Assault Lily: Bouquet Songs Lyrics

アサルトリリィ Bouquet
Assault Lily: Bouquet Songs Lyrics


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Assault Lily: Bouquet Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Assault Lily: Bouquet

Also Called:アサルトリリィ Bouquet


Released on year:2016

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the wake of a global catastrophe known as the "Huge" invasion, our world was forever changed. These enigmatic beings emerged fifty years ago, plunging humanity into a perilous struggle for survival. In this time of desperation, a formidable force rose to combat the threat - young female warriors known as "Lilies," harnessing an extraordinary power called "Magie." Armed with their potent weaponry, known as "Counter Huge ARMS" or "CHARMS," these remarkable individuals epitomize unwavering courage and unwavering hope. Enter Riri Hitotsuyanagi, an ordinary soul whose life was forever altered by an encounter with a Lily who selflessly saved her from a looming Huge attack. Captivated by the bravery she witnessed, Riri vowed to become a Lily herself. Setting her sights on Yurigaoka, a prestigious academy renowned for shaping formidable Lilies, her journey towards realizing her dream commences. As she steps foot into the hallowed grounds of Yurigaoka, Riri is astounded to discover that among her new classmates is none other than Yuyu Shirai - the very Lily who once rescued her. However, the jovial persona Riri once associated with Yuyu quickly unravels, revealing a complex and fiercely independent spirit who prefers to venture alone. Injected with determination, Riri yearns to bridge the divide between them, ready to go above and beyond to earn Yuyu's trust and forge a formidable bond. Guided by the camaraderie of Yuyu and their fellow Lilies, Riri embarks on an extraordinary odyssey toward fulfilling her destiny. United by their unwavering resolve, Riri's transformation from a wide-eyed admirer to a true force to be reckoned with has only just begun. Prepare to witness a tale of extraordinary valor, where friendships are forged, and legends are born amidst the chaos of battle.


The captivating world of Assault Lily comes alive through its remarkable anime adaptation, forming an integral part of a larger multimedia project centered around the beloved Assault Lily dolls. This ambitious undertaking also encompasses an enthralling theatrical play, ensuring a truly immersive experience for fans.