Azur Lane: Queen's Orders Songs Lyrics

アズールレーン Queen's Orders
Azur Lane: Queen's Orders Songs Lyrics


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Azur Lane: Queen's Orders Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Azur Lane: Queen's Orders

Also Called:アズールレーン Queen's Orders


Released on year:2023

Num Episodes:2


Due to an immense and debilitating exhaustion, the valiant commander of Azur Lane collapses into a deep coma. In order to maintain order and prevent anxiety from infiltrating the ranks, the esteemed secretary ship, Queen Elizabeth, makes a clandestine decision to assume the commander's responsibilities. Alongside her steadfast comrade, Warspite, and a few reliable allies, she resolves to preserve a seamless operation. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth swiftly discovers that assuming the mantle of leadership is a far from simple feat. With unwavering determination, she tirelessly endeavors to ensure smooth functioning, all while adeptly concealing the truth. Yet, as time progresses, the situation takes a turn for the worse, as an increasing number of shipgirls begin to harbor suspicions concerning the commander's whereabouts.