Letras de Canciones de Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART!

バトルアスリーテス 大運動会ReSTART!
Letras de Canciones de Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART!


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Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART! Canciones
Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART! Ending Letra バトルアスリーテス 大運動会ReSTART! Ending Letra
Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART! Opening Letra バトルアスリーテス 大運動会ReSTART! Opening Letra

Anime Information

Titulo:Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART!

También llamado:バトルアスリーテス 大運動会ReSTART!


Lanzado en el año:1997

Lanzado en:Fall

Num Episodios:26


In a future where humanity has conquered the vast expanses of the solar system, celestial bodies from Mercury to Pluto have been transformed into bustling colonies. Amidst this backdrop, a thrilling spectacle unfolds - the renowned "Daiundoukai" tournament. Brimming with ambition and intensity, this grand athletic event gathers exceptional young women from across the cosmos, vying for the illustrious title of "Cosmo Beauty" that bestows upon its winner a regal status. Deep in her heart, Kanata Akehoshi, an audacious farmer hailing from humble origins, nurtured a fervent dream since her childhood. Witnessing a meteoric object crash into the nearby forest, Kanata's curiosity led her to the enigmatic aftermath: a damaged spaceship and a fragile girl emerging from its wreckage. With a mysterious glimmer in her eyes, the girl entrusted Kanata with two wristbands, urging her to embark on a remarkable journey - to join the Daiundoukai and become the embodiment of celestial beauty. But fate intervened cruelly, whisking the girl away before her name could be known, leaving behind merely a vanished crater. Promising to honor her pledge, Kanata dedicates herself to relentless training, determined to seize the opportunity that destiny has presented. Emerging triumphant from the competitive selection process to represent planet Earth, Kanata enters the hallowed grounds of the University Satellite - a prestigious institution where candidates undergo rigorous preparation for the impending battles. Here, amidst friendships forged and trials endured, Kanata embraces her fellow competitors, fostering camaraderie that fuels their collective pursuit of excellence. As Kanata's astute gaze fixates on the coveted prize, her journey of self-discovery intertwines with an enigmatic revelation lurking behind the glitz and glamour of the Daiundoukai. With each step forward, she inches closer to unraveling the mystery - the truth that awaits her, and the chance to reunite with the mysterious girl who set her destiny ablaze. Brace yourself for a breathtaking tale, as Kanata's path to becoming Cosmo Beauty unveils hidden truths, formidable challenges, and the enduring power of dreams.