Back Arrow Songs Lyrics

Back Arrow Songs Lyrics


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Back Arrow Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Back Arrow

Also Called:バック・アロウ


Released on year:2013

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


Lingalind, a captivating world veiled by a fantastical wall extending to infinite realms beyond human comprehension. Revered as the lifeblood of the land, this enigmatic barrier bestows celestial tokens known as "Rakuho" upon its denizens, gifting metallic armbands that grant the extraordinary ability to metamorphose into awe-inspiring mechanical beings called "Briheights." Such extraordinary powers, however, fuel the relentless conflict plaguing Lingalind as nations fiercely vie for dominance, each concocting strategies to secure these coveted blessings for their own military prowess. Yet, amidst this turmoil, a fateful incident transpires. A Rakuho hurtles from the heavens, crashing down in the tranquil countryside, carrying an enigmatic visitor within its capsule. This mysterious soul, shrouded in lustrous black tresses, introduces himself as "Back Arrow," a peculiar wanderer claiming to hail from realms beyond the wall's arcane embrace. His revelation possesses the potential to unravel the very fabric of Lingalind's dogmatic foundations, catapulting the land into uncharted territories of uncertainty and stirring the undivided attention of all who dare to witness his arrival.