Arknights 【 Reimei Zensou / PRELUDE TO DAWN 】 Songs Lyrics

アークナイツ【黎明前奏/PRELUDE TO DAWN】
Arknights 【 Reimei Zensou / PRELUDE TO DAWN 】 Songs Lyrics


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Arknights 【 Reimei Zensou / PRELUDE TO DAWN 】 Songs
Arknights 【 Reimei Zensou / PRELUDE TO DAWN 】 Opening Lyrics アークナイツ【黎明前奏/PRELUDE TO DAWN】 Opening Lyrics
Arknights 【 Reimei Zensou / PRELUDE TO DAWN 】 Ending Lyrics アークナイツ【黎明前奏/PRELUDE TO DAWN】 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Arknights 【 Reimei Zensou / PRELUDE TO DAWN 】

Also Called:アークナイツ【黎明前奏/PRELUDE TO DAWN】


Released on year:2022

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:8


The Holy Grail War unfolds as a fierce battle royale, where seven enigmatic magi take center stage as Masters. Armed with command seals, bestowed upon them upon entry, these Masters call upon legendary Heroic Spirits, known as Servants, to wage war on their behalf. In this thrilling Fifth Holy Grail War, enter Rin Toosaka, a formidable contender striving to claim the ultimate prize: the mystical Holy Grail itself, a vessel capable of granting any desire. Amidst this high-stakes struggle, another participant emerges unexpectedly. Meet Shirou Emiya, Rin's fellow classmate, haplessly thrust into the throes of the contest. Commanding his own loyal Servant, Saber, a bond forms between them as they confront their shared adversaries. Sensing an opportunity amidst the chaos, Rin and Shirou forge a temporary alliance, their eyes fixed firmly on victory as they weave their way through the treacherous challenges of the Holy Grail War.


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