Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge Songs Lyrics

爆丸 バトルブローラーズ メクタニウムサージ
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge Songs Lyrics


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Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge Songs

Anime Information

Title:Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge

Also Called:爆丸 バトルブローラーズ メクタニウムサージ


Released on year:2010

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:39


After a turbulent journey through the warring domains of Gundalia and Neathia, Danma Kuusou and his steadfast comrades have returned to Earth. A full year has passed since the invasion of Bakugan Interspace, the exhilarating virtual realm where brawlers from all walks of life assemble to test their mettle against one another. Miraculously, the once-beleaguered Interspace has now emerged from the shadow of the extraterrestrial assault, once again beckoning brave souls to enter its digital domain and embark on epic battles. However, the harmony is soon shattered by an unforeseen predicament: whenever Danma's indomitable Bakugan, Pyrus Dragonoid, unleashes its unparalleled might on the battlefield, the tranquil Interspace simmers with dangerous disruptions. Within Danma lies an untamed raw power gifted to him by none other than Code Eve herself - the Bakugan Mother spirit. Yet, mastering this potent force proves an arduous task as he grapples to gain control over the imprisoned Mechtogan churning within his very being. When this enigmatic mechanical entity spirals into a frenzy, friend and foe alike fall prey to its indiscriminate attacks, leaving a wake of chaos in its formidable wake. To compound the precarious situation, a new, nefarious threat looms on the horizon, seeking to infiltrate Bakugan Interspace once more. An elusive puppeteer manipulates mutated Chaos Bakugan, implanting these aberrations within the system to subject brawlers to mind-altering enslavement, with a sinister goal of claiming dominion over the virtual realm. As the inevitable clash draws near, Danma must navigate the treacherous waters of restraining the Mechtogan's destructive potential, while rallying his Battle Brawlers to stand together against this impending menace.