Ars no Kyojuu Songs Lyrics

Giant Beasts of Ars | アルスの巨獣
Ars no Kyojuu Songs Lyrics


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Ars no Kyojuu Songs
Ars no Kyojuu Opening Lyrics Giant Beasts of Ars | アルスの巨獣 Opening Lyrics
Ars no Kyojuu Ending Lyrics Giant Beasts of Ars | アルスの巨獣 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Ars no Kyojuu

Also Called:Giant Beasts of Ars | アルスの巨獣


Released in:Winter


In the fantastical realm of Ars, humanity finds itself locked in an unrelenting conflict against colossal beasts, wreaking havoc upon the land and consuming its precious resources. It is the chosen few, the revered defenders known as nagimori, who bear the burden of combating these ferocious creatures, harnessing the volatile energy of kannagi: enigmatic entities blessed with unruly, yet awe-inspiring, magical abilities. Amidst the sorrowful aftermath of his fallen comrade's demise, Jiiro, a once-fearsome nagimori, unexpectedly encounters Kuumi. This young woman, without warning, suddenly awakens her dormant magical potential. Together, they forge an unbreakable pact, pooling their strengths to safeguard their city from a perilous onslaught of giant beasts. Yet, lurking in the shadows is Mezami, the sinister mastermind behind a clandestine research facility, whose henchmen relentlessly hunt Kuumi, a fugitive on the run from her captors. Although hesitant at first, Jiiro resolves to aid Kuumi in her desperate escape, realizing the gravity of her situation. With their fates entwined, the unlikely pair embarks on a perilous journey, accompanied by Myaa, a young girl adorned with a mystical feline headdress. As they traverse through the expansive landscapes of Ars, oblivious to the machinations of high-ranking officials, our intrepid adventurers slowly become aware that it is not the monstrous beasts they should fear the most, but rather the treacherous intentions of men. Prepare yourself for a spellbinding saga set within the magnificent realm of Ars, where a riveting tale unfolds, showcasing gallant champions, enigmatic magic, and a staggering revelation that threatens to shatter their very existence.


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