Assault Lily: Fruits Songs Lyrics

Assault Lily Mini Anime | アサルトリリィ ふるーつ
Assault Lily: Fruits Songs Lyrics


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Assault Lily: Fruits Songs

Anime Information

Title:Assault Lily: Fruits

Also Called:Assault Lily Mini Anime | アサルトリリィ ふるーつ


Released on year:2020

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Introducing an extraordinary collection of anime mini-series, starring the beloved characters from the ever-popular Assault Lily franchise. Delve into the captivating world of these enchanting figures as they embark on thrilling adventures that will leave you utterly spellbound. It's time to brace yourself for an exceptional viewing experience that will transport you to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonder and excitement of these spectacular mini-anime creations, meticulously crafted to ensure an enthralling journey like no other. Surrender to the charm of Assault Lily's remarkable characters as they bring their engaging stories to life with finesse and creativity. Prepare to be captivated, for their tales are set to weave a spell of pure entertainment, leaving you yearning for more.