B: The Beginning Succession Songs Lyrics

B: The Beginning 2nd Season
B: The Beginning Succession Songs Lyrics


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B: The Beginning Succession Songs
B: The Beginning Succession Ending Lyrics B: The Beginning 2nd Season Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:B: The Beginning Succession

Also Called:B: The Beginning 2nd Season


Released on year:2017

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


In the thrilling first season of B: The Beginning, we were captivated by the courageous journey of two remarkable individuals who defied their haunting pasts and made immense sacrifices. Keith Flick, the tenacious detective, valiantly confronted his inner demons to expose the sinister secrets concealed within the Kingdom of Cremona. Meanwhile, Koku, a prodigious mutant, embarked on a quest to reclaim his stolen childhood memories, ultimately finding solace in a bittersweet reunion. Several months have now elapsed, and the world has seemingly forgotten the chaos that ensued. Nevertheless, as Keith resumes his investigations within the esteemed Royal Police force, he unravels a web of intrigue while striving for justice. On the other hand, Koku and Yuna, longing for a tranquil existence, endeavor to embrace an ordinary life. Yet, little do they know that the consequences of the notorious Jaula Blanca experiments linger ominously, as Koku's presumed-dead laboratory companion, Kirisame, resurfaces unexpectedly, marking the resurgence of a perilous chapter.