrics
Title: Arata Kangatari
Released on year:2013
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:12


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As a young boy from Amawakuni's noble family, Arata has always expected to make life his own before the word of the rising poor princess reaches his town. Unknown to him, his grandmother believed that at birth he was a child, and now, with no other girls to succeed the princess of the matriarchal Hime clan, he's next in line for the throne! Disguised as a woman seeking a replacement, Arata witnesses an attempted assassination of the princess by none other than her own guard, the 12 Shinsho. The crime is pinned on his back, forcing Arata to run to the forest of Kando, where it's said no one comes out the same.

Meanwhile, Arata Hinohara longs to run from the cruelty of his classmates in modern-day Japan. Hearing his name called from an alley, he drifted from his direction and unintentionally swapped Amawakuni worlds with Arata. Hinohara is setting out to restore order to this new world, using his own strength as a newly awakened "Sho"—a warrior capable of handling Hayagami, weapons with the aid of the gods—and the help of his companions that he meets along his journey..

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Arata: The Legend ( アラタカンガタリ 〜革神語〜, Arata Kangatari ) is a collection of Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. It began serialization in October 2008 on Weekly Shōnen Sunday. As of September 2015 the individual chapters were compiled into twenty-four volumes of tankōbons.
An adaptation of an anime TV series produced by Satelight and JM Animation, a Korean studio, aired from April through July 2013.

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